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2006-06-15 02:58:22
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This is a hellogoodbye fan wiki!!! for all those ppl who can't get enough of hellogoodbye !!


to be a member of this wiki please send [SweetBrunette00] a msg and ask her to add u to the list and if u want something special by ur name please let her know!!

1. [SweetBrunette00] - owner
2. [devil_gurl69]
3. [Love like Winter.]



Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn
Call N Return (Say Tha Your Into Me)
Bonnie Taylor Shakedown... 2K1
Jesse Buy Nothing... Go To Prom Anyways!
Dear Jaime... Sincerely Me
Bonnie Taylor Shakedown... 2K4

other songs:

Oh, It Is Love
All Time Lows
Figures A And B (Means You And Me)
I Saw It On Your Keyboard
If You Wanna I Might
Touchdown Turnaround
Two Weeks In Hawaii
Welcome To The Record


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2006-03-04 [devil_gurl69]: this wiki is gonna rock when you get it all done this band rox anyways lol

2006-03-11 [devil_gurl69]: and yes megs i want to be a member!!!!

2006-03-11 [SweetBrunette00]: lol kk i'll add u

2006-03-12 [devil_gurl69]: heck yes im a member of one of the most awesome wikis!!!!

2006-03-12 [SweetBrunette00]: lol awww yes u are !!! lol seriously i want these wikis to kick ass so tell every1 u know about them who knows about these bands.

2006-03-14 [devil_gurl69]: mmmkk i will

2006-06-08 [Love like Winter.]: Oooh, I saw these guys at the Taking Back Sunday concert last month, there so good!

2006-12-06 [~*~the girl next door~*~]: hy can i join!?

2006-12-08 [devil_gurl69]: you have to send sweetbrunette00 a message askin to join

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