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Elfpack's Featured Poets


These magnificent poets have been forever honored by having their poems featured on Mainstuff as the Elfpack featured Poem:

[Adorable Ducky]
[Allen Barrec]
[Arms Wide Open]
[Faith.Hope.Love] -2

[Syn Serafim]
[Because you loved me]-2
[Benji Madden Fan]
[Brittany Rose]

[underneath the stars]
[Cornelia Crabbe]
[Crucified Soldier]

[Dewdrops on the Cobwebs]

[Eyes of the Reaper] - 2



[christie baby!]
[Hidden Kodama]
[Hunter Born of the Blood]




[Lucky Strikes]
[Lyon Armonial the healer]

[Madkat] - 2
[Melville_Herman Melville!]
[Morningstar Rising]
[Narcissistic Jew]





[nothereanymore] -2
[sammie h!]

[The Shadow and The Light]



[Willow Rose]




We congratulate these poets on their excellent work and thank them for sharing it with us. If there is a number beside a name, it means it has been chosen more than once.

If you have been left out of the list please contact one of the Poem Bosses and they will fix it as soon as possible.


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<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_blue_blob.png>Elfpack's Featured Daily Poems
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2006-10-20 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: we are just talking

2006-10-20 [Bookwyrm]: Yes I know, but it needs to be either on a different wiki or through private messages. This is a wiki where people work and it's getting annoying to have to come here every few minutes/hours (depending on how much people are talking) and seperate the talk from the questions. I'm not trying to be rude, but it's just irritating when you have a lot of work to get through and you have to read through a bunch of talk about nothing to make sure there aren't any questions. Some wikis allow talk, some don't. I'm sorry. Please take it elsewhere.

2006-10-20 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: it's ok and alright i will for you

2006-10-20 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you.

2006-10-20 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: your welcome

2007-01-30 [tazz]: I have a qustion, how do you chouse a person for the Elfpack Daily Poem is it randum or do you have to kiss a lot of A**

2007-01-30 [Bookwyrm]: It's not random, and no you don't kiss up to the "judges". The Daily Poem is chosen by a group of people who decide on one poem they all find is of a good quality.

2008-01-28 [Bookwyrm]: Daily Poets will be receiving a different badge from now on. All old badges will be converted as well. Those who have earned an Poet badge from Elfpack Poetry will keep their old badge, and be given a Daily Poet badge as well. ^^

2008-01-28 [Bookwyrm]: A's are done. Now B's are done. Now C's. I'll do more later. Now through "R" is done.

2008-01-29 [Bookwyrm]: Done! :D

2010-03-30 [Stephen]: x.x
Can't edit. :(

2010-03-31 [Bookwyrm]: Sent you the password in a message. ;) And updated! ^-^

2010-03-31 [Stephen]: Yey, thank you! :)

2011-06-29 [Stephen]: Ohhey, I see my name. =o)

2011-06-30 [Bookwyrm]: :D I'm trying to get all the pages updated. I still need to do the overhaul I was working on before, but I'm doing it little by little so I at least make some progress.

2011-06-30 [Stephen]: Well, as I said, if you want or need any help -- I'll be glad to lend a hand. :)

2011-06-30 [Bookwyrm]: I know, I'm just horrible at delegating. I'd be an awful boss.

Or maybe the best boss ever since I'd end up doing most of the work myself. XD

2011-06-30 [Stephen]: Well, you're the boss. ;o)

2011-10-23 [Stephen]: This page needs to be redone.. x)

2011-10-23 [Flisky]: I'll add it to my list.

2011-10-24 [Stephen]: Awesome. :D

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