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The page...of Kitty.



This page...

Is a page dedicated to a Cat...

Who may or may not be...

...Your father.
I'm just frickin' kidding.

But seriously...


That is all about...

This is kitty.

Right now he's wearing a bunny hat in order to preserve the holiday. Easter, I mean. You know, the holiday where the rabbit has that egg basket or whatever?

...What do eggs have to do with rabbits, again? *Shrug*

Kitty likes to sleep a lot. Usually 23.5 hours per day.


He also really likes to eat.


Especially foods he isn't supposed to eat.

He begs constantly.
His favorite is fish. Maybe everything just tastes like fish to him?

It'll all come out in the litter box...

And then he will act as though he has been living in Ethiopia for a year, and presume begging for more and meowing very obnoxiously by his food dish.

...Then he'll plan to do terrible things. Like kick all of the litter and poop out of the litter box, and onto the floor where it gets stuck to the bottom of everybody's feet.

After Jeff kicks the crap out of him, he'll be angry...
And he will take it out on him immediately.

Kitty also likes to scare the hell out of the landlord's smaller cat. Because the basement is his.

This is Kiki, by the way. She ways approximately eleven to thirteen pounds, has a wonderful personality, and always tries to sneak into Kitty's domain.

He doesn't appreciate it.

More will come soon, I'm sure of it.:)

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2012-04-07 [Deg]: LOL I like all this. It's true for a lot of cats but it's still hilarious haha. I hated the litter box thing when we used to have the cats in the house. Why do they need to kick it all out of the box? Once Jazzy even managed to shit on the wall, completely missing the box all together.

2012-04-07 [Commandaaah]: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! YEAH, all cats are so messed up! I remember Jazzy poopin' on the floor in the basement LOL!!! AND NINJA! And Bullet...and Snickers...

2012-04-07 [Deg]: Yes, yes there is. A loooooot of shit in that back corner, lol! LOL Snickers. "Uh, Manda...I think Snickers just pooped."

LOL You were in like denial HAHAHHA that was great.

2012-04-07 [Commandaaah]: HAHAHAHA I WAS JUST LIKE "No, Snickers isn't pooping...OH MY GOD SHE'S REALLY POOPING!"

2012-04-07 [Deg]: And I was just standing there like, "Hm. Yep. That's poop." LMAO I'm surprised we're not scared to even stand on that rug anymore and we used to run around on our hands and knees around there HAHAHAHA

2012-04-07 [Commandaaah]: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAAAAAAH We were just cool with the fact... "hm...there is poop on this floor. You know what? I can't really smell it...I think it's okay!"

2012-04-07 [Deg]: "I can't really smell it. know, it's faint. Nothing to worry about. I'll probably wash my hands before we eat, anyways."

2012-04-07 [Commandaaah]: YES HAHAHAHA

2012-04-07 [Commandaaah]: For roleplaying purposes, go to here! Kitty and Jazzy
If you want, just post the link to the picture if it doesn't load fast for you! And I'll follow your lead if you do lol

2012-04-07 [Deg]: Okay cool sounds good! haha

2012-04-07 [Commandaaah]: Yay! LOL

2012-04-07 [Commandaaah]: And if you can't post pictures...then just roleplay LOL like if you're at school or some shit

2012-04-07 [Deg]: Okay yeah that sounds good heheh!

2013-12-21 [I'm gone.]: LOL!

2013-12-26 [Commandaaah]: :) :)

2013-12-29 [I'm gone.]: *Eats a sandwich* EVERYONE... EYES OFF MY SANDWICH!! >8U

2013-12-30 [Deg]: NO.

2013-12-30 [I'm gone.]: To late :3 I am done!

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