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Such a good person who's been through so much and has always been there for us when we needed him or just a simple chat. He's loved and appreciated and not many ppl these days you find like that who are gonna be true friends.
I havent known him long and he's just the sweetest ever!IF YOU LOVE HIM SO MUCH, AND HE'S BEEN SO AWESOME TO YOU, ADD YOUR NAME. This is his wiki, please view it


.5 [Lyeria]- Why has no one told me about this before?
1^.^ [.Kazuki.]!
3 [making love to a corpse.] - Because Number Three was missing and I'm lazy. 'Sides, I love Mommy LOTS! <3
4CRassie a.k.a. [Contry_Gurl_8701]
5[Queen of darkness]
6[Magelord117] SEAN BRO< YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
7[zelvrlilly2525] WE LOVE YOU CORRY!!!!!!!
8 [making love to a corpse.] - MOMMY!! I'll find you and kidnap you and Daddy, so that you can be happy!
9 [Innocent Seduction] because Magical punch and moon cookies are no fun unless you have a kick-butt baby bro to share them with!
10 [{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF *tHe* SuBcOnSiOuS}] aka. Shari.... Your a really awesome person and I love you to death!!!!!! Im here for u whenever u need me ^_^
11. [Nekko fox] Cuz you gotta have a bisexual fox in all this lot...You just gotta!

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[Lyeria]: They're both the best then

[Innocent Seduction]: Idina is amazing and pair her up with Kristen Chenoweth and they make an amazing team.

Speaking of, if luck is on my side (which it never seems to be but we can hope) I will be getting to see Wicked again this May in Nebraska! Cheers for me!!!

[Lyeria]: YAY! I seriously hope they make a movie, a good movie, not like the old 1930's one

[making love to a corpse.]: I hope they actually cast people who know what they're doing, rather than famous celebrities. D: I have a sinking feeling that it's going to end up being the latter... v.v'

[A work in progress]: would suck so much if they used famous celebrities rather than people who know what they are doing. Like putting Angelina Jolie (YEs I know I suck at celeb spellings) as like Elphaba

[making love to a corpse.]: You spelled that right. XP But I would...kill people if they cast Jolie as Elphie. ;_; I really would.

[Lyeria]: and it HAS to have Kristin in it at least, Idina would be preferable, but there are discrepencies apparently

[Lyeria]: HMm?

[making love to a corpse.]: I agree on Kristin. She makes the best G(a)linda. Though, I wouldn't object to seeing some new faces, so long as they're good.

[Lyeria]: I suppose someone else can play Boq and Fiyero, but whoever played Nessa has to be the same

[making love to a corpse.]: I love Oliver Thompsett as Fiyero. :3 His voice gives me the chiiiiills~ <3 But, again, I'd love a brand new cast. It'd put a new spin on things.

[Lyeria]: oooookay then

[making love to a corpse.]: What? I don't get what it is with Wicked fans and their inability to conceive anything past the people they think are the "best." It's so frustrating! D: I can't talk about Wicked with anyone but other Kerry Ellis fans, or else I get bashed. It's getting to the point it's not worth talking about, period.

[A work in progress]: WHat did I miss?

[Lyeria]: Okay, they can have a whole new cast, but if it's bad they have to make another

[A work in progress]: But we will include Sy's choice for Elphaba since we were pretty harsh on him.

[Innocent Seduction]: I totally agree with Will.

[A work in progress]: All I know is that if they do make a Moive...they better not do to Wicked what they did to Eragorn. Or I gonna have to yell at somebody

[Innocent Seduction]: Agreed! Though I may do more than yell.

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