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This wikipage has all the badges that members of Elfpack can earn for their work (titles) and contributions (donors). Badges are only allowed to be displayed in the "Badge Slot" of your house; any other location is a violation of the rules. If you don't have a badge you believe you should, message a member of the Council.

Administration Badges

MagiciansWardenDeputy Warden
GuardsCustodiansAmbassadore ExiliosCouncil

Mainstuff/Feature Boss Badges

Elfpack Jokes      ToggeryElfpack Daily PoemGiffie-pet Staff
HarbringersElfpack Awards CrewTriviaGoofy Elfpackers Elfpacking!

Donor / Contribution / Special Badges

PoetsElfpack's Official Donors        Quote Crew       Badge Makers
Quoters     <img:stuff/epcontest.gif?y=120>      EP Independent- artist of the month

To see who made the badges, look at Badge Makers.


              Elfpack still needs badges for some of its titles.

If you're artistic and interested in creating a badge for Elfpack, then contact one of the Graphic Bosses.


Go or return to:
- The Elfpack Council
- The wiki-Index
- How to gain an EP Title

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2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: yes you can!

2011-09-10 [Stephen]: Q_Q

No fun.

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: No, she is not

2011-09-10 [Bookwyrm]: To quote you: no. :P

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: lies

2012-01-13 [Cerulean Sins]: Hey

Is okay for me to use the contest badge for my contest? If someone PM's me I'll send you the link to the contest :)

Kind Regards,

[Cerulean Sins]

2012-01-14 [Cerulean Sins]: Gonna use the contest badge for the contest :) It will make the page look very pretty ^^

2012-01-14 [kittykittykitty]: If it's an official contest, ofc you can give out the badge!

2012-01-14 [Cerulean Sins]: It's for the Swearing Poem Contest :D

2012-05-03 [sammie h!]: ERRM [Stephen] This needs changing. :)

2012-05-03 [Stephen]: Yes, I'm aware of that.

So does How to Gain an EP title.

However, I haven't done it since we're not completely done with changing the badges around. =P

2012-05-04 [sammie h!]: Oh ok lol, I thought it was done. :)

2012-05-07 [Stephen]: =]

2012-11-16 [sammie h!]: Can I have access to this page please for a project I am doing for [Stephen]

2012-11-16 [Stephen]: Nope. :3

I already have plans for this page. =P

2012-11-17 [sammie h!]: Oh ok, do you want me to do the other badges then or just leave that up to you? X

2012-11-19 [Stephen]: You can do the Admin page you're working on.

This page just displays what they look like. :P

2012-11-20 [sammie h!]: I was only wanting the badges and then deleting the written stuff, I Was only wanting to copy and paste. X

2012-11-21 [Stephen]: These badges are outdated, anyway. xD

You'd need to go to the actual crew pages to get the correct badges. :3

2012-11-22 [sammie h!]: Ok x

2014-09-24 [sammie h!]: I will sort this out either today or tomorrow

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