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2009-06-29 02:18:26
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2008-01-08 [MadHatress]: *is tackled by the awesome Jack* ^^ yay for you

2008-01-16 [Jack the Reaper]: Yay for me! nah, you'd never loose me. *I won't let go jack, i'll never let go! let me go...* jk, okay that was gay.

2008-01-16 [MadHatress]:

2008-01-17 [Jack the Reaper]: Yeah, i'm special.

2008-01-18 [MadHatress]: naw, you're just Jack...

2008-01-22 [Jack the Reaper]: *laughs* But you love me anyway. Hmm, I'm just Jack. I like that.

2008-01-23 [Jack the Reaper]: *smacks forehead* This is why i love you Issy.

2008-01-23 [MadHatress]: lol...I watched Will and Grace all the time...^^ Jack's so funny

2008-01-24 [Jack the Reaper]: I never watched Will and Grace. Excuse me for being out of the loop.

2008-01-31 [Jack the Reaper]: *licks your face and laughs*

2008-02-02 [Jack the Reaper]: *does it again*

2008-02-03 [Jack the Reaper]: *laughs* cause I can, and you tackled me. it's a good defense

2008-02-08 [Jack the Reaper]: Oh, don't be such a big baby.

2008-02-14 [Jack the Reaper]: Yeah but still, you should be used to it by now.

2008-02-16 [Jack the Reaper]: good point.

2008-04-02 [Jack the Reaper]: *dances randomly then to change things up randomly dances*

2008-04-07 [Jack the Reaper]: *frowns* I think you killed my dance, that's what I think.

2008-04-08 [Jack the Reaper]: hahaha. Really?

2008-04-09 [Jack the Reaper]: Well, I bet that's why you went to the basketball games, scouting out new dump grounds!

2008-05-05 [Jack the Reaper]: haha. Yeah anyway. *tackles* we need more people in's kinda dead...

2008-05-16 [Jack the Reaper]: yup. cause everything is dying. its rather sad but that's just how it's going.

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