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"A Teddy Bear's Revelation"

A fantasy story written in first person and poetic form.

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly. ©1994 All rights reserved.

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I wrote this poem for my daughter when she was a little girl. For the longest time afterward,
she told me when she was much older, she believed a loved teddybear had the ability to talk.


     I was simply sitting
      Feeling a little down
     Squeezing a Teddy Bear
      So furry, soft, and brown.
     But, then my sadness rolled out
      And formed into a tear.
     As it dropped upon my Teddy,
      I couldn't believe my ear!
     In a voice as soft as he,
      He started to speak.
     I couldn't help but listen
      As he cuddled near my cheek.
     Teddy said, "I do not know
      The reason of your tear,
     But I can cheer you up
      If you'll only squeeze me near."

     Though astonished as I was,
      I squeezed him near and tight.
     I felt a warmth rise within me
      As I hugged with all my might.


     Teddy softly spoke again.
      He started,"Don't you know?
     What makes a Teddy Bear special?
      What makes you love me so?"

     Still, in total amazement
      I could only stare,
     For here upon my lap
      Was a talking Teddy Bear!
     But, I swallowed hard.
      Then I whispered," No!
     What is the secret....
      That makes me love you so?"

     Teddy's eyes twinkled
      As he winked at me and said,
     "There's more to bears than stuffing,
      So think of us, instead,
     As being made with kindness
      That grows within YOUR heart,
     For that's the very best
      From your most important part.
     Look into a mirror
      Beyond the fancy clothes,
     Beyond the fancy things,
      To what truly glows.
     As you look into that mirror,
      Look at you...inside.
     Everyone's a Teddy Bear
      Which, too often they will hide."


     Teddy paused a moment.
      A long, deep breath he drew.
     He looked at me and smiled
      But he wasn't through, I knew.
     Once again Teddy spoke
      In his quiet way
     And I listened very carefully
      To all he had to say.

     "A Teddy Bear.....
      That sits upon a shelf
     Doesn't come alive
      All by it's lonely self.
     But, when a person, big or small
      Reaches out to touch
     And hug a Teddy Bear
      They'll feel so very much."

     He paused again briefly
      And gave a little sigh.
     I had no doubts within me
      As he looked into my eye.
     I squeezed a little tighter.
      I hugged a little more.
     Suddenly, I realized that
      I felt different than before.
     I had felt so sad
      When we had first begun.
     But, now my heart felt happy.
      Teddy's words had won.
     My lips parted, for
      I was about to speak,
     But, Teddy raised a paw
      So gently and so meek.


     Once again he spoke
      In words that rang so true.
     "I'm your love inside.
      Now I’ve returned to you!
     The warmth you give to others
      Will return to you some how,
     In different forms, it's true,
      But, in Teddy form right now."

     I thought of all the times
      I had helped someone in need,
     And what Teddy spoke of here
      Felt so wonderful indeed!!


     I turned to look at Teddy
      Wondering if I had dreamed.
     I thought I had, truly,
      But then, he winked. I beamed!!

     Now each and every time
      I hug a Teddy Bear,
     I feel that warmth and love
      And how great it is to care!
     For each and every time
      I cheer a lonely soul
     Or lend a helping hand
      Or fill an empty bowl,
     I think of Teddy Bear,
      The words he had spoken.
     I'm sharing them with you
      And Teddy is my token...
     Of friendship and love-
      Honest, true, sincere.
     May he put a smile
      In the place of any tear.


     Teddy Bears stand for love,
      Kindness, hope and truth.
     It's quite simple, actually!
      We need no 'super sleuth'!

The End!


Thank you for reading my story.
Hope to make illustrations for this story one day.



Graphics/art created by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2013 All rights reserved.
About the usage and sharing of my creative works, please read:



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