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2010-02-04 03:16:17
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own on here for people who are against women beaters.

please put your name



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[Dark_ Possesion]

[~*Llama18*~] - I don't think women beaters should be shot dead. It's too quick and painless for them. They should suffer...slowly...for an exceptionally long time. Ditch them in a dark room to rot.

[Neurotic Obsession] - I used to know a girl who was absolutely amazing. College degree, smart as anything. She had the world ahead of her. But she fell in love with the wrong kind of.. should I even call him a "man"? Well, she paid with her life for loving him. Woman abusers should be dragged outside and beaten with a rake. R.I.P Big sis. I'll always miss you.

[gypsy_soul] - My mother and many other women I know have been beaten...I have witnessed it many ppl out there I want to harm for hurting those women...

[WeedMonster420] - My mother still has scars to this day from my father from YEARS ago. She rasied me to NEVER lay a hand on a woman, no matter what. I personally believe that shitheads should be hung by their balls from the Empire State Builing and used as a pinata... but that's just me...

women beaters should be shot dead, i recently had a fight with one due to him chucking my friends girlfriend down the stairs.

And I, a German navy SEAL will personally hunt down and beat all women beaters who try to be slick and believe me i have the money 2 do it.!! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THOSE POOR WOMEN WHO GET BEAT

please submit past story's.

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2010-02-10 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: dont tempt me i can be very evil when i want to be

2010-02-10 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: oooh... interesting ;)

2010-02-10 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: lol your silly

2010-02-10 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: I know :)

2010-02-10 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: stop it your making me blush

2010-02-10 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: give me one reason why should I? ;)

2010-02-10 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: i have no reason lol

2010-02-18 [German Navy Seal]: -dims the lights puts on some barry white and stands back letting the birds roam as they will-

2010-02-19 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: ~sleeps~

2010-02-19 [German Navy Seal]: lmfao wow i guess thts wha birds do now-a-days... shit i need 2 b a bird then

2010-03-24 [Midori]: We get beaten but no one gives a shit.

Sure it should stop, but that doesn't mean it's going too.

I think this should include emotional violence.

2010-03-24 [German Navy Seal]: hey middy.... any violence should stop ye... but ppl can only do so much when it comes to emotions whereas if its violence some1 can get a nice ass whupping

2010-03-24 [German Navy Seal]: and some ppl do give a shit honey.. you should kno tht

2010-03-24 [Midori]: I don't wanna whine, because it's going to sounds like it but..

No one believed my mom when she told doctors. Well, scratch that, one told her to "run, very far away." So we came to the states, 19 years ago.

I turn 13, and wanna know who my dad really is. So, I do. Two months after moving to Virginia, he starts getting violent. I get bar stools in my back, guns held to my face, gunstocks in my head, and 2X4's anywhere they'll hit. Foster Care. For 5 years.

My father doesn't spend one night in jail, nor does he pay child support, or any fees in court.

Then I meet a wonderful guy named Derek, and had a fairytale relationship for 2 years. Something changes in him, and he dumps me while I am at a women's shelter. Neither him nor his family wonders about me or checks on me to see if I have found a home yet. Ain't that a B.

2010-03-24 [Midori]: So I am beaten, homeless, lonely, and heartbroken.

2010-03-24 [German Navy Seal]: well all have had bad experiances.. some worse than otherslike in your case, you've had it pretty bad but the person you are now makes up for all of that.. granted tht pain will always be there you have 2 look out 4 you and no1 else... my sister went thru some bad shit you went thru (idk if she ever told u or not) and i spent a yr n a half in jail for beating the shit out of the guy who did it.. a yr after i get out (2/2/10 rip) she dies .... there are ppl who care and will go as far as spending time in jail to make sure if some1 hurts u that they recieve their just deserts.... middy some1 is always going to be there 4 you, just gotta see them

2010-03-25 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: welcome to america! a country where shit/crime happens every minute! :)

...along with Russia, Somalia, Iraq etc. etc.

There are still violence and other bad stuff in other countries but not so much than in those places :P

My opinion is that men who beats their wife/girlfriend has some serious troubles and the woman should do something about it.. other than cry about it cause of getting beaten everyday

like leaving the man.... if two people are in relationship and the other one beats other one....aren't they supposed to love each others?!

what I'm saying is...... people are stupid. End of the story.

2010-06-09 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: dont forget abour rape now

2010-06-10 [Dark_ Possesion]: Hey guys. Sorry i havent been on in while. I've been super busy and so much has happened that i havent really had time to be on the computer. But things are slowing down at the moment so yeah.

2010-08-10 [wolvie]: my dog rocks >:D

2011-01-25 [Psycho ShadowBlood]: its ok

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