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Written about Saturday 2013-03-23
Written: (3139 days ago)

I made a poll, go check it out!


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Written about Saturday 2013-02-23
Written: (3167 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2013-01-30
Written: (3191 days ago)
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I think it's pretty well known (maybe not) but Wisconsin weather is seriously on drugs or something.
Go home, weather, you're drunk.
Anyway, yesterday we had, no joke, high 50 degree weather.
I was sweating my balls butt off
Tomorrow, supposed to be -8 degrees.
And right now it's snowing.
When I came in this morning it was still raining (it's been raining for the passed day or so) but then right as I'm getting to school...snow.
And now I've been here for six hours and when I leave we're supposed to have accumulated 6+ inches.
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Written about Saturday 2013-01-26
Written: (3195 days ago)


[Insert Witty/Crappy joke here.] gave me a new username because he's awesome. Then I wanted to change it to "Deg of the Dead" because seeing my first name scares me a little, but he convinced me to return to [Deg]. LIKE A SIR. Well played.
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Written about Tuesday 2012-11-13
Written: (3269 days ago)
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Hello, all (all being the one or two odd friends that still read my diaries, as few and far between as they are)!
It's been a while since I've updates so here goes.
I've been busy.
I know, right? Like that's so important for you to know.
Real life has been knocking at my door and I've been attempting to answer it as graciously as I can.
Exams, research papers, trying to keep my sanity, the usual.
Today I'm meeting with an advisor to see what classes I should sign up for for next semester. Whee!
I'm thinking about changing my major. Eek.
English to Sociology. Thoughts? Comments? Let me have them!
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Written about Thursday 2011-08-04
Written: (3736 days ago)

And I'm never gonna be a wolverine again...!

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Written about Tuesday 2011-05-24
Written: (3808 days ago)

...Time has passed you by...

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