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It's been over two years since I was last on this site, in part because the person stalking/hacking me and invading my privacy thought destroying my computer's harddrive to be a good way to get even with me because I stated in a so-called 'private' conversation on October 4, 2015, that no matter what he does to stalk me, invade my privacy and my life, he can't prevent me from having in my life who I want to be a part of it, namely Hans. Apparently, it pissed him off and within a very short period of time, my computer was kaput. In lieu of his repeated pattern of behaviour, it doesn't require a rocket scientist to connect the dots.

He caused $3000.00 in damages which included fixing my computer and recovering my data from the destroyed harddrive. I was off the Internet for about six months, then on in a limited amount due to a poor Internet connection via a cell phone. I won't be connecting my computer to the Internet again for obvious reasons. Finally, near the end of March, 2017, I was able to connect to the Internet with a Chromebook I purchased as was suggested to me by several tech experts and Google, since it has no harddrive.

I know he's still stalking me and gaining access to my phones, as well as spam calling my phones. I have plenty of supportive data indicative of his unwanted presence. But I look at things now from the perspective that if he has nothing better to do with his time and knowledge, it's really a pathetic way to live, a pathetic existence.

I've certainly learned so much through this ongoing ordeal, both through being subjected to the cruel viciousness of an online predator and of those who protect such an individual and plus, ostracise the targeted victim. There are no words to adequately describe such despicably toxic individuals.

I've also learned exceedingly well that toxic people are best steered clear of and to surround myself instead with people who are honest and real and try to be the best version of themselves and not those who settle for the ugliness within themselves to represent them. For toxic people I have no time, energy, or patience to waste on them. We all can choose what type of a person we are and so, we either choose to strive to be the best version of ourselves or the opposite. I choose the fore and I choose to surround myself with like minded people.

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After all I've done for [Hedda] and his sites, particularly and [Hedda] banned me
from on 2011-08-25 because, as he states in the banner he placed over my Elftown house, of my lying,
making up conspiracy theories, and harassing other members.

I was COMPLETELY devoted and dedicated to two of his sites particularly, namely Elftown and Elf12. I didn't just give
days, weeks, or months of my time and effort, but in fact, YEARS! I also gave to [Hedda] over $1000.00 between 2005
and through 2008, inclusive.

I have tried countless times to work things out with [Hedda], willing to do so amicably and mutually beneficial AND in
a way that would be least detrimental to him, but [Hedda] refuses to be willing to negotiate, period.

So, this leaves me with no alternative but to have to display factual data showing his slanderous claims of I being the
liar and I make up conspiracy theories. "Factual data" TRUMPS his "trumped up" claims. In fact the data will prove WHO
the liar really is AND it will also indicate and show evidence that supports he is and has been invading my privacy and
stalking me AND for nearly seven years that I have been made aware of. Also, since I'm also accused of harassing other
members, data will show that many members on were ostracising, bullying, and HARASSING me and to the
point of my character being brutally and cruelly assaulted and assassinated through the use of diaries, guestbooks,
wiki comments, forum postings, private messages, etc.. 

Any time [Hedda] wants to call a truce and be willing to correspond with me amicably and civilly, without his past imma-
ture behaviour of being arrogant, belligerent, insulting, condescending, circumventing, patronising, etc., I'll be more than
willing to communicate with him with the intention of working things out between us that would be mutually beneficial
and with as little as possible any further damage to him or I for this is not about revenge, at least on my part, but about
setting things right: admitting the whole truth "to me" and giving me a "sincere" apology, he stopping the invading of my
privacy, stop slandering my name all over the Internet, and giving me what BELONGS TO ME.

In return, I'll forgive his transgressions and give him a clean slate, keep our negotiations and his whole truth telling be-
tween him and I only AND I will then stop my campaign "to tell the truth" and not only in regards to him, but with ALL in-
volved I know of at this time. ..And I would even go so far as to support and promote his sites once again as I have done
in the past without reservation IF he were to give me his word he wouldn't repeat past history.

Everyone deserves a second chance, even more chances if needed, including [Hedda], because we all make mistakes and
errors in judgment. I could write a book about the many I have made, including in regards to how I have handled this situ-
ation. So this isn't "just" about a one sided right or wrongness, but I can't know the areas I've made mistakes in either, if
notes from both his perspective AND mine cannot be compared.

However, as long as the current agenda of his remains "as is", then I will continue onward with releasing all my data
eventually, which will include providing all the communications that have taken place between those involved and myself,
INCLUDING "recorded phone conversations" and instant messaging conversations, so others can know what "others"
said about them, since I've been accused of badmouthing others! What's fair is fair! In other words I will expose as much
as I have to, to obtain restitution and so, some deep, dark secrets others involved have that they wouldn't want revealed
WILL BE revealed, if this is what I have to do.

I WILL defend myself and so, I will continue to present data that fully supports my claims and everyone can then see,
WHO is lying and WHO is telling "the truth" among ALL those involved.

I do not hate [Hedda] or anyone involved, but I do hate what has and still is being done to me. Since it is apparent the
ONLY way I can hope to get anything done about my situation is to present supporting data to expose both [Hedda] and
all those involved, then I am left with NO OTHER CHOICE. If anyone involved has a choice, [Hedda] does, but he's electing
to not comply with the better alternative. So also apparently, his "secrets" and "secret activity" are more valuable to him
than his reputation and more valuable than the character of all those involved and is therefore, completely indifferent to
the reputations of others, as long as his little secrets remain thus, secrets. All those involved must be totally "expendable"
as far as he's concerned.

I thought the world of [Hedda] and his sites. No task for either was too big or too much trouble. I went through a lengthy
period of denial, thinking that he would never do to me what he has. I continually hoped and even asked him to show me
how he wasn't doing anything like spying on me. But he wouldn't. So ultimately, by him not providing me any counter data
to disprove the data I've collected, in part, THIS unwillingness also added to and eventually played into adding to his ap-
parent guilt in this situation. Then when he deliberately concealed from the public, data indicative of he tampering with my
phone, again, he added even more so to his apparent guilt.

I would like to put this whole mess of a situation behind me, behind him, and all those involved, but as long as [Hedda]
apparently wants to keep it and the resulting "drama" going, then I can't and so it remains an open, gaping wound in re-
gards to for myself as well as for him and all those who became pulled into this messy situation.

"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink."


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