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Wanna' hand me lemons? Well, then, here's some lemonade!

Work in progress.


Wiki-pages "of interest":

<img:> Badge-n-Heart-From-Hedda
<img:> Handed-Me-Lemons_Hence-Making-Lemonade (This page.)
<img:> I-Stand-Accused
<img:> Public-Notice_By-Artsieladie
<img:> Truth-Time


The Elftown wiki-page being concealed from public view:
Note: I have all the comments saved from this wiki-page as well, so if any disappear, this would prove guilt of those the com-
ments belonged to. It wouldn't be the first time that comments made for the purpose of belittling me suddenly went poof.. as
well as diary entries, but then, I saved them BEFORE they were deleted. Getting rid of evidence definitely implies guilt!

Screengrab of:
In this column is data displayed wasn't added to the original
"Calls_To_Myself" wiki-page....

Hedda placed a password on it so it can't be viewed unless one
knows the password he put it on it.
Screengrab of:

If you click on the link to the "Calls_To_Myself" wiki-page, you
are prompted to enter a password, like this.
Screengrab of:

Here's the "Call To Myself" that took place "just prior to" the call
I made to Hedda, immediately following this "Call To Myself", the
FIRST time I was able to get a call "of many attempts" through:
Screengrab of:

This is my Verizon phone bill verifying this... (also showing that I
called back after Hedda hung up after saying: "If you don't like
me, please don't call me again.")
Scanned copy of:

Here's the verification that the number I placed to Sweden IS
Hedda's number.
Screengrab of:

Here's where Hedda states to Hans that he has no idea what
Hans is referring to, the "Calls To Myself" wiki-page (both Hans'
and Hedda's comments displayed). *
Screengrab of:

This is what Hans is referring to, the guestbook message from
True, plain and simple, accusing of me of lying because I said I
did in fact invite a member.
Screengrab of:

...And here is the copy of the "invite email" to Hans, which
"proves I DID invite Hans", which also proves that True didn't
have quite ALL the facts as he thought and emphatically insisted
he did. So I guess Hedda must be pretty, darn clever if he can
convince True that I was lying about inviting Hans. If Hedda can
convince True, then it's likely that he can fool many, especially
those who know nothing about how hacking works.

Pity, however, that Hedda didn't think things all the way through
to realise that there could very well be "evidence" via the "invite
email"! But then, Hans is smarter than Hedda, and so awesome!

Copy of the invite email:

Just like Hedda is lying about placing the little, red heart in my
badge slot, then managed to get a crew member to "lie FOR him",
when I not only have the evidence he DID and have provided it,
along with my accounting "unchanging", but I've witnesses also
that know he not only placed it in my badge slot on 2009-02-15
when he delivered my Inspector's Badge, but removed "the very
same heart" when he granted sunrose her "birthday wish" on
2009-04-08! ..For which she was SO delighted with this in her
mood: "Did it!" Oh, but the poor crew member who tried to
claim the deed, just couldn't seem to keep "her story straight"!
Every time she has told her story of placing the little, red heart
in my badge slot, her story has changed. My accounting of the
incident, however, is and has remained the same, constant,
therefore true. But then, lies change, truth is constant!

..And SO much MORE to come! Hedda wants to call me a liar all
over the Internet? ..wants to deny me, therefore, steal MY work?
..invade MY privacy, My life? Well, fine, but I am going to then
reveal to the world as well, ALL about him and all those who've
delighted in participation in my subjugation and I will continue to
do so, as long as Hedda chooses to keep up his agenda of trying
to destroy my reputation, my character, and my integrity, while
stealing MY work and invading MY privacy, which I am well within
my rights to do! Accuse me and I will expose my accuser(s)!

* - Taken from:♥ve%20Of%20A%20Community%20-%20Elftown!
...And I have all the comments ever made on this wiki-page, too! Also, two comments made on this particular page, correlate
directly with two "Calls To Myself" I've also documented and these two comments were made by "sunrose".

...And THIS is just the "tip of the iceberg" of the data I've collected, but just in this very small amount, few examples, WHO is doing
the lying and WHO is telling the truth? Just concealing evidence is enough to question the actions and behaviour of the one doing
the concealing.


The PROOF revealing WHO actually placed a little, red heart in my badge slot on on 2009-02-15. "Will the REAL person who did so, PLEASE STAND UP?"

..And then there is THIS screencapture of my desktop...

Included here is the link to an image containing two screengrabs combined into one image "of my desktop". The first one (top) shows
I was finishing the Dell Stage install and the time showing in the lower right hand corner of my desktop image is "8:45 pm" (my time
EST). The second one (bottom) shows Dell Stage is back and is displaying across the lower half of my desktop and the time also dis-
played is "8:46 pm" (my time EST). BUT... also in the second (bottom) image of my desktop, you can see at the top, just a little left of
the center, the "temperature, date, and time" thingy showing data, but for NOT FOR MY AREA, but for "Linkoping, Ostergotland", which
is Sweden.

On March 14th my computer installed updates and so, I needed to restart my computer for them to take effect. When my computer
came back up from the restart, there was a prompt telling me that Dell Stage had an upgrade available. So I went online and pro-
ceeded to download it and then I installed it of course. But.. get this, once installed, I suddenly had something "NEW AND DIFFERENT"
on my desktop telling me the temperature, date, and time, which had not been there previously, as can be seen also in the top image
grabbed BEFORE the installation of the newer Dell Stage was completed. (Witnessed, screengrabbed, documented, and saved with
the rest of the data I've collected.)

But... the real kicker? It doesn't show for "my" area or "my" time zone, which is EST (NY). It provides the data for....

....Linkoping, Ostergotland in "Sweden"!!!

Just a "coincidence"? O.O



Some more "very" interesting information...

Wanna' see an elaborate wiki-page that I created "Just For Hedda"? Please then, go to this wiki-page. It's almost an exact
replica of the "Just For Y♥U!" wiki-page I created for him 'originally' on CatHug:

Just For Y♥U!

Please review the data ALSO given at the bottom of this page I haven't displayed before now, then tell me that sunrose didn't
have some sort of problem with "jealousy towards Hedda and I"!!! She not only cleared completely out of CatHug the VERY day
[Hedda] deleted the wiki-page, but she also ended ALL relations, INCLUDING with [Hedda]!


Gee... I wonder why Hedda would need "diplomatic immunity"?


..And oh the timing of the Helkern Worm warning, too, in the lower, right hand corner, like the OODLES of others I received that
directly correlated with something pertaining to [Hedda]. I was blessed with well over a 1000 Helkern Worm warnings in a year!


Wiki-pages "of interest":

<img:> Badge-n-Heart-From-Hedda
<img:> Handed-Me-Lemons_Hence-Making-Lemonade (This page.)
<img:> I-Stand-Accused
<img:> Public-Notice_By-Artsieladie
<img:> Truth-Time


“Winners accept and deal with the truth; losers accept and work with the lies.” ~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie


Username (or number or email):


Login problems?

2013-04-29 [Stephen]: Heeey, I hit random wiki and found a page created today. :D

On a less peppy note, I was always curious why True had quit, and I suppose I know now.

My thoughts on this are already known, and uh.. I wasn't really invited here anyway, so HI. :D

2013-04-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Right, Stephen. Hi! :) But there's a lot more here than JUST what True wrote and what about he called me a liar? Said that Hedda must have rigged the invite page *sarcastically* to show that I hadn't been there, BUT yet, as I have proved by the "invite email" that I DID in fact "invite Hans".

2013-04-29 [Stephen]: So I saw. :3

I just spent the last half an hour reading your Guestbook/Dairy on Elftown.

Quite the ordeal. I imagine it's very stressful for you. ):


2013-04-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: You and most others don't know the half of it. If perhaps, people would start even, just start, to consider that I'm not making everything up, maybe, just maybe I could finally get some relief from this horrendously awful situation. Does anyone honestly think that I'm doing this for fun? I HAVE to DO something to get this stopped, because if I don't, I will have to keep putting up with this and I've been putting up with this for in my 6th year now. The only thing that's going to put an end to this is the TRUTH!

*hugs back*

2013-04-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Gee, no added text thrown in at the bottom of this wiki-page this round. ..And just noting this for the record.

2013-04-29 [Stephen]: I don't think you're making things up, if it helps. (:
From what [Lerune] has said in your Guestbook, she also didn't think you were making things up.

Something very weird, and suspicious, is obviously happening to you and I do think you should get to the bottom of it.

2013-04-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: It does help, Stephen, very much so. When you're being subjected to something and then everyone keeps making comments that you're crazy and a lunatic and you're imagining things, you get SO frustrated. What made my situation even tougher was the fact that the person everything points to is the person at the very top. It's not like I had the option to go "over his head".

Yes, Lerune started to look into why it showed I didn't invite but yet I actually did. The last I knew, she was going to ask Hedda, and I think she probably did, but then, as usual, Hedda won't answer, so then there you go. Nothing can go any further. But the fact that he won't answer, not just her, because others have said also that he won't, should at least begin to make people wonder WHY he won't answer. Usually when a person doesn't want to answer questions, it's because they're hiding something. If he wasn't, he wouldn't get so damn belligerent either. Hedda himself, told me that if I didn't understand, to ask him. So I did and I had a lot of questions, but I've had so MANY "unexplainable" events to ask him about. But when I did then ask him, he then became even more belligerent and insulting, including throwing an insult at my daughter too, and that was that.

This whole mess wouldn't have even gotten off the ground if Hedda had just answered me when I first addressed him. But because "he" didn't answer me, I then had to go to others to try and find out what was going on. ..And THIS is how all the others ended up getting pulled into this now, mess.

2013-04-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I think some people ought to ask Hedda WHY he placed a password on this wiki-page for starters: ..And WHY was I ONLY able to get through to him on his phone "immediately following" a 'call to myself'? ..And then, WHY was it that I didn't get any more 'calls to myself' AFTER this event took place? So WHY did the 'calls to myself' just stop AFTER this event? WHY did my diary entry just disappear for no explainable reason when I placed a screengrab of the 'call to myself' on my birthday? The ONLY person WHO can delete a diary entry other than the member the account belongs to is the "owner of the server".

2013-04-29 [Stephen]: Quite the mess it is, too. You're going to need a really big mop. ╯.╰

Hm, I didn't know your calls to myself page had been locked, that is unusual. Sadly, as we know, we won't make much progress asking him, and without being able to ask him it's mostly guessing and theories. ):


I do understand it must be horribly stressful and frustrating, though.

2013-04-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yeah, it would have to be placed on a special order to have it made big enough! ;P

Thank you! It IS unusual. ..And so, he makes himself look guilty by doing so. Yet, he refuses to give anyone any explanation? So then he looks even more guilty. He offers no explanation and then gets angry and belligerent if one does as a result come up with their own conclusions? If he doesn't like the theories and then resulting conclusions, then he should explain to set the record straight. This would be the normal way to handle a situation. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't resolve anything.

*hugs back* Thanks. ..And it just grows and grows the longer it goes on. :(

2013-07-08 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Well, Stephen, something else has happened and so NOW I HAVE NO CHOICE but to get to the bottom of this! I WILL BE DAMNED if I will put out $300 fucking extra because he likes to play with my computer and now my data usage!!!! The son of a bitch has cost me MORE than enough! So NOW there's going to BE WAR! I am pulling out ALL the stops, because if I don't stop him, he is just going to continue to INVADE MY PRIVACY... MY LIFE!!!! I AM BLOODY PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just so glad that so many think this is a fucking joke! I hope this same thing happens to each and every one who have SO enjoyed ostracizing ME for what he's doing WRONG and sunrose is right in cahoots with him it does appear since her comments "correlate with" two "Calls To Myself", which I WILL BE showing, as I will EVERYTHING else pertaining to my subjugation AND those who participated in on the FUN! There will be exposed all sorts of communication I have saved and data others have also sent to me... from comments, private messages, emails, IM chats, diaries, and guestbooks. I am now at the end of my rope. If Hedda doesn't want to talk to me to work this out? FINE! The world is going to KNOW ALL about HIM and it will be backed up with PLENTY of data and evidence that he will NOT be able to conceal from the public's view as he did with .

2013-11-10 [Faith.Hope.Love]: <--- Enough said! Now everyone can KNOW "who" is lying and "who" is and has been TELLING THE TRUTH!!

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