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2008-08-07 15:33:57
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I got really bored

I drew this thinking of my friend, and all the things I want to do with her, hope I find somebody special to do this again with.
I like this picture, its all cute and cuddly!
This one has certain charm to it too, nice and colourful :)
I drew this cos it shows what kind of person I am, I do like to chill out in my own world quite alot...
You've all seen the Sonic one before in my house, but he was lonely, so I made an Amy one to run about happily with :)
As the week came to an end, I started a Tails cutout similar to the Sonic and Amy one. However, he never got coloured in or cutout cos I finally got my life back, lol
The Nintendo DS game, "the world ends with you" is such a brilliant one, with great music, addictive gameplay and a well and truely emotional story that made even me cry at the end, I recommend it :)

Here you see the main character, Neku and one of the reapers called "Pinky". This took about 4 hours to draw, my hand got sore :(
Aint she cute?
Again, form the world ends with you
Here I took my instruction manual for Sonic Rush and drew Sonic, Blaze and Amy :)

/ [Icedragon]

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2008-07-09 [Niki Nightmare ☆]: Ooooh me likes them =P

2008-07-10 [Lovely Eccentric]: wow these are good really good ^-^

2008-07-13 [Air-inn]: I love them :]]

2008-07-15 [Fading Away]: There really good. I really need to put some of my drawings up.

2008-07-15 [~*Crazy Chrizzy*~]: they are cool

2008-08-12 [jacenhottie]: dude your stuff is pretty good. I like the one of sonic chilling.

2009-03-08 [~*Crazy Chrizzy*~]: Tuesday my braces come of yay =D

2009-03-08 [Icedragon]: Whats that got to do with anything? :S

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