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Lovely Eccentric (single! lets mingle (:)

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Me: cardigans, zombies, my acoustic, arizona iced tea, cheeeeetos, singing, teexxxting, lip gloss, fruity gum, spongebob squarepants, shopping downtown, cutting hair, fluorescent purple, forever 21, hardcore shows, being straight-edge, things that go bump in the night, $$$, sunsets, dandelions, hair clips, leopard print, sitting on rooftops, BIG sunglasses, tattoos, 80’s chickflicks, volumizing hairspray, summer nights, candles that smell like baked cookies, vintage photography, gore, long walks not on the beach, flats, liquid eyeliner, cuddling, laughing at the stupidest things, corny comedy films, hillbilly impersonations, nightlights, and warm blankets.

Dislikes: the dark, large amounts of water, small spaces, people who crave attention, chewing loudly, loud noises, heights, gum on the bottom of tables, spiders, snakes, rap music, people with no personal hygiene, bitchy girls, crowds of people, speaking for someone else, perfection, disrespectful guys, animal abuse, REALLY BUFF body builders, rainy weather, strict and conservative adults, being stuck in one place for too long, the word “hot”, scene girls, and stupid drama.

Age: 17

Gender: female

Place of living: USA-Oregon

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

Sexual preference: both sexes

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