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2007-08-08 23:34:38
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Long Hair Lovers Wiki

I was quite surprised to see that this wiki wasn't already in existance. 

So if you can't tell by the title, this wiki is for everyone that loves long hair, whether you have it of just love people that do. I'll make this short and sweet. We have a few banners, two of which contaipeople you've probably seen hanging around Elfpack. There will be more banners up sooner or later, and they will be changed periodically to keep things feeling fresh. If you want to make a banner, feel free, just send a message to [Never Felt So Swell] or [Daemon SaDiablo] or [Chriss] and one of us will get it up with credit to you.

So go add your name to the list, get yourself a banner, and show elfpack how much you love long hair!


Banner 1

Banner 2

Banner 3

By [Curly Fry]



1. [Never Felt So Swell] - Because I [<3Love Makes Life Beautiful<3] long hair!
2. [Daemon SaDiablo] - Long hair, live with it, love it.
3. [AGothicRomance]- I <3 my long hair
4. [Izzeyl]- cause this is how it should be.
5. [Kagomeyasha]- Cause it reminds me of Anime, and it's seay!
6. [Ellyn]- I love long hair on guys! So sexay... *drool*
7. [alyssajane.] i love long hair it rock the sox!!
8. [Fuckoffpop] long hair is awesome i own it and i love it lol!!!
9. [nothereanymore] I cut my long hair *sob* I know, I know but it seemed good at the time and I'm growing it back :D It's shoulder length now and I love long blonde hair or black :D
10: [yo, its ginn] Long hair is hot on a guy or a girl id do either if they had long hair!
11. [Love like Winter.] guys with long hair rock \m/ >.< \m/
12. [Suicidal Moon] I have long hair
13. [SilentScream] Long hair is pretty...I have long hair...
14. [horny dude] dont worry about my name long hair is kool and i am a guy
15. [Immortality] Long hair rocks. That's the one and only reason why I have it :P
16. [stonedcarebear] Long hair rocks.Its so sexy:)
17. [kdfjhg] long hair- can't be defined
18. [bluebell] I love long hair, 2/3 of my hair is long(typical industrial haircut..)
19. [The Knight] I love long hair, but mine is too nasty to let it grow :/
20. [Curly Fry]
21. [Pretty Abby] I love long hair, right now I'm growing it out!
22. [soo_almighty] coz i'v got long hair. Sailor moon has long hair. *dances*
23. [Lady of Lore] Love to draw long hair :P
24. [FireGypsy] I have been trying to grow out my hair for years now!
25. [Chriss] sup
26. [RunsWithKnives]
27. [goldie] Can't beat long hair!!
28. [This User is No Longer Available] It makes me happy in my pants....

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2006-04-21 [Crzvmpr]: i'll take that as a yes !! *scratchs behind Titan's ears* hmmm i wonder if he/she likes that...

2006-04-21 [soo_almighty]: i think its a she

2006-04-21 [soo_almighty]: *digs further* CARROTS!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-04-21 [Crzvmpr]: mmm carrots...

2006-04-21 [soo_almighty]: yay!

2006-05-02 [Crzvmpr]: would panda like some carrots?

2006-05-02 [Lady of Lore]: We should add more stuff at this wiki, like photos or drawings or fun stuff about long hair ^_^

2006-05-02 [Crzvmpr]: yeah...

2006-05-02 [Lady of Lore]: it would be pretty cool and maybe it would attract more lovers of long hair ^_^

2006-05-03 [Never Felt So Swell]: Go for it. And if anyone wants to they're more than welcome to take the wiki over.

2006-05-04 [Lady of Lore]: I'll do some stuff but i don't wanna take it totally over. ^_^

2006-05-05 [soo_almighty]: i can fit my whole fist in my mouth

2006-07-27 [zoloftzantac]: [soo_almighty]: <3!

2006-08-09 [Never Felt So Swell]: Rawr... I chopped my hair off.

2006-09-13 [soo_almighty]: *cries* [zoloftzantac]: 2X <3!= <3! <3!... ^^

2006-09-14 [zoloftzantac]: I love a cute gal who likes forcing big things into her mouth ;)

2006-09-14 [FireGypsy]: O_o

2006-09-14 [zoloftzantac]: what? :p

2006-09-14 [FireGypsy]: *is laughing histerically*

2006-09-14 [soo_almighty]: *same case... she laughs*

2006-09-15 [Chriss]: will some one make a banner like take my pic and write something on it

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