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2007-02-27 21:34:31
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Ode to Sunrose Submissions


"Oh [Sunrose], oh [Sunrose], where for art thou most beautiful [Sunrose]?" Well my dear Elfpacker Sunrose is on vacation and we the council of Elfpack believe we should shroud her in poetry upon her return. So if you have talent in poetry and share the same warm fuzzy feelings of [Sunrose] then this is the place for you!


Rebel child's ode

Eyelinertears' Ode

DJ_Devils' ode

burnouthappys' Ode

Master oF Oblivions' ode
[Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]

Phoenixborns' Ode

Slavorks' ode

~Mariah~s' Ode
[Mare Pacificum]

Skullheads' Ode

fanstypixies' ode

gods2armys' ode

Viperesses' Ode


Winners announced at Ode to Sunrose voting!


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2006-09-11 [DeeJay™]: yes, as long as you vote for mine :)

2006-09-11 [Viperess]: well, sense they are about you I believe you should get a huge voting right.

2006-09-11 [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]: yes [Sunrose] u should get to make at lweast 4 or 5 votes since u might like all of em but 2 or 3 would do to :P

2006-10-10 [DeeJay™]: hey! do we still get our poets badges?

2006-10-10 [Ihsahn]: yes...

2006-10-10 [DeeJay™]: wheee! :D

2006-10-10 [phoenixborn]: i wonder how many i got in the end. meh whatever probably not very many. i get a badge though i always wanted one! as long as it aint one of those pin badges. i always end up accidentally piercing myself with those :(

2006-10-10 [DeeJay™]: hey, you did pretty good [phoenixborn]. you came 3rd! :)

2006-10-10 [Viperess]: ummm DJ I don't think the crazy thing is over I heard they were going to advertise it yet again

2006-10-10 [phoenixborn]: oo yey that means i can still finish last! i was worried there for for a moment

2006-10-10 [DeeJay™]: *doh* oh yea, were supposed to wait through three stages of voting, arn't we? it looks preeety clear who the winner is, though

2006-10-10 [Viperess]: Last I heard they changed it to two rounds but then decided it had not been advertised enough of some such stuff..I would not count on it..

2006-10-10 [DeeJay™]: heh, i only need 14 more votes! ;)

2006-10-10 [phoenixborn]: woo, its a close one then

2006-10-13 [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]: hey how do u check to see who won and wut place they got??

2006-10-13 [FireGypsy]: It hasnt ended yet...

2006-10-13 [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]: oh but how do u see how many votes u got??

2006-10-13 [FireGypsy]: How about going to the voting page...

2006-10-13 [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]: i dunno how to get there but can u put a link plz

2006-10-13 [FireGypsy]: Look at the biggest writing near the bottom of the page.... Its pretty obvious...

2006-10-27 [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]: my bad lol omfg im very stupid and blonde for not seeing that lmfao

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