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2007-02-27 21:19:46
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Ode to Sunrose poetry contest


Hush! Did you know [Sunrose] has gone on vacation? Well she has and we thought we would have gifts for her return in the joyous forms of poetry and art, so want to help us? Well then go and find out what the rules are and enter! Remember it is all for [Sunrose], so make sure it is purtyful! The theme of this specific contest is poetry, all Participants will receive a Poets badge and winners will receive the contest badge!

1.) The Poem can not be more then 32 lines
2.) The poem has to be written by you otherwise you will be disqualified and blacklisted
3.) You may submit as many poems as you wish
4.) Have fun!
5.) The poem has to be related with the theme otherwise it will not count.


Submissions are at Ode to Sunrose Submissions.
Voting was at Ode to Sunrose voting.

The winners are:
1st Place - Viperesses' Ode
2nd Place - Burnouthappys' Ode
3rd Place - Phoenixborns' Ode

Thanks to all who entered and voted, and congratulations to the winners!


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2006-09-13 [[Xx_mel_xX]]: my name is melanie cairns
i am ten
i ave seen big ben
and i made a den

2006-09-13 [Sunrose]: xD

2006-09-21 [eyes of frost]: ...I thought she was on vacation...?

2006-09-21 [Sunrose]: Sadly it doesn't last forever :P

2007-01-13 [Hatred]: yes it does

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