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agree to dissagree debate!!
Anarchy The only anti-political political group.
Bush Haters Association
Bush Supporters Association
The Militant Few For those who support the brave soldiers.
Vote Flea for Assembly Elfpack Ambassador of ET
The Rock Cult
The State Of Rock 'N' Roll
Right-Winged Nut Jobs
Hardcore wikis Oi! Time for some hardcore options?
rotten'n'roll Rotten. Isen't it?
Debate Center For those who want to join politcal debates or be updated on current topics (under construction)
The Political Debate Wiki Run by a bipartisan couple. This could get interesting.

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2006-12-04 [X2]: mah, that byroctatic:(

2006-12-04 [RabidSphinx]: if you simply have an opinion you want known, make a wiki, and post it on your house

2006-12-08 [X2]: yea but what if its like, "This is a anarhist wiki, wwe dont need a friggin member list to know that you love us".

2006-12-09 [RabidSphinx]: not allowed. 1) hate wikis are not allowed, and 2) being an asshole is not allowed, that wiki/statement breaking bother said rules.
only wikis that are intended as groups may be posted.

2006-12-09 [Love like Winter.]: Wait, Bush Haters Association sounds like a hate wiki to me. Ya know, since it has the word "Haters" in it's name.. Hmmmm?

2006-12-09 [RabidSphinx]: well, yes, it is a wiki about "hating" a certain person...but some people are *strongly* opposed to, say, Hitler, and would anyone bat an eye at a "i hate hitler" wiki?

2006-12-09 [Love like Winter.]: Well, the neo nazis of today would be pissed *shrugs*.

2006-12-09 [RabidSphinx]: lol, true. but i think the bush wikis anti-or pro, would be difficult to remove regardless. i think since they are talking about a specific person, who is NOT a member of this site, i think it's okay. i think there are "anti-hilary duff" and "anti-paris hilton" wikis too, so i think as long as they are, like, celebs we "hate" it is permited here on EP.
all i know is if Clinton wins in 2008, i'm leaving the country and making an Anti-Clinton wiki. :)

2006-12-10 [Love like Winter.]: Good for you, I guess... That looks pretty likey though.

2006-12-10 [RabidSphinx]: i don't think so. god i hate that woman. i don't typically wish death upon people i have not met in person, but she is an acception

2006-12-11 [X2]: [RabidSphinx]: That was nether hate or assholing??? eh, was it? more "I really dont care". I accualy said love -.-

2006-12-12 [RabidSphinx]: yes it was.

2006-12-12 [X2]: in what way?

2006-12-12 [RabidSphinx]: one, because you are forcing your opinions on others by implying that people will love you, and two, your attitude that comes across added with the word "friggin" only solidifies you as an asshole. and you wiki would not/ is not allowed.

2006-12-13 [X2]: mah, maybe they do.. okay, first point maybe... but "friggin"?! seen "f*ck" on wikis o.O

2006-12-14 [RabidSphinx]: on wikis, but not on the lists, not when it's in the context you are using. if someone just says "Bon Jovi is fucking awesome!" no one will care...what you are doing with your example is being an asshole and offencive.

2006-12-14 [X2]: okay. so if i say "I fucking hate blue hats", its ok. but if I say "Fuck all elfpackers!" then its not ok? if I got it right...

2006-12-15 [RabidSphinx]: nope. not hate is allowed. no hating blue hats, or elfpackers with such vulgerity on the wiki lists

2006-12-15 [X2]: no hate wikis allow? or now hate wikis allow on this list?

2006-12-15 [RabidSphinx]: hate wikis are only allowed if approved by the guards,and they belong only on the "anti" list, and you are not allowed to be an asshole on the list in your description

2013-03-15 [sammie h!]: HELLO

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