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Everything in one big page, if you prefer it this way.

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[Please put your wiki in the correct spot in alphabetical order]


EP Official Pages

Council - The Elfpack Council
Guards - The Elfpack Guards
The Hell of the Insane
Help - help on how to use EP.
How To Gain an EP Title
Uploading Art Rules - Uploading Art Rules.
Elfpack Badges - Elfpack needs badges.
Wiki Directory - Everything listed in one big index.
Giffie-Pet Store - Cute little pets for anyone to own.
Trivia - little Trivia game played once a month!
Elfpack Awards - Know someone who needs rewarding? nominate them here!
Ep Independent - EP's comic magazine full of interesting things!
Elfpack Flag - The Flag and Anthem!
Elfpack Graphics
Elfpack Poetry


Public User Pages

~Philosophy For the Philosophical Minds of EP to engage in Philosophical debates about Philosophy!
Adopt @ Doll For candy doll lovers
Adoption Center, for those times you feel abandoned...
American Muscle Cars Good ol' American Muscle!
Anonymous chatroom
advertisments for advertising your wikis
Authors Unite For those who want to co write stories, and take them anywhere
Bar Tender Wisdoms
Bedtime Stories Collection Azeras collection of sexy, kinky stories
Beautiful Pregnancy Needs members
Beer Club Like beer?
Blue Cat Central Join to find out what its about:)
Bob's Diner
bored wiki if you are bored and you just wanna talk here's where to go
Blurt Outs A place of pure randomness in words!
Cannibal Bill An unsigned metal band from Ontario, growing up the fame
Chatters Chatter to other ElfPack members about computers, games etc. and meet loads of new people.
Cheshire's Riddles - A page of riddles, with prizes! Made by [Cheshire Delusion]
Children of Bodom United - for anyone who like the Hate Crew!
Children of the FireTongue a freeform chat/rp where you can do just about anything, really. has sections for different things; set up lodgings! rp opens soon!
Chronic Masturbators The name says it all.
Clive's Wrathful Art
COMPLAIN Complain about anything you like!
The Crisis CenterIf you need help and you have tried everything come here
Damn Swearing Contest What does it look like? It's a swearing contest!
dawgs wiki- come in, we're Open!
dragon- is a wiki where other dragon wikis can be placed, add on I won't mind!!!
dragons lover- the title explains
Dwemer Guild Guild for lovers of Mystic Tales
East Empire Company For those who love old travels and love to trade oversees
Edgar Allan Poe Society For the adoration of Monsieur Poe and for the display of art/fiction with a Poe-ish style.
Elfpack Weekly Puzzle - Think you're good at mind puzzles?
Elfpack Communications - Do you have AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Myspace, or Skype?
Elite Delete Petition Tell the Gods of ET/EP you want a delete yourself function to save yourself the temptation of going back once you've left "for good".
footwear fetish - I loves my shoes. Show me your sexy shoes? ^-^
Former Chronic Masturbation a remake of the old wiki...
FreeStuff - find out how to get loads of free stuff 100% free
Fucking up your mind For minds that are fucked and for those who need it
FUNNY PICS - Hilarious pics that I have gathered from around the internet
genies wanna be a genie
ghost hunters it speaks for itself
Girl Talk for girls who want to talk to girls about feelings and advice
Guardian Angels If you ever feel like the world is crashing down...
Guys&Feelings For those guys, who have real sensitive feelings!
hell's placea place just to hang
Hilarious Conversations - Ever had a conversation so funny, you just wanted to tell everyone?!?
Iconoclasm Bar & Grill
I Like You
Kaiki Kaiwa Muwahahahaha!!! Enter the fearsome world of the minds of [Funny Bunny] and [LeLe.]! Read their "Weird Conversations" and relish in their awesome strangeness! Don't be afraid...we don't bite......much....
Krieger's Guardian Shop Adopt a guardian (read the rules first though)
Layna Banners Need someone to make banners for your wiki?
Lost become lost
Lady Satan's Harem Come join me! ^-^ Male AND Female, even BOTH are welcome! I'll *heart* you!
Lounge Go there to meet new people and listen to music.
Long Hair Lovers For those that have and or love long hair.
Meeting Grounds Coffee Shop Come meet some new people and relax at the coffee shop.
Models - For all the Models and Model wannabees out there!
Morag Tong Elfpacks only Assassin Team, so join up and wait for work!!!
mystic circle
Netherlands for foreigners For those people who really want to know the Netherlands!!!
no name page it has no name
Own a Mistress [for those who want someone to satisfy their needs in more ways than one]
Questions and answers : Get them here!
Questions and answers : Get them here!
Ramblers United! For people who like to ramble about random things!!!
Red Light District The darkest, dirties, shadiest (save the red lights) area in EP. For the brave, the deprived, the lecherous, and probably those who are up-to-date on all their shots. ~_^
Rocky HorrorA wiki for all of us loyal fans!
rpg maker Fot those who love to make and play Role Playing Games!!!
Scooby's Pets Where ALL are welcome.
Scotland [layna]'s trip to Scotland, Summer 2005.
Sailor Moon Freaks Unitedfor sailor moon lovers
Same Names We're counting how many people have the same names!
secreta Dutch RPG (off site)
self made wiki for craziness yay craziness plz join
skateboarding rules
SlipKnoT Poll JUST TAKE IT!!! and look at the huge letters and do what it says!!!
Someone To Talk To[!!NEW!!]Sometimes, people just need someone to talk to. Wether they feel alone, have something they need to get off their shoulders, have a problem and would like advice, or just feel like talking. Someone to talk to is a place, where there is always someone you can talk to.
swimming in a pool of blood:people who don't give a shit about anything and do whatever in the pool of blood(swim with us).....there are games too (like chicken and Marco Polo and all that.)
Sexy Legs A wiki for people who appreciate nice legs
System of a Down United A wiki for System of a Down fans/lovers
Tears A place to go if your hurting or sad or just want to help or be there.
Tech Support Get answers to your computer questions here!
The Debate Room Everyone loves a good debate!
The Eccentrics
The Gathering This is the ultimate chat site for everyone. still under constructions but will have badges soon.
The Gothica Diaries Come in and see.
The Hi Society Meet people who want to be met!
The New Wikis Wiki - for new wikis @ wiki
The second adoption center Another place to adopt people on EP but better lol !!!!!!!!!!!!
Wiki Help Wiki Help added by [Fun Lovin' Criminal] (basically I copied then edited the Elftown pages)
What is a asshole - The title explains it. Whatever if your bored then go.. chat laugh do whatever... if you have something to add in.. then send it to [The girl of your dreams] she will see about it.
World Alert A newsletter written by teens, for one and all! Comes out bimonthly and focuses on crises and issues in the Third World countries.
The Zodiac- A wiki all about the Zodiac

Art-related Wikis

~Art contest~
Amalaswinta's 3D art
angry_poem hey look! a cheap knockoff!
Are you an Artist? A place for artists to get together to post art and discuss art and exactly what we love about it.
Art Contests just like ET! a page for art contests, duuuh.
ArtofAsrun Anime related art by [Asrun]
Art of Jennifer Leigh An art gallery by me.
Artistic Nudity - Tasteful nude art collection by EPers
Authors Unite A place where you can let you imagination soar.
Banner Maker[NEW!!!] Do you need a banner for your wiki? or just for you house? I will make you one for free!
Bloody valentines creative space! [Nevermore.]'s art, stories etc...plz take a look and comment
budding artists
budding writers
Batista Lovers for all those who love .Batista
Cheshire's Delusions - Digital and Traditional art by [Cheshire Delusion]
Cutters Poetry Come in here to share poems and more.
Creative Writing Submissions. If anyone has a short story or anything they'd like to have appear in the EP Independent, that's where it goes!
DarkMistress'sGraphicsNot much, but its a start, hops to get more fonts soon.
Dragon-flys Lots of contest& even dragon gold called drekels!!! hehehe, your welcome to join without asking!!!
Dwemer's Banners - for those who want a banner made by me!
Dwemer's Graphics - Lots of graphics useful for Elfpack !
Dwemer's Virual Game Art
Eldheler's Art Erm....I like comments and crit!
Elfpack Graphics A place for all the donated Graphics for Elfpack!!!
Elfpack M-Cards Donate and send cool cards to all your Elfpack buddies!
Erin's Photo Manips [Love like Winter.]'s manips, look about and comment :D
Elfpack Scenery Put your best pictures here!
Expressions A place to express yourself through various arts including: photography, fan art, doodles, poetry, short stories, anime, image editing, painting. still life, realistic art..and more to come ^_^ go ahead and join, add your name to the members list and post your art work!
FaDe AwAy'S pOeMs
Fantasy Poetry Contest
Free Art Donate art!
forsaken love Stories written by [Harlequin Girl] message her after you are done reading them and tell her what you think.
Great Poet Fot those who think the world's poetry belongs to them!!!
Great Writers Fot those who think the writing world belongs to them!
Goblin~City Welcome, lovers of goblins, and Labyrinth fans alike! The city awaits...
Guardian Angel Contest
Hiei's Girl's Fanfics [Hiei's Girl]'s stories.
IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ARTISTS An important notice for any fantasy/Gothic artists out there. Some of you may already know, some may not. Just please read it and pass it on...
KingofHearts3026 Special Art Filled with pictures done of friends.
Krieger's Artwork
Lashana-DarkWolfen various works by [Lashana]
leomon's pet shop donate a pet, or come and get one
lost in tarnation
Madhalf's Place donate a photo of yourself so that I can make it into art, or just check out my art.
My Hall-O-Fame I create my own altered images. Here's some I have made. [iCh3wi]
My Name Will Forever Be Me Introspective Poetry by [AnimeSiren]
my poem page Ya, these are my poems, enjoy. [The Shadow and The Light]
Ophelia's Art and Rantings My ever growing collection of poems, drawings and picture manipulations. Tell me what you think.
Oekaki Garden Display your oekaki creations here!
Peachirach's Poetry A collection of poems written by Peachirach! Please add your own in our special Other Members Page!
Poetry Contests Just what it sounds like, a wiki to post your poetry contests.
Sketches of Asrun Gallery of my personal sketch work.
S'ghaia's Photographs My growing collection of photographs and photomanipulations. Just trying to put myself out there! So please, come and look, enjoy, leave a comment or two!
Shakespeare Lovers Come in and enjoy the insanity!!!! =^_^=
Showcase Display your work!
Soti's Artness Come and crit if you like. Or just wander around. ^^
SpiderFox Art View and request art by [Mildred Hubble]
Spritual Guides Please come read my story and tell me what you think.
The ArtWorks of S.N.C -some of my shit-
Tyrana's Graphics Hey! Free graphics!
UAAunited Feel under appreciated? *logo and banner contest for members!*
Victoria Francés' Art Wiki Illustrations of fantasy art, Gothic art from the illustrated books Favole I, Favole II, Favole III, and Angel Wings, by the artist Victoria Francés. =]
Where Ever The Black May Lie Another one of me contests where you create an image from a poem. ([LeLe.])
window tree the poetry of [owly]
Your Name Decorated Give me your name or username and I will decorate it and send it back to you so that you can use it in your house Yay!!!

Education-related Wikis


  If want to take tuition for any grade, and you have problem in any subject then this Wiki is for u!!!!

Musical Wikis

AFI fans unite Love AFI??You should join...Also on Elftown!
Bassists UFUCKnited A wiki for t<he bassists out there!!!!!
Billie Joe Lovers
bright eyes A great wiki for those who love and appreciate passionate music with beat :D
Cannibal Bill An unsigned metal band from Ontario, growing up the fame
Children of Bodom United For those fans and lovers of Children of Bodom
Classical Music Lovers - A nice wiki for those who like classical music :D
cliff burton cause cliff is the shizznit on bass
Cure fans The greatest 80's music ever!
Coheed and CambriaOne of the best bands out there
Dani Filth All Cradle of Filth-singer-loving fans.
dimebag darrell dime still is the no. 1 metal guitarist
dimmu borgir lovers DIMMU BORGIR!CHYES!\m/
..The Distillers. .Well, everyone loves them, duh.
Disturbed? Cause they rock hard>.<
DONOTS Great UK band ^_^
Dream Theater Self-explanatory.
♥Dregen Love he is the sexiest guy alive>.<
Drummers unitefor you drummers and wannabe drummers
FALL OUT BOY FAN CLUB for fall out boy fans!!!!
Elfpack Bandroom Waiting for members!
Emocore All emo's welcome!
flogging molly
foo fighters fanclub
Fort Minor Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda's solo project Fan Club!
free mp3's not working yet but if u halp it well be
free music moves what ever soon so go help
GC Rockz! We Love Good Charlotte! Join if you do too!
Green Day Hall Of *Fame*
green day rox awesome band.
green day are the best! 4 all u rock n roll fans owt there
Good Charlotte Fans! another GC wiki... desperately needs members!
Guitarists and Artists Under Construction!
HelloGoodBye a hellogoodbye fan club its under construction but feel free to join now and check it out!!!
H.I.M We're up and running join now
Jester BeatZ [Jester]'S MUSIC CHECK IT OUT!
jimmy eat world an awesome band to hear live.
jimi hendrix because he the best fuckin guitar player ever
john bonham need i say any more?
Keyboardists For anyone plays the keyboard/synth.
KMFDM For Those Who Can't Enough of KMFDM
Led-Zeppelincause we all know they were the best band ever
Led zeppelin Fan Club Zeppelin fans should join!Rock On!
Linkin Park Fanatics United Join us...You know you want to...
Metalheads United<------for fellow metalheads!!!!!!!!!!
metal maniacsfor all you metal heads out there!\m/
Mike Dirnt Is Bad Ass
Musical Forest
My Chemical Romance For those who love music that matters
My Chemical Romance Rox for all those ppl who love this awesome band and like a good wiki!!! lol
Nine Inch Nails For Fans Of Trent's Work
Nirvana An awesome band.
panic! at the disco fan club a panic at the disco fan site its under construction but go check it out this band rocks!!!
PanterAbecause we all know they were the best thing that ever happened to metal!!!
Rammstein fans
rap fans for people who like rap.
Rise Against Fans Rise against is just the best...join if you agree???
Sevendust Fanatics A wiki for people who love sevendust so JOIN NOW!
Singing A wiki for all the little people who love singing!
slave to the metal fans
slayer fans united a wiki for a kick ass band
Soulfly Tribe For All The Soulfly Tribe Members
stop abuse- support wiki for abuse victims and friends
System of a Down United For those who like the System
The Beatles Dedicated to the best band there ever was!
thephantomoftheopera nice man in kewl mask n_n
The Used Army For fans of The Used
Trè Cool Is My Role Modle
Zakk Wylde For evyone who recognizes his godlike status.
Zeromancer Because We All Love Dr. Online >

Roleplaying Games

A Bleeding Hart- Another wiki by the creator of Assassin Journy, [tekkon kinkreet]. This rpg is set in the near future in Hart City. A town full of malcontents, secret organizations, and legends. A legend walks the streets oblivious to his role in history. Who will find him first?
Aikanaro - A mystical world full of demons, animal-people, and tons of adventure. Ran by [Cheshire Delusion]
Akasha's Sanctuary A rather unique RP, it's got a little of everything, and it's got dedicated members.
Assassin Journy-One of the first RPG's on elfpack, and a prequel to a popular Elftown wiki. This wiki deals with an assassin and his companion's journey to save their world from the shadow things by collecting the coins of destruction. If you want a coin, join! We need members, so join soon!
Asylum for the Purple-y Insane - Embrace the Purple People, for they embrace you!
blllllaaaaaaaa the puppy RPG (updated)its a rpg for any one who has ever wanted to me a dog or a cat
Crimson Winter A unique rpg, based in the faraway land of is a world in turmoil and our heroes need your help to restore peace...
Dungeons&Dragons: A wiki that is under construction but is open to anyone who plays or is interested in the game. Run by [shadow#1].
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry no need to audition, just simply message the owner [Boomnesss] saying your joining, and follow the few rules placed in it
Magical Kingdom an RPG, One of Elfpacks first! A whole new journey. In a magical kingdom full of peril mystery and great quests! Come join!
Mermaids and Sea Creatures - the place to be for any oceanic critters (artwork & poetry, random stuff)
Naidi Another RPG still under construction. It is on a vast and dangerous world, with nine continents, and many kingdoms and races. A world that revolves around magic, many things are possible.
Ninja Academy **NEW** A brand new RPG adventure. You have been accepted into a school of Ninjitsu. Although they try to teach you, the only thing anyone can seem to focus on is how cute their current crush is! Will the students of N.A. finish the term, or will they be expelled for making too much mischief?
Nocturne's Remedies: A potions shop with an insane proprietor is bound to be interesting.
Nocturne's Tavern is pretty self-explanatory: It's a tavern run by [anonymoneee].
Order of the Protector : [Brand New] Join the order and make elfpack safe from the wicked!
Roleplayers Unite-*BRAND NEW!*
~Everybody can join the war come on guys!~
secreta Dutch RPG (off site)
Somebody Help Me Once long ago, there lived a princess of the Chinese gods. Immortal, wise and fair. She was destined to be queen on the morning of her 17th birthday. That day was tomorrow morning. It was the middle of the night. Princess Sofia was out enjoying her last night with the freedom she had. She just passed by the lake when a monster slowly and quietly rose out of the water and grabbed her. In the last minutes of her life, she screamed out, "Somebody, HELP ME!" before she disappeared. 10,000 years have passed and proof has been found that Princess Sofia is still alive out there. Now all of you are the men and women chosen to find her....
The After Effect a simple RPG with towns and villages..and evil orcs and dark elvs :)
The Insult Arena: The Elfpack parallel to the well-known and well-loved "Insult Arena" of Elftown, run by [anonymoneee].
The Realm of the Foresaken RPG and club thingy for Vamps, Lycans, demons, and anyone and anything else that wants to join
The Rising Darkness *New* There's a darkness rising in the kingdoms. A terrible darkness. One that no one has ever seen before. A prophecy has been made that gives a clue on how to defeat it. Now, can some unlikely heroes team up to save the nations?
The Thousand armed Shikon Jewel One of Elfpack's first Inuyasha RPG's. Players are needed... so Join!!!!!!
ThePirateRealm still under construction sign up here TheCrew
big brother RPG the competition comes to elfpack!!!!!
Harry Potter RP One of Elfpack's first HP wikis needs students! Audition now!!!
Mitternacht Route - What follows in the shadows...?
Heroes of Halftown Lots of Different Races and Classes to choose from in this Free-Form RPG based around a small village full of opportunity. Join in!
Star Crossed Warriors: A wind of danger is blowing and a strange for is calling some of the strongest beings. They all will partake in the battle to end all battles in this war torn land. (Still under construction for now)
Vampires (a RPG) A place for all the Creatures of the Night to play. (not just for vampires. lycans, witches, humans, and others are all welcome!)
Yonderland: A delightfully creative RP taking place in a world both within and beyond our own. Run by [anonymoneee].

Fan Clubs/Associations/Unions

AFI fans uniteLove AFI??You should join...Also on elftown!
alanis lovers its just starting out, but you know you love her so join!
Alias For all the fans of the show Alias!
American Muscle Cars Good Ol' American Muscle!
AngelinaJolie mmm. mmm. good.
Animated!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the place if you are looking for animated things
Animated Kitty This is a page full of adorible little kitty pictures, and best of all, most move!♥!♥!♥!
*Anime Spot* For all anime lovers to join...
Anime Lovers An organized wiki for anime/manga/ and of course video game fanatics alike. Check it. ;3
AnnaÖhman A place to talk about Swedish artist Anna Öhman
APA Animal Protection Agency. Join Today and protect those adorable animals you love!
Are you strange? wiki for all those strange people out there!!
Ask Peeves wiki for people who read the advice column Ask Peeves
Bassists UFUCKnited A wiki for the bassists out there!!!!!
The Beatles Dedicated to the best band there ever was!
Bionicle: for all you Bionicle fans. What's Bionicle?---links inside.
Bisexual Babes
blaa victims
The blackadder page
blink 182
Bored Peoples Bored Together Finally, a place where you can enjoy being bored =^_^=
!BOZZ IS YOUR GOD! Oh come on, everyone knows tfuck fu ck fuckhat already.
bright eyes
Brody is sexy For those who have great taste in women.
CAN WE FIX IT, yes we can! are you in love with BTB, we know you are just come here, you will feel better
Cannibal Bill An unsigned metal band from Ontario, growing up the fame
Cat Eyes A wiki about cats, it is also on Elftown and Cathug.
Celtic Souls For all those lovely red-haired celts out there (page under construction)
City Lovers for those of us who love the cities of the world!
Children of the Paranormal A place for lovers of the paranormal to unite and discuss their experiences and paranormal phenomenon in general! :D (Page under construction... could use some help! :D)
Chinese food Lovers United So do you like Chinese food? Do you LOVE it? Well come on in!!
chocolate election a debate over the bests type of chocolates..also on elftown
Classical Music Lovers - A nice wiki for those who like classical music :D
Clown Haters A place were Clown Haters Unite to spread the truth about clowns!!
Coheed and Cambria Join. New wiki..
Conformity, Inc.
♥COSPLAY♥ Is for everyone who loves cosplay! ^_^
cow lovers unite COWS RULE! WHOOHOO!
The Crow <crow fans click here!
Cradle of filth
Cure fans
CyberClub For all those on Elfpack who like to cyber
dancers For people who dance or love to dance
DDr Fan Club
Death Eaters -You like the Harry Potter books but think Harry and Dumbledore are complete pussies? Then join the Dark Lord and become a Death Eater!
Devils Tears-Love or like Devil May Cry? Then join us here.
Donnie Darkoppl just talk about nothing, come if you like the movie.
donots Great punk rock band that all of you should know about ;)
Draco Malfoy Lovers [NEW!!!] for those of us who can't get enough of his sexiness!!!
Dragon Club do you love dragons???Or do you have a dragon wiki??? Come join and have some dragon fun!!! Contests!!!
Dragons Eyes - A site where all dragon lovers of all ages can chat, play fun games, or just hang out.
Drummers United (Also on Elftown) If you play the drums, come here!
early♥bird♥christmas♥fans This is for you if you like to start Christmas yearly!
Edgar Allen Poe Society For the Adoration of Poe
♥Eli-Annai♥ This is my House extension, but is also MY FAN CLUB! Yes, I know youo L♥VE me!
Elfpack Bandroom Waiting for members!
Emocore For those who love Emo ^-^
<3 EmO KiDs <3 For the EmO KiDs of elfpack!
epitome of coolness For Random, fun, camera whore kids.
EP VEGETARIANS self-explanatory. Join if you're a vegetarian.
FALL OUT BOY FAN CLUB for fall out boy fans!!!
Fanfic people unite! Where imaginations soar!!
Farmers in Cahoots For all us farmers to get together and talk farming :)
Final Fantasy <-- Was mutilated help to re-construct would be appreciated....
The Footbag Union A wiki for Hacky-Sack veterans and newbies alike!
flogging molly
Foamy Fans United For all you Foamy the Squirrel fans.
foo fighters faclub
Footwear Fetish for those of us that love shoes that much!
Fraggle Rock Society The official fan wiki for true Fraggle Rock fans and future fans to come and dane their cares away!
Freaks we are the freaks of EP!
Gackt Lovers a place 4 those who want 2 bask in his seckziness!
genies are gold we are the genies you need
Gir Lovers heh.. it's mine now... but we need a place for gir followers! :)
Godsmack Fans Unite For all you true Godsmack fans out there!!!
Gravity For Wolf's Rain fans
Harry Potter - For all the Harry Potter/ Hogwarts/ J.K.Rowling Fans.
Harry Potter Lovers for all u die hard harry potter fans who cant get enough of it!!! come here!!
*HP luvers* :) for those of you who like harry potter GOTH STYLE!
HelloGoodBye undergoing construction but come shimmy shimmy with them
HELLO KITTY-for all you HELLO KITTY people
Hilary Duff Haters United for everyone out there who hates Stupid Disney Punk Poser Bitches!
hilary duff fans united- For people who love her!
H.I.M We're up and running join now!
Hogwarts Join the School of Witch craft and Wizardry!
HoRnY PeOpLeS UnItEd! come one come all you horny peeps! i know your out there!
I Gave You My Heart <---for Emo people, or anyone who has ever had their heart broken
I hate the media If u agree ur are welcome to come in
I LOVEEEEEEEEE CATSSSS YEAH we loveeeeeeee catsssssssssss
I lovers ELi♥Annai
Inuyasha fan club
InvaderZim Fans Unite- WE LOVE INVADER ZIM!
Italian Food Lovers United Do you love food? Do you LOVE Italian food? Well if you do this is the place to be!!
Jackalope Central Come join your friendly jackalopes here in cyber space!
kinky people united come on..we all are..
Laguna Beach for all those who love laugna beach and can't get enough of it!!!
Lawn Gnome Lovers Unite! for those of us who know lawn gnomes are the best!
leomon's pet shop come and get a pet
losers united a place for all losers to just well...b the losers they no they r.
Love thy Wealth
Lovers United A wiki for those who are truely in know who you are.
Lita Lovers
Linkin Park Fanatics united Join now for exclusive downloads of LP!
megs wikis come check out all her awesome wikis
migical trevor fans everyone love magical trevor
morbid freaks for those who are morbid an are complete freaks
My Chemical Romance for those who enjoy great music.
MYSPACE LOVERS for ppl who are crazy about myspace!!!
Mystery Science Theater 3000 for those who love Mst3k. HUZZAH!!
Mystic circle
Naruto Fever- For Naruto Lovers.
The Nightmare Before Christmas For all The Nightmare Before Christmas fans!
Nobody Loves MeIt's true!!!!!
Noclue!! for people that have no clue
n00bs unitedfor all those called a n00b
neo-assembly come. help the guards with us
nude You know you want to
Nude Police Helping to stop the deception.
Ode to Redheads Cause we all know redheads are hot and rock
Orlando Bloom's Realm - (also on elftown) For those who love--guess who--: Orlando Bloom!
panic! at the disco fan club undergoing construction but still awesome check it out
people of the boxes come all ye box dwellers as we speak of nothing! o.0
Pillars of Nosgoth Legacy of Kain fansite! Take the test!
Pirate- Ever wanna be a pirate?
Pokemon Lovers United! YAY! finally! a wiki for all us Pokemon fans!
Precious Moments CommunityThis is for Precious Moments! ^_^
Pretty Boys What do you think this is about ^^?
Princesses this is a place for people who want to be a fairytale Prince or Princess!!!
Pro-Choice League
Pro-Life this is for those who are pro-life, meaning anti-abortion
pro-pink army please join if you love or like the color pink
Rage against ex-lovers for those who are alone and everything else
Randomnicity - Add random comments and random experiences you have had here! Yes Right here! Free your randomness inside!
Random Rockers Unite For all those who love to be random and love to rock!!
Rap fans for those who like Rap
Ravendark's Slaves My legion of Slaves!
REAL Virgin Pride Precisely what it says.
RockIsForever- A wiki Dedicated to the living of rock music to withstanding time.
Rose Lovers - a wiki for those who love roses
Sailor Moon Freaks United Attention all Sailor Moon Lovers there is and official Sailor Moon wiki at last come and join By [Coco caca]
Sasha's Fan Club For fans of [FireGypsy]!
Satanists- A wiki for the satanists out there.
sexy tummies - Like show us your boobs....except fewer boobs....
She-Spawn and Spawn Fanpage For those who love this anti hero and heroess.
So you want to Shazzle Me Nazzle
Show Us Your Boobs - The place to be.
show us your dick so all the boys can show off their little toys
Straight Way - A support wiki for those pro-hetero marriage
strange people!!! A wiki for those strange people amongst you (also on elftown)
Stupid People Unite! C'mon, you know your stupid, and you know you want to be loved.......right?
Suger Fans
superpenuin is cool her to she is so cool yay for her
Support Gay Marriage A list and area for those who support gay marriage to come together. Also on Elftown.
Talking People For all of you out there who love to just talk!!! ^_^
Teddy Bear Lovers For all of you that 'love' teddy bears! Also on Elftown. If U love them, come & join!!!
Temple of Squirrels This is dedicated to all squirrels and their almighty guardian the Lord of Squirrels, [THE^SQUIRREL].
Tekken-For all Fans of the Tekken Games
The Ark fanpage - A fanpage for the lovely Swedish band, The Ark.
Thank you - A club to say "Thanks, Hedda, mate" for ElfPack
The Lions Pride - A site for all you frisky felines out there
The Lizard Lovers Everyone loves lizards!
The Rock Association The place for anyone who loves rock-music ...
The Umbrella Academy Gerard Ways comic, fans can discuss it!
Thinking of you The place for people to know whos thinking of them
Tolkien Fans - For anyone really into the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Tokers United - For all you Pot Smokers, Herb Lovers, And Ganja Growers!
Trigun fans united
Twilight Lovers <---for people who love the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer
Vampire's Crypt- A page where you can find info on Vampires for Vampire lovers and the lovers of Vampires.
Vampires+Vampaneze unity (Also on Elftown)
V for Vendetta Lovers This is a brand new wiki dedicated to the movie and comic book of V for Vendetta!
^Real Vampires^ This is a wiki dedicated to real vampirism. I have also added a neat RPG to the wiki for fun.
Storm Chasers united Ever chased a thunder storm or seen a tornado a little too up close and personal? This is the place for all of you who want to or who do chase storms to share information and gather togeather across the globe.
Vincent Valentine Lovers A fan page to Vincent from Final Fantasy 7
Virgin Pride - .
We love Battlefield for everyone here on EP that can't get enough of this sexah man [Big Brother]
Wierd People-come to me my weird children....
Wiccan/Pagans United I have seen no pagan wiki' now there is one!!!
The Wiccaning Open for anyone who desires to learn of Wicca/Witchcraft. Plenty of information...:P Ask a member.
WonderlandFor fans of Alice in Wonderland
Written in Scars for people who take it out on themselves
You Are Loved Despite how you may feel or what you are told, you are loved . . . you are not alone.
You Might be a Redneck... for all of us that love redneck jokes!


anti-emo Emo sucks, be happy you losers!
anti emoan anti emo wiki that has NOT been shut down
Anti-Anti-Gay Marriage - take a wild guess...
anti anti suicide - a wiki to make you just shut the hell up.
Anti-Illiterate Fucksticks Spread the love...
Anti Rap for those who don't like rap!
Anti-Religion – for those who hate religions!
Anti Smoking Society you might as well shoot yourself .....same effect
Anti-Suicide rebuilding this site on EP. this is also in Elftown
Anti-Homophobia kinda self explanatory, isnt it?
Bush Haters Association (Also on Elftown)
Courtney Love Haters - for people who hate Courtney Love and want to kill the bitch!!!!
Cybering is horribly disgusting! Cybering needs to die.
Get the hell off my way!!Don't keep it to yourself... shout it out loud!
Hilary Duff Haters United For everyone that hates that Stupid Disney Puck Poser!
I Hate Hate - - - - - - - a wiki for those who hate the ACT and CHOICE of being hateful.
I Hate Homosexuality a wiki for those who hate the ACT and CHOICE of being gay.
Math haters unitedfor those that wish for math to be banished
Playgans for the love of god why are there still so many damn playgans out there (btw a "playgan" is a fake pagan, or a wannabe- we all know the type)
Posers Suck - for people who hate posers (obviously)
Straight way - A support wiki for those pro-hetero marriage
THE ANIT-COW FORT(OK this isn't really an anti wiki the anti cow fort is an inside joke that i made in to a wiki) the cows are coming run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Militant Few For the anti-hippie in you. Support the soldiers.
War on Censorship
WHAT MAKES US SO DIFFERENT? this is against all the stupid fucks who oppose gay marriage, mixed marriages,and different people.this is also a wiki on elftown but it is not run by the same person
Greenpeace Criticizers - reveals the TRUTH about Greenpeace, their lies, and scare tactics with the facts they don't want you to know about!


agree to dissagree debate!!
Anarchy The only anti-political political group.
Bush Haters Association
Bush Supporters Association
The Militant Few For those who support the brave soldiers.
Vote Flea for Assembly Elfpack Ambassador of ET
The State Of Rock 'N' Roll

Religious Wikis

Jesus♥Freaks ♥A place for every one who is a Jesus Freak to come to!♥

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2006-01-20 [Nonexistent]: how do I find pictures on wiki?

2006-02-02 [Spoiled_Princess]: how do you make you own wiki?

2006-02-22 [*lifes a bitch*]: Does anyone need a website?? contact me!!

2006-03-22 [pothead13]: Please add Pothead's United into the Fan Clubs/Associations/Unions AREA

2006-03-22 [zoloftzantac]: You lazy potheads can add it yourselves ... :p

2006-03-24 [pothead13]: no we cant

2006-03-24 [zoloftzantac]: There is nothing stopping you from adding yourselves like everyone else. Do you know how to do it?

2006-04-27 [Fried Green Tomaino]: Is show us your boobs still in existance?

2006-04-27 [zoloftzantac]: It is inside EP/\19

2006-04-28 [Fried Green Tomaino]: What? what is that? It says access denied to both EP/\19 and show us your boobs

2006-04-28 [zoloftzantac]: Then you aren't a member, try this EP Over 19s Club

2006-06-16 [kittykittykitty]: [FaDe AwAy] have you thought about donating your poetry to elfpack poetry?

2006-06-16 [sk8er4l.i.f.e]: no

2007-12-09 [Aileana]: Tech Support does not really fall into any of the main categories, as I see it. Would someone more qualified please place it where it goes?

2007-12-10 [Bookwyrm]: Public User Pages is appropriate. :D

2007-12-10 [Aileana]: Ah, many thanks, then. Perhaps there should be a helpful wiki category?

2007-12-10 [Bookwyrm]: We might could do that, but that is mostly why we have help. You could always submit your wiki to the Contractors and possibly get it made a recommended page or official if it's well made and well used. We'll see what everyone thinks about the category idea, though. :)

2007-12-10 [Aileana]: Mm... I'm not sure about it being official, lol... It's far from complete. However, I see a lot of community help wikis listed under public, enough to perhaps make a new category...

2008-06-26 [zoloftzantac]: *chimes in 6 months later* It is official and it is as complete as it is supposed to be. People add their own wikis here by choice. It is like being listed in the phone book or if you want you can be unlisted.

Feel free to add your own wiki pages to the directory.

2008-10-21 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: How do you make a wiki?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!<img:quesN-gif.gif><img:quesN-gif.gif><img:quesN-gif.gif><img:quesN-gif.gif><img:mood4-gif.gif>

2008-10-22 [Bookwyrm]: Okay, really, you don't need to spam every wiki on Elfpack to get an answer. Patience is a virtue. ^_^

If you had taken a moment to read the help page rather than just run down to post a comment, you'd find that there are a few lovely wikis that will help explain wikis to you such as: Wiki Guide and Wiki Help. There is also PseudoHTML to help you in the actual editing of a wiki. ^_^

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