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Welcome to the humble
Pumpkin Castle


Here reside the the happy resisdents of Pumpkin Land.
Yes. You got it right. Everybody in Pumpkin Land lives here.
There is no Pumpkin Town!

If you want to be one of the residents here. Feel free to send a messege and comment to Chancellor, [Shatureel].

The Pumpkin Castle and all Pumpkin Land need users to participate (if they can) and be served and to share happy things in life.
After all, this is Pumpkin Land!!!

Meet the Royal Pumpkin Family

Go To Wanna Be Pumpkins

Return to Pumpkin Land, Take your Flags from Pumpkin Flags, Leave Comments At Pumpkin Land Comments


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2006-11-27 [Shatureel]: I know ppl who drink tones of beers even after they are drunk.

2006-11-27 [DeeJay™]: ummm . . o.O  . . are you not supposed to? O.o

2006-11-28 [Shatureel]: Don't know, I don't really drink

2006-11-28 [DRACE]: I'm going to hunt you down one day [Shatureel] and make you drink more then you normaly do... if you get kedney posioning i'll give you one of mine

2006-12-05 [Shatureel]: *laughs* We shall see who gets drunk my friend and that is mighty nice of you to offer me one of your kidneys.

2006-12-05 [DRACE]: mmm well you won't have a choice when i tie you up and put a funnel down your throat

2006-12-05 [DeeJay™]: lmao! your soo nice, [DRACE]

2006-12-06 [DRACE]: eh what can i say, I like to torture others... *brings out his whip and cracks it close to [Shatureel]'s left ear*

2006-12-06 [DeeJay™]: O.O *heads for the hills, fast*

2006-12-08 [Shatureel]: *turns and glares at [DRACE]* You looking for your death boy???

2006-12-10 [DRACE]: meh why not, after all I am worthless anyway, so bring it on bitch

2007-03-26 [Drake SC]: Alright, now what the fuck? Do you have a problem [DRACE]? Just cut the angsty shit and don't talk to [Shatureel] that way.

2007-03-26 [DRACE]: [Drake SC] shut the fuck you arrogant little worm, [Shatureel] knows I am only playing

2007-03-26 [Shatureel]: *grabs [DRACE] by the ears and twists them* I'll give you bitch you little shit. hehehehehe. Its cool [Drake SC] me and [DRACE] go way back, but thanks for defending me and welcome to Pumpkin Land

2007-03-27 [DRACE]: *whimpers alittle* why'd you twist my ears, its not like I put you over my knees and spanked you... although come to think of it there is still time for that too *grins slyly* <img:BR-GIF.gif>

2007-03-29 [Shatureel]: *Laughs and pinches your checks* [DRACE] you are a sly dog.

2007-03-29 [DRACE]: heh maybe so, but hey it happens

2007-03-31 [Shatureel]: *nods head* yep indeed it does.

2007-03-31 [DRACE]: *smiles innocently*

2007-04-01 [Shatureel]: *grins* oh so cute.

2007-04-01 [DRACE]: eh if you enter your username on here into google, what do you get?

my name has been used for 'Digital Radio Cultures in Europe - DRACE'

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