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Here is a collection of reviews from Elfpack members. To post a review simply go to <URI:review.html> and fill that form out. New reviews will be posted as comments on this page or some of the subpages:

book reviews
movie reviews
computer game reviews
boardgame reviews
event reviews
website reviews
music reviews

You may write a review about anything that you think at least a few others are interested in reading a review about. It has to be at least as big thing as your village restaurant or a band playing that we can download and listen to. No rating of a single image or poem please! Reviews, not ratings!

Related: If you just want people to check out something you like (Like an image, a wiki-page or something you can easily show by linking to it), invite people to a wiki-page (Button to the right) that already exist or that you create like a Fan-page (Example lol-love).

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2009-04-28 [thundrhawk90]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Music review

2009-06-01 [footer]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> my phone review

2010-10-03 [Delete_Me]: WOW

2012-04-25 [sammie h!]: Is there no badges for this yet??

2012-05-02 [Stephen]: The reviews section is completely unmanned with no staff at all to even see which reviews are submitted, and if they follow the non-existent guidelines for reviews. 

As such, until we get a staff, we won't have anything official here. :)

2012-05-02 [sammie h!]: I will do it if you like. :) x

2012-12-06 [sammie h!]: Want me to continue this? X

2014-03-26 [kittykittykitty]: [I'm gone.] it is empty :o

2014-03-29 [Stephen]: What do you mean it's not letting you update the page? o3o

2014-04-02 [Stephen]: Wiki-page names are not allowed to contain two spaces following each other.

It's because My cat photos :) review has the smile face, I believe. It's counting as a double space.

Try it without the emoticon: My Cat Photos Review. :)

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