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'Scak' has many definitions. Come up with some of your own and add them... you will get a coolpoint if you are explicit enough!

1. [Enneigard] - a whorish wench-cunt that is anorexic, yet she is still a fucking fat douche bag.

2. [Enneigard Rebirth] - a giant brown bloodclot that forces its way out of the penis.

3. [Enneigard Rebirth] - brutally beating or anally raping someone with a long blunt object.

4. [._] - a cum, shit and blood filled rectal discharge from prison sodomites that just finished their holy medium.

5. [Larova] - A depraved middle-aged woman, usually nailed without lubricant by many men at a time, who feels like sandpaper on the inside because of myriad little scabs in her vaginal walls.

6. [Enneigard Rebirth] - an anus wrapped & clogged with acne infected fungus & loose punctured skinflaps, corroding with black semen & greasy dirt.

7. [zoloftzantac] - that mixture of shitty smegmish dick cheese that is left on your mothers bleeding rectum after I'm done with her

8. [Enneigard Rebirth] - an omnisexual necropheliac that douches in coagulated corpse fluids.

9. [hello] - my mother???

10. [kittykittykitty] - somebody bursting a genital ulcer into your mouth... while having double anal pentration... and squeezing a fart around their penises... and another guy is wiping skegma into your eye. But it only counts as 'scak' when your mother is watching and masturbating -___-'

11.[Enneigard Rebirth] - a grotesque obese barbaric woman with orgasm stains in her beard & pussmullet.

12. [Nekko fox] - The Socialites Coalition for Abnormal-Baby Killing, a group centered around the destruction of babies that have more than what they should have (Three eyes, eleven toes, two...noses). They are centered around Sweden and refuse to contact the outside world with anything but a bit of parchment made from the foreskins of their enemies.

13.[Enneigard Rebirth] - a rectal cut on the inside flap of the anus filled with rotting dung & tiny hairs that scratch against the inside of the anus causing leprosy.

14. [j.j.]- I am the best scak here

15. [Enneigard Rebirth] - a moraine filled foreskin stretched inside out & engraved with matted skin & vaginal creams, usually stuck inside a nymphomaniac's loose dry clitoris & pulled further into her stomache while the bacterial acids burn through the curdled sperm & come out through the belly button.

16. [Nekko fox] - ......[j.j.], who is the biggest scak here.

17.[Hatred] A small roundish rat found only in a dead grandmas Vagina that eats all the rotten sexual organs

18. [zoloftzantac] <URL:>

19.[Enneigard Rebirth] a cervixcut eaten away by herpes & yellow syphilis.

20. [Enneigard Rebirth] to fuck animals with baseball bats.

21. [kittykittykitty] partaking in sexually explicit, viking-themed roleplay / cosplay while having hidden video cameras taping the whole thing to broadcast to your friends and children

22. [zoloftzantac] A morbidly obese woman with an ulcer who gets off by being face fucked until she gags, chokes and vomits blood out her nose.

23. [Enneigard Rebirth] how to describe a person/place/thing/noun covered in rabid wombat semen, coyote hairballs, flesh, carrion, puke, rhino dung, & giant slug innards. (adjective=scaked)

24. [j.j.]you've just been scaked gwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!

25. [Enneigard Rebirth] - an alternate for "boofing" someone, a variation of dry a pool.

26. [Elf_Person] - scak is [WIKKID KLOWN] hehehe

27. [Enneigard Rebirth] hyperactive ADHD acne-infected n00bs that ruin wikis with douche-comments.

28. [Enneigard Rebirth] - a dumb little 15 year old fatass bastardcunt that got its comments deleted.

29. [kittykittykitty] - somebody who has ever tried to write "Wash me" on the side on a cop car in pee ;D

30. [kittykittykitty] - Yellow snow (and red, brown and green snow for that matter...)

31. [zoloftzantac] - A hooker that smells so bad that you have to hold your breath while you fuck her ...

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2013-03-03 [Schlachter]: I thought they were Ninjas?

2013-03-04 [Nekko fox]: Yes.

2013-03-04 [Schlachter]: Pirate vs. Ninja.
Round 1.

2013-03-04 [Nekko fox]: No, no, they're Ninja Pirates. They'll steal yer booty with the kiss of the night, or some such poetic drivel.

2013-03-04 [Schlachter]: Wha...? By the Gods! What kind of abomination is that!
A Ninja Pirate??? God forbid... no, I won't have it...
* stuff starts magically disappearing *
I still don't believe in such a monstrosity...
* landscape starts magically disappearing *
* is stolen *

2013-03-04 [Nekko fox]: He didn't believe hard enough...


2013-03-04 [Schlachter]: * even tumbleweeds are stolen *

2013-03-05 [Nekko fox]: ....

*His speech is stolen*

2013-03-05 [Schlachter]: * would like to swear & cuss at [Nekko fox] but the words are simultaneously stolen as well *

2013-03-05 [Nekko fox]: *Tries to flip off Schlachter, but his digits are missing. He tries to weep in frustration, but the Pirate Ninjas stole his tear glands and replaced them with the Sahara. Sand rains down his cheeks*

2013-03-05 [Schlachter]: * is literally working up the sandstorm brewing (as I was dropped into the Sahara when stolen) in Nekko's tear glands as the Pirate Ninja's begin stealing the individual sand particles(?) & putting them in faster than any eye can see *

2013-03-05 [Nekko fox]: *his blood is replaced with sand and parts of Schlachter*

2013-03-05 [Schlachter]: * is going to drown in sand... bids farewell to all the wonderful citizens of sandville *

2013-03-06 [Nekko fox]: *Sandville is stolen, along with the heretical gods*

2013-03-06 [Schlachter]: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not the heretical gods!
* immediately becomes super-saian mode 1 billion & kills all the Ninja Pirates *
* dies *

2013-03-06 [Nekko fox]: *instigates a dramatic slow-clap*

2013-03-06 [Schlachter]: * is resurrected by the gods to bear the cross *

2013-03-06 [Nekko fox]: Quit mauling that cross Schlachter-bear! It didn't deserve that bearing!

2013-03-06 [Schlachter]: I refused to be demeaned as a Care-Bear!!!
3...2...1... JESUS CAREBEAR STARE!!!
* crosses shoot out from every direction *

2015-12-27 [Enneigard Rebirth]: Revived

2016-11-23 [zoloftzantac]: the re-rebirth

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