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Tokers Tips

Here is where you lovely stoners can post toker tips! It can be tips for anything!


Here is a little bit of information about Weed.


Smoking Devices

There are many ways to smoke Weed, here are a few.


This is very commonly used. Using this you use less of your stash to get you high, but the smoke contains a lot more harmful impurities due to not being filtered through water. And you can attatch more hoses to have multiple people smoking at one time. You can also buy these at any head shop. They are made of glass or plastic.


Joints are very commonly used. You can buy cigarette rolling paper at any convenience store.


A blunt is a fatter, longer joint. Usually the papers are made out of tobacco leaves such as a cigar is.


How to make your own smoking device.


Apple bowl: To make this you need an apple. Thats right, an apple. Take the apple and cut out the stem area at the top so you have a nifty spot to put your weed. Then take a very very thin knife and make a tunnel to the center of the apple from the bowl area you just made by twisting the knife. Then, on the side of the apple, make a tunnel to the center of the apple so that the two tunnels meet. Make sure that the passages are clean by blowing into one hole. Once the passages are clean, pack the top and toke away! This is a really cheap way to make a bowl. And the best thing about it, is when you are done, you can eat away the evidence, or just simply throw it away =)

Coke Can Bowl: Take an empty can of coke or whatever you can find and crush one side of it. Poke holes in the crushed side and place your weed there. Light it up and suck through the mouth of the can.


Waterbong: You can make a bong out of many things. A popular way to make a bong is using a plastic bottle. Twist the cap off the bottle as this is where your mouth will go to inhale the smoke. Keep the cap. Now empty out a long pen and keep the plastic tube. Cut a hole in the bottle the same diameter as the plastic pen tube about 3 inches from the bottom of the bottle. And also cut a hole in the top of the cap the same diameter of the pen tube. Take the cap and place the pen tube into it untill it kinda sticks on the inside of the cap. Then glue, tape or do whatever it takes to get the cap to stay onto the pen tube. Take some aluminum foil and cover the opening in the cap but let the foil dip down a bit so your weed doesnt fall out. Poke a lot of holes in the foil with a small needle. Make a small hole on the side of the bottle for the carb. A carb is used when the bong is filled with smoke, you can just let your finger off of the carb to allow you to inhale all the smoke that is inside without continuing to roast your weed. Then insert the pentube into the bottle, fill the bottle with enough water to cover the opening in the inserted pen tube, and toke away!

Gravity Bong: This is a great way to get very high very fast. There are two ways you can make a gravity bong.

Way #1: Take a 2 liter bottle of anything, and cut it in half. Take the bottom half and place it inside the top half. Now cut a hole in the top of the cap as wide as you can. Take aluminum foil and make a bowl area inside the hole you just made so your weed doesn't fall out. Take a small needle and poke lots of holes in the foil.
If you have done it correctly it should look like this, minus the weird bowl thing this guy has going on at the top. Just use the cap.
Now DO NOT LOAD THE BOWL! FIRST you need to compress the two halves. Make sure the bottom is as inside the top as it can be. THEN load the bowl, if you load the bowl before you compress the halves, your weed will fly everywhere. Once the bowl is loaded, light it and pull the two halves apart (without actually disassembling them) and as you pull them apart, it will suck the smoke in. Then twist odd the bottle cap, and push the halves back down as you inhale the smoke.

Way #2 (and my personal favourite): You need to get either a bucket, or a wide and strait vase large enough to fit a 2 liter in. Take a 2 liter bottle and cut it short enough so that the bottle is an inch or two taller than the level of water you plan to fill the bucket or vase with. Next take the cap and repeat the steps above to make it into a bowl. Fill the bucket or vase with water and place the pre-cut bottle in the water with the open end in the water. The mouth of the bottle should be about an inch above the water. Next, pack the bowl with weed, light it, and lift the bottle out of the water but not completely. When you lift the bottle out of the water, the suction will suck the smoke into the bottle. Twist the cap off and while you inhale on the mouth, push the bottle down.

You can make a smaller version like the one below if you like, just follow the instructions above, but use smaller materials!


Now a gravity bong doesnt exactly use gravity. It uses suction. Here is how it works!



Take a 2 liter bottle and poke 4 (or however many hoses you want) holes (the size of the rubber tubing I mention below) about 3/4 of the way up and evenly spaced on the sides of the bottle. Take the cap and cut a hole in the top as wide as you want. Then put aluminum foil around it and make a dip where the hole is so your weed doesnt fall out. The poke lots of holes in the foil with a small needle. Get a stiff tube that is long enough to reach from the cap/bowl all the way to an inch above the bottom. The cap will still be screwed on the bottle. Next find some rubber bendable tubing and cut it in 4, 5 foot long pieces. These will be the tubes you inhale from, so make sure they are clean. Attatch each hose to the four holes in the bottle in any way possible. Then pack the bowl and light it. If someone isn't using one of the tubes, the tube must be plugged and can be used as a carb.


You gotta be kidding me if you cant roll a join, but if you really really cantt, heres how.
The easiest way ive come buy is to buy cigarette rolling paper and a cigarette roller. They cost about 7 dollars, but totally worth it. It rolls a perfect joint every time!
Which will look like this. Just follow the instructions it comes with.

If that doesn't work for you You can buy cigarettes, and while holding one gently, roll it in your fingers untill all of the tobacco is gone. Then simply replace the tobacco with weed!

Or you could just to it old school style and roll it in your fingers.



You can buy blunt wraps at any convenient store, usually its Royal Blunts. They come in many flavors. You can also buy blunt rollers which are the same thing at the cigarette rollers, but longer. Or you can just roll it with your fingers. You can also buy really cheap cigars and either empty them out, or cut it in half lengthwise. Then just fill it back up with weed. Or if you cut it, fill it with weed and then lick and reseal back together.


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Happy Toking Everyone

Feel free to post your tips below!


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