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2012-02-28 19:12:03
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This Trivia: Pub Quiz Trivia

Send all entries to [Trivia Master] in a private message.

First two people to answer all questions correctly are the winners!
Best of Luck!

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2006-01-04 [hamster_bro]: Hello everyone

2006-01-04 [Ellyn]: Hello...

2006-02-07 [Duke Devlin]: hmmm... I was wondering when a new Trivia thingy will be put up?

2006-02-13 [{{DAt MARRiEd lAdY}}]: OMG

2006-02-17 [Duke Devlin]: OMG, what?

2006-06-20 [Gimme~Punk/♥/, Moclov //B****]: im ready

2006-06-20 [Tear]: And we do not care. You can't be ready if we are not ready.

2006-06-23 [Stephen]: Of course, we could be ready. And, it's always nice to see people who show intrest in our work. :)

2006-08-31 [Romantic Rebellion]: so has this trivia already been won?

2006-08-31 [Big Brother]: yup, sure has. not sure when the next one will be released.

2006-08-31 [Romantic Rebellion]: k lol. thanx. well ill keep checking coz it sounds like fun and i might enter the next one.

2007-12-10 [Morgoth]: What's this?! ...Turkey trivia?!

2007-12-10 [Raiyr]: Hah! How ironic...

2007-12-10 [Morgoth]: Darn it! I was probably way too late to submit my answers...

2007-12-10 [Raiyr]: Nope. This was posted maybe a week ago. We were late getting it up...

2007-12-10 [Morgoth]: Of all the trivias... I hope I win this one.

2007-12-10 [Bookwyrm]: -chokes on her water, laughing- Let's all hope so.

2007-12-12 [Raiyr]: Lol

2008-03-08 [itweetinHEELS]: i sent my answers ^^

2008-03-09 [Bookwyrm]: Cheers! Good luck! :D

2009-07-02 [Piercedskull]: *peeks in* Um...*waves* I sent my answers ^^;

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