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Welcome to Trivia!
Trivia is where members can show off their knowledge of all subjects. The Trivia Staff will present a set of Trivia Questions for the members to answer. The first member to correctly answer all the questions, or who answers the most questions within the timeframe, wins a Unique Giffie-Pets Ticket and an official trophy!<img:stuff/divider.jpg>

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Please make a Trivia Entry only after reading the Trivia Rules.
If you make any mistakes we will not accept corrections.

Please send all Trivia Entry answers to [Trivia Master].

The first two people to send in the correct answers to the [Trivia Master] will be declared the winners and the contest will be closed! So think fast. ;)

Here's the questions for this round: 2012 Olympic Trivia

The winner will receive 27 Unique Giffie-Pets Tickets (only one of which will be valid) and an official trophy!


Pub Quiz Trivia

Congratulations to [HeAVenShallBuRN] for winning the Pub Quiz Trivia!


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2006-04-01 [zoloftzantac]: *stalks*

2006-04-01 [eyes of frost]: *Tackles*

2006-04-19 [soo_almighty]: *digs hole*

2006-04-19 [eyes of frost]: So who won the latest trivia?

2006-05-05 [kittykittykitty]: uhhh.... I did! *steals togs and the trophy*

2006-05-06 [zoloftzantac]: *chases after [kittykittykitty] while trying to put on his bear suit*

2006-05-06 [kittykittykitty]: not the bear suit! :P *buries the trophy, then pounces on [zoloftzantac]*

2006-05-06 [zoloftzantac]: *gets pounced by a giant kitty* yay! ^_^

2006-05-06 [kittykittykitty]: pervert! *claws*

2006-05-06 [zoloftzantac]: ouch! ouch! ^_^

2006-05-06 [kittykittykitty]: *digs in teeth and rips a hole in zz's shirt* oops

2006-06-20 [tazz]: when is this one over

2006-06-21 [tazz]: is there a new trivia

2006-06-21 [kittykittykitty]: keep watching the page for any changes :P

2006-06-21 [zoloftzantac]: *stalks*

2006-06-22 [tazz]: ok thank you kitty

2006-07-01 [masterful921]: im gonna win

2006-07-01 [Raiyr]: You never know :P Lots of people do trivia, I'm sure...

2006-07-02 [masterful921]: yea but im cooler than them

2006-07-03 [Raiyr]: Lol, yeah, sure xD

2006-07-03 [kittykittykitty]: hahahaha *giggles incessantly*

2006-07-03 [masterful921]: i thought it ends at the end of the month

2006-07-03 [kittykittykitty]: It ends whenever the person running it says so. It would be nice to have a deadline, though..... if I'd have known it would be going this long I would have read up on sporks and sent in some answers ^_^

2006-07-04 [Big Brother]: it did end.......i have been too busy to do anything with the trivia and my staff decided that they can't do anything without i may have to make some staff changes.......

2006-07-04 [Goodbye EP]: O_O

2006-07-04 [kittykittykitty]: o___O?

2006-07-04 [Goodbye EP]: o_______O?

2006-07-04 [kittykittykitty]: O_o;

2006-07-05 [Big Brother]: O_^  <------- someone poked my eye...i can't open it

2006-07-05 [kittykittykitty]: Oh my! *pokes [Big Brother]'s other eye so he doesn't look too weird* ._.

2006-07-05 [Big Brother]: ^o^ who did that!

2006-07-05 [Goodbye EP]: *Covers mouth and points to [kittykittykitty]*

2006-07-05 [kittykittykitty]: :O *whispers* You know he can't see you pointing... *throws voice towards some precariously balanced pointy objects and hot things* It was meee!

2006-07-06 [Goodbye EP]: *Gives [Big Brother] a stick to feel around with*

2006-07-06 [masterful921]: *laughs and walks away because he's bored with the subject then when noones looking he throws shurikins at everybody

2006-07-06 [Raiyr]: ...

2006-07-06 [zoloftzantac]: *throws a spork into [masterful921]'s eye*

2006-07-07 [kittykittykitty]: *picks up the shuriken and plays ninja* :D

2006-07-07 [zoloftzantac]: now [masterful921] is squinting like [Big Brother] :)

2006-07-07 [kittykittykitty]: Yay! *gives [masterful921] a walking stick*

2006-07-07 [masterful921]: *takes the stick and breaks it over [zoloftzantac]'s head

2006-07-07 [masterful921]: then thanks [kittykittykitty]

2006-07-07 [Big Brother]: wow...i missed alot here...

2006-07-08 [zoloftzantac]: ouch! *tears [masterful921]'s other eye out Kill Bill style then throws it on the ground and stomps it into goo with his mighty boots* oops, I kinda over reacted. Sorry, my bad *wipes goo off his boot*

2006-07-08 [eyes of frost]: How do we find out how many questions we missed in the trivia...I really want to know how many I got wrong...

2006-07-08 [Raiyr]: I could send you your results Frost :)

2006-07-08 [masterful921]: *regenerates*

2006-07-08 [masterful921]: drat i failed to win

2006-07-08 [Raiyr]: You can always try again :)

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: Yup, just keep trying, thats the fun in it:) Besides, the knowledge you gained on sporks just now is life changing! *Dances*

2006-07-10 [Raiyr]: Lol, yer

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: Hmmm. *silly grin* Well maybe just to me then.

2006-07-10 [Raiyr]: I learned alot from it o.O And I didn't even get to participate. ><

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: Why not? Did you help with the questions?

2006-07-10 [Big Brother]: she's a new hire. she read all the stuff in the forum ^_^

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: AHA! Hmmmm.... now what? * complete silence*

2006-07-10 [zoloftzantac]: *steps on a twig as he stalks [~altopia~]*

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: *turns slowly around* I thought I said complete silence..oh well...* forgets what she was doing*

2006-07-10 [Big Brother]: zz has a way of ruining things, and i think we are working on a disney movies one.....if i was doing the questions i would have crap like "in bamby who shot his mom in the heart killing her instantly leaving bamby to live on his own in pain and sorrow?" .........but i'm not allowed to make up questions.....

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: Oooh Disney! Now theres something I DO know all about

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: Was it the sparrow? With his little bow and arrow?

2006-07-10 [Big Brother]: i always thought it was thumper....never liked that guy...

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: Well he did tend to have a nervous disposition with that foot of his. I say, he can't be ruled out completely.

2006-07-10 [Big Brother]: then there was that skunk! all happy and singing like....had something to hide there...

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: Was all to eager to change its name to flower too... Hmmmm very suspicious.

2006-07-10 [Big Brother]: and don't forget that creapy owl *shivers* just the look of him makes me think "axe murderer" wait..........can an owl use a gun....meh, i'm sure he could figure it out.

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: Owl? I forgot him already:(

2006-07-10 [Big Brother]: that is a good thing!! anyhow off to bed with me.

2006-07-10 [~altopia~]: goodnight:)

2006-07-10 [masterful921]: getting shot in the heart doesnt kill a deer instantly it would have been a slow death

2006-07-11 [zoloftzantac]: A slow death? Maybe if you screw it up, if you destroy the hearts ability to pump blood then loss of consciousness comes within a few seconds.

2006-07-11 [Big Brother]: yup, get it in the heart and it drops on the spot, you miss and it's gone and have fun trailing it till it does fall

2006-07-11 [kittykittykitty]: I'm lost ;_; I never watched the Bambi film to the end.

2006-07-11 [masterful921]: nor me

2006-07-14 [the_elf_master]: you poor neglected souls. you should watch's a really good treat

2006-07-14 [Raiyr]: I still have all my Disney movies o.o xD

2006-07-14 [kittykittykitty]: Yay! This discussion makes google give us Disney advertisements :D

2006-07-14 [Raiyr]: It does? o.O *didn't notice* Lol

2006-07-14 [Raiyr]: I got addys for sporks... xD

2006-07-14 [kittykittykitty]: Now I'm getting ads about PMT.... how did that happen? >_>

2006-07-14 [Firenze]: Because it is teh it will be random about rubber band balls, lmao, jk

2006-07-14 [Raiyr]: Lol, rubber band balls.

2006-07-14 [Firenze]: Rubber band balls rock...*has a rubber band ball*

2006-07-14 [Raiyr]: I have one that I started... Don't know where I put it though... :/

2006-07-14 [kittykittykitty]: How many bands makes a good rubber band ball?

2006-07-14 [Raiyr]: That reminds me of that commercial thingy about the tootsie roll suckers. How many licks does it take? I think that's right o.O

2006-07-14 [Firenze]: at least 200-700 to make a good one

2006-07-14 [kittykittykitty]: Does it bounce?

2006-07-14 [Firenze]: Yes mine bounces ^_^

2006-07-14 [kittykittykitty]: Wow. It must be pretty heavy also. That would hurt a lot if you bounced it at somebody.... :O I want one tooo ;_;

2006-07-14 [Firenze]: It weighs my bag down a lot when I take it into college for the annual rubber band ball challenge... Oh that is the fun though...I broke my fingers having mine bounced at me...

2006-07-14 [kittykittykitty]: You have an annual rubber band ball challenge at yout college? W-O-W !! :D

2006-07-14 [Firenze]: Yeah, just my group of friends and we compete against each other...

2006-07-14 [kittykittykitty]: Get some videos of it! XD Who has the biggest balls?

2006-07-14 [Firenze]: My friend won this year size wise, his is the size of a soccer ball...not allowed to film in college without the permisson of all parents plus the faculty

2006-07-14 [Bookwyrm]: Yeah...I came in at the wrong end of that conversation...

2006-07-15 [~altopia~]: lol, me too I read who has the biggest balls?!?LMAO. I made a rubberband ball about 6 years ago and i've been gradually using the bands off it since, It's still kicking on though its only half the size of a tennis ball now and sadly *sniffles* soon it will be all gone:(

2006-07-15 [kittykittykitty]: I always got more use or enjoyment from lots of single elastic bands than one huge band ball.... they never lasted long

2006-07-17 [Just Another Mindless Soul]: WHHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

2006-08-10 [FireGypsy]: I cant beleive I won! I sent my answer in the very last second. And then just now I looked in my house and saw something there that wasnt before! A trophy! You gotta love Disney! *dances to Disney theme songs*

2006-08-10 [kittykittykitty]: ^_^ Congrats!

2006-08-10 [FireGypsy]: Thanks! *dances*

2006-10-24 [kittykittykitty]: New Trivia ^^ Arrrh! <--- ('tis my lame pirate impression)

2006-10-25 [zoloftzantac]: hey, did anyone see that sexy feline pirate over here?

2006-11-26 [Kire]:


wat da?

how do play the game?

2006-11-26 [hytrjuhytjhgjg]: You might want to consider reading the Trivia rules but then go to Pirate Trivia to get the questions, then answer them and send them to [Trivia Master].

2006-12-19 [caliente]: i love every one and every on should get to know me message me  -caliente

2006-12-19 [Big Brother]: wow! that is great reasoning! lets be lovers!

2006-12-19 [zoloftzantac]: no way dude, I saw her first :p

2006-12-20 [FireGypsy]: *smacks Jon* MINE!

2006-12-20 [hytrjuhytjhgjg]: psh, forget me why don't yall.

2006-12-21 [zoloftzantac]: but I already sent you one message today about wanting to get to know you for love :p

I have to wait until tomorrow now

2006-12-23 [hytrjuhytjhgjg]: Lies! >.<

2007-01-17 [tazz]: when is this dun

2007-01-30 [tazz]: kitty got your tung

2007-01-31 [kittykittykitty]: Good luck everybody on the new trivia :D

2007-02-01 [zoloftzantac]: Yay! Once I get my togs for Trivia I'll have 16 :D
*goes back to kitty sells panties for togs*

2007-02-02 [kittykittykitty]: w00t! *rigs the competition so that zz will win* <img:mood17-gif.gif>

2007-02-03 [zoloftzantac]: Yay! :D

2007-06-21 [Bookwyrm]: That's nice dear.

2007-06-21 [Big Brother]: i removed [A.B.A.]'s comment, he is messed up and i don't want comments like that here.

2007-06-21 [Bookwyrm]: I considered doing it myself, but I didn't want to overstep my authority. ^_^

2007-06-22 [Big Brother]: lol, i was going to be more insulting....but was in a good mood.

2007-06-22 [Bookwyrm]: -giggles- Awww...sweet Jon. :P

2007-06-22 [**System of a Down**]: lol

2007-06-23 [Big Brother]: normally i love flaming ppl. but for some reason i didn't...

2007-06-24 [Bookwyrm]: Well, there's nothing wrong with that. ^_^ I love the absence of flaming (in my field of view anyway) lately.

2008-03-04 [Bookwyrm]: Congratulations to [Morgoth] for winning the Turkey Trivia--you kept your namesake it seems. XD

The new trivia is all about Gary Larson's comic--The Far Side! Good luck everyone!!

2008-03-24 [Bookwyrm]: Ten more days before we start checking answers! Get your answers in soon! ^^

2008-03-31 [Bookwyrm]: Current trivia will end: 4-04-08 Be prepared, and good luck! ^^

2008-05-14 [shinobi14]: Hey. =]

This Trivia was supposed to have ended on the 4th of April.

What's up guys?!

2008-05-15 [DeeJay™]: gone.. to.. pot.. xD
i know kitty can get onto the trivia stuff, but she's on WoW these days. not seen her in about a month >_>

2008-05-15 [Bookwyrm]: Love you guys too. -_- Actually, I've been the one handling all the Trivia stuff for a while (other than a few questions and the upcoming questions that were given by the wonderful [nevan]. :D) Along with four hundred other things, so I got a little resentful for a bit. :P

I've got to go over the new questions and make sure they're all right, in the event that they are I have to check the answers for this round, find the winner, announce the winner, give the winner his/her prizes, and create and add the new page here. If they aren't, I've got to replace some of the questions and do all of the above too. :P So, forgive me but I need a moment.

2008-05-15 [DeeJay™]: anything i can help with? ^^

2008-05-15 [Bookwyrm]: You'd have to talk to [Big Brother] about that. I don't do the hiring here. :)

2008-05-15 [DeeJay™]: but, uhm.. wouldnt you need to mention to him that you need some help? i mean, if you got everything under control, you wouldnt need a helper, would you? :p

2008-05-15 [Bookwyrm]: Bah, he's not going to listen. :P Trust me. And [nevan] has been good about getting the questions in.

Actually, this topic is pretty irrelevant anyway. We've only had one submission for the Far Side Trivia at all. We'll need more before we can start the next trivia. :/ So start advertising or enter! :P

2008-05-16 [shinobi14]: Witchy, I haven't even heard of Far Side... ¬_¬

No stress, I was just wondering. =]

2008-05-16 [DeeJay™]: yeah, lol. me neither xD
perhaps it's just an american thing :]
or perhaps you should make the trivia more general, instead of specific topics? im sure you could find 10 general knowledge questions a month, or 10 questions on films/music/sport

2008-05-18 [Bookwyrm]: Well you could look it up, you know. :P Maybe broaden your horizons rather than just say "Huh...well, that's out of my country guess I shouldn't learn about it." :P General trivia makes me itchy. -grins- We like specific. Perhaps at some point we will make things more broad-based. :)

2008-05-18 [DeeJay™]: yeah, i could. but i think that anyone could just scoot over the net and find the answers.
i personally think that's cheating, and defeating the whole point of trivia, so i wouldnt do it.
i mean.. what's the point if everyone gets the answer right? xD

2008-05-18 [shinobi14]: Exactly! How easy is it to Google all the answers, eh? Incredibly. It defeats the object of it. =]


... or penguins, again. ^___^

2008-05-21 [Bookwyrm]: I didn't say Google the answers, I said learn the subject. :P You can actually learn about the subject without directly copying, pasting, and finding the answers. :P We're running the Trivia as it is right now. We may have a general trivia occasionally, but it's fine the way it is. :P

2008-05-21 [DeeJay™]: im sorry, how many entries last time?
with the upmost of respect, havent you isolated your audience? xD
besides.. wouldnt it take forever to look through all 23 books?

2008-05-21 [Big Brother]: *deletes comment*

Tracy, don't apologize, or explain yourself. Just respond simply:

"Mr. Devil, as you may know there are no topics that everyone knows, there are many people from many countries and no subject is known by everyone. We regret that you find an issue with this current topic but it is no different then any other time"

no need to explain yourself or validate yourself. Sorry for your loss DJ, but the subject is fine.

If you have an issue with the trivia take it up with me and don't make things public, you will embarrass yourself.

2008-05-21 [shinobi14]: *whistles*

Damn. Go Jon. <img:c-gif.gif>

2008-05-21 [DeeJay™]: Mr. Brother, as far as i can see, this topic has completely isolated the audience. let's just take a quick look at the facts here..

page watchers - 55
given that some of them are staff, we'll cut 5 people off that. total audience - 50.
far side trivia entries - 1
total percentage of possible entries - 2%
willing participants of a more broad-based trivia - bare minimum of double that, up to a reasonable 50% of total page watchers.
people attracted to the wiki via 'mainstuff' could also swell the numbers further.

now, i dont know about you, but i feel that's poor management.
i also saw your deletion of tracy's dialoge in replacement for a monologue a poor way to combat the problem. tracy's answer was fine. it explained everything well, and i was more sympathetic towards her for taking the time to answer my questions openly and honestly.
as a result, i dont think i'll be participating in any future trivia competitions, no matter if the subject is minority or majority. yet another of your audience has gone..

2008-05-21 [shinobi14]: *pokes hand up* I'll still be entering...

2008-05-21 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you Jon. I really appreciated that. :)

2008-05-23 [Big Brother]: i can't tolerate idiocy. just cause someone doesn't like it you don't have to explain or anything no matter how well written or explained it is.

no matter what is posted there will be someone with an issue, it is impossible to please everyone. ignore the ones that don't like it.

remember, it's not you making up the questions but a group that all helps out and decides like a jury. you may not like the outcome but too bad for you.

i have had topics where after 2 months only 3 ppl. entered....think of it this way, if you are too lazy to google it let the ones who care get the prize.

i assure that anyone that knows English and knows how google (or any search engine) works can get most of the questions right....and may enjoy it aswell as it's a decent comic.....we are talking bout the comic right?????

2008-05-23 [shinobi14]: Okay, kids... Let's just calm this down.

I won't be entering this trivia, and I'll wait for the next one. ^___^

2008-05-23 [DeeJay™]: im sorry, i didnt know i was being an idiot for expressing my opinions.. obviously, you seem to have taken offence to a criticism of the topic selection, despite evidence suggesting it would be more fun/competitive/enjoyable if something more general was picked.
i personally see three people in two months as a failed topic, and just one person entering the far side trivia as an epic fail. but if you would like to carry on that way, that's fine ^^
like i said before, it's not 'cause im 'too lazy' to google the answers. it's because i see it as defeating the whole object of trivia. why should someone who's read/looked at all the magasines lose out to someone who's scanned over wikipiedia for all the answers?

2008-05-24 [Big Brother]: not an opinion, but for repeatedly putting down things and not accepting that you ARE NOT staff and your opinion of turnouts are not wanted.

you don't like the topic so don't enter, be like everyone else and only enter ones you know.

now be a big boy and let it drop, and stop putting down this contest and the staff's decisions.

2008-07-05 [Morgoth]: I agree with DJ_Devil...

2008-07-07 [Bookwyrm]: And at this point, it doesn't matter. This contest is one of the few contests actually still receiving participants. It's less the subject as it is the members of Elfpack themselves that causes the problem. Members choose not to participate, so the contests die. It's not the subject that they cringe away from, it's participation at all. I'm tired of people acting like this. Get over it. If you want to offer constructive criticism...constructive not destructive do so, but in a manner that doesn't degrade the Elfpack workers. If all you're going to do is whine and moan, shut up. I'm tired of it. A new contest will begin within the next few days. This subject is over and done with. Anyone who continues to complain about it here on the comments will have their comments deleted. It's over.

2008-07-07 [shinobi14]: It is the subject for me, I'll be straight back on it once there is a subject that I'm interested in (probably the net one =D).

2008-07-07 [DeeJay™]: shhh! *whacks danny over the head with a newspaper* dont criticise the subject! xD

2008-07-09 [phoenixborn]: And see, that comment was patronising, but in a way that you could take offence and plead innocence to if anyone were to respond to it i.e was a cheap shot at getting the last word in :P

2008-07-10 [Bookwyrm]: -is very close to clubbing some people over the head with a rusty poker-

2008-07-10 [DeeJay™]: no, it wasnt
if i would have whacked him over the head with a 'far side magasine' it would have been patronising xD

2008-07-10 [phoenixborn]: Witchy that's no good. For clubbing you need to the poker to be new and strong. Rusty is only better for stabbing :)

2008-07-10 [shinobi14]: True true, David.

New topic? =]

2008-07-10 [Bookwyrm]: I'm not wholeheartedly set against stabbing. -brandishes rusty poker-

2008-07-10 [Raiyr]: XD

2008-10-07 [Bookwyrm]: Congrats to our latest winner, [shinobi14]! The new contest is set for Halloween, so the competition ends on October 31st! Get your answers in ASAP! ^_^

2008-11-16 [shinobi14]: Yay. I won. Woo! ^__^

2008-11-16 [Bookwyrm]: XD Jeez Danny...way to be slow to excitement. -prods you-

2008-11-22 [phoenixborn]: What happened with the Halloween one? I lost I assume *sobs brokenheartedly*

2008-11-22 [Bookwyrm]: You were one of three tied in second. :P

2008-11-22 [phoenixborn]: ...Balls. What did I get wrong?

2008-11-22 [Bookwyrm]: I don't really remember. X_x I just remember we had a three-way tie for second and then one person who got 'em all right. You only got one question wrong though.

2008-11-22 [phoenixborn]: ...FIND OUT! I MUST KNOW!

2008-11-22 [Bookwyrm]: Nah I'm too lazy. XD

2008-11-22 [phoenixborn]: I.




And then I shall ignore you :P

So find out. So I can contradict you and prove I was right after all XD

2008-11-22 [Bookwyrm]: Nope. :P Kill me. You can't ignore me if I'm dead. :P But I can ignore you. -grins and nods-

2008-11-22 [phoenixborn]: I shall ignore you. Starting now.

2008-11-22 [Bookwyrm]: -frowns- Fine...-crumples into a heap and sobs-

2008-11-24 [shinobi14]: *pets* It's okay, Witchy. We both know this "ignoring you" thing will last about 5 seconds. ;)

2008-11-25 [Bookwyrm]: -jumps...hugs...clings- I know. ^_^ But I still have to play the part I'm given afterall. :P

2008-12-08 [phoenixborn]: This has been a REALLY long 5 seconds, don;t you think? :P

2008-12-09 [Bookwyrm]: Too long. :(

2008-12-09 [phoenixborn]: I'm done proving a point now, I shall ignore you no more :) And for the time I have been, blame Danni ^__^

2008-12-10 [Bookwyrm]: -huggles- I don't blame Danny. I know you're busy. <3

2008-12-16 [shinobi14]: ... Danni? Spelt with an "i"? Damn you, David. XD

Really long, actually. You must have been busy. ;)

2008-12-17 [Bookwyrm]: -sighs- I'm sorry everyone...the Trivia probably won't come up this month. I've got too much on my plate right now to handle this this month. I hope by next month I'll be a little more stable.

2008-12-17 [phoenixborn]: Aha I warned you a while ago I was going to be calling you Danni from now on. The fool though I'd forget XD

YOu want me to do it for you? I got a little free time to spare?

2008-12-17 [Bookwyrm]: Maybe talk to Jon about it? He's got someone else to help with the Trivia questions, but I just don't think I have the focus to sit down and get it all sorted and put it together right now. :/

2008-12-17 [shinobi14]: Isn't he a good boy volunteering like that. =]

And I had forgotten about that. XD Die, David!

2008-12-18 [Bookwyrm]: Ish a sweetheart that one. ^_^

-hovers anxiously around David- No dying! You're not allowed!! -glares at DANNI- :P

2008-12-22 [shinobi14]: .< Sowwy... *squeals*

2008-12-23 [Bookwyrm]: XD You picked the squealing thing up from Nikki. OMG-cyoot. XD

2009-02-22 [nevan]: New Trivia up :) (finally >.>)

2009-02-26 [shinobi14]: Yeah! New Trivia! Get those enties in, folks! XD

And yes I did, Cucumber. Yes I did.

2009-02-28 [Bookwyrm]: XD That's a little frightening, but still c-yoot. XD

2009-07-02 [Piercedskull]: *waves* I sent in my answers ^^;

2011-11-18 [sammie h!]: I have to.

2011-11-18 [Stephen]: You have to what?

2012-02-29 [sammie h!]: I Have submitted my answers. :)

2012-02-29 [Stephen]: Ooh.

You responded to a comment that was two years old. x3

2012-03-01 [sammie h!]: No, i mean I have submitted again lol. :)

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