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Hey you! know the Living Dead Girl [Dead Girl]. Well I decided to make me a wiki and let you join it. If you'd like to be a member leave a comment or me a message and I will make you a member!!


Please add one of the banners below to your page!


Let me know if you wanna join and I shall add you!!

   <img:>  ~*MEMBERS*~ <img:>

1.)[Big Brother]!!!! is Jon.
2.)[forbidden dreams and desires] is Dona.
3.)[bloody wrists and empty promises] is Dona.
4.)[Aarons Girl] is Rachelle.
7.)[FireWing] is James.
9.)[lorric] is Eric.
10.)[~irish love~]
12.)[~*~lovable~*~] is Jordy.
13.)[Dirty Lil Juggalette] is Jess.
14.)[your simplest mistake]
15.)[cpt.jack sparrow24]
16.)[Mi$$ Britain ObscenE.]
18.)[demon of the shaddows] is Damien.
20.)[dead body man]
21.)[black dragon]
22.)[Angel J. Bates]
24.)[WhEn BlOoDy TeArS Go DrY]
26.)[lil_hobbit_gurl] is Tabby
27.)[wicked lette_7]
28.)[Crimson Dragon] is Carl
29.)[On Any Given Night]
33.)[Prince Nightbourne]
34.)[I_LUV_MTP4L] is Deja
35.)[reeses gurl]
39.) [redo11]

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Look at these other Wiki's from me friendz!!

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<img:>We Love Battlefield is Jon's Wiki




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[lil_hobbit_gurl]: yea that's a really koo banner uh fire wing it's great....and amy how dare you have sex with charlie...i am come i wasnt allowed to join :(

[Dead Girl]: I took it Jamezer but i unno when i'll use it

[Dead Girl]: oh im sorry tabby but it was in his moms van...haha maybe one day you can join but you dont get his dick cause its all mine!

[FireWing]: ok amy...hardcore people?lol

[FireWing]: And thanks [Crimson Dragon]! It took me a bit to make it ;-) use it you like

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: ewwww!!! u can have his dick because i have no idea who he is so no that's ok, i want you all to myself *giggles* hehe just kidding 

[the_ring_master]: so how is my banner coming <amy>

[Dead Girl]: [the_ring_master] i have to find those pictures agian and i have to find them bigger so i can make the banner..

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: hey the banner thing aint working for me on my page thing

[Dead Girl]: probably cause you dont know how to put it up...haha

[Dead Girl]: Damn I need some Cool

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: ha ha your so funny amy...and i do know how to put it up because i am koo

[Dead Girl]: hahaha your not cool what are you talkin bout....

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: yes i am if i wasnt koo you wouldnt talk to me...what now and without me you would be nothing you wouldn't be popular

[Dead Girl]: hahaha ive always been popular without you so get over and no your not Tab..haha

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: you have not always been popular only when you meet me did you become popular and i am koo...wait no i aint koo i am the sexyness and if yo say no i'm not then that means your calling urself ugly :D

[Dead Girl]: lol you wish!!! me ish sexah!!

[Xxlove_alonexX]: HEEEY I WANNA JOIN!!

[Dead Girl]: alright hunnie youve been added!

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: gurl please i am the sexyness u aint sexy...only when you hang out with me are you sexy...hehe

[Dead Girl]: haha you wish you could be this good and you aint got shyt on me!

[Osborn#67]: hey add me up

[Dead Girl]: okies youve been added

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: bitch plz u wish

[Dead Girl]: uhh no i dont wish cause i know and i am so you just need to get over yourself!

[Aarons Girl]: psh.. i forgot all about my wiki...blah blah

[Dead Girl]: lol your so silly rachelle!

[Osborn#67]: thanks

[Aarons Girl]: i know..hehe..ill be back next weekend or something.. <3 ya!

[Dead Girl]: where ya going rachelle??

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: amy u wish you were as good as me

[Dead Girl]: haha i am better then anyways imma go to bed cause me and charlie just had 3 hours of fun...if you get my

[FireWing]: Hey amy. Woa ok too much How was the hurricane?

[Dead Girl]: well atleast i didnt go into any details... the hurricane it sucked we have noo gas here cause all the louisanna people and mississippi people took it all...grrr

[FireWing]: Ah hell Naw!! Lol. Gas is $5.50 here..for unleaded!! How much does that suck?

[FireWing]: I Think deisal is 5.70

[FireWing]: hehe check it out <img:>

[Dead Girl]: haha ours is almost $3

[Dead Girl]: hey thats badass!

[FireWing]: I made it.. Of course

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: our gas aint that bad but i mean its bad at the shell it says 3.95 or something like that...i saw it this morning mrs simmons said we should boycot freeport because of the gas

[Dead Girl]: lol jamezer

[Dead Girl]: lol actually i heard today that they might be closing school for awhile cause of the diesel and shyt..haha

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: when?

[Dead Girl]: I dont know but thats why i heard...

[FireWing]: Oooo noschool??!! Lucky Pud!

[Dead Girl]: were in school right now but like the bus drivers dont keep lights on anymore and

[FireWing]: Weird. I don't blame them.

[Dead Girl]: lol i know right!

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: OMG!! Amy guess what?????

[Dead Girl]: what?

[FireWing]: Hey amy!! What's up?

[Dead Girl]: hey not a whole lot and you?

[FireWing]: same. I'm on elftown,cathug, and here at the same time lol

[Dead Girl]: lol thats cool im off to the

[FireWing]: hehe

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: i dont know i have no idea what your talking about

[Dead Girl]: you said guess what amy and i said what...soo what ya wanna tell me


Amy heres your custom bug:-)


[lil_hobbit_gurl]: i dont know i have no idea what your talking about

[Dead Girl]: whatever then

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: well tell me what your talking about :D

[Dead Girl]: what are you talking bout Tab. your the one that told me to guess what and i said what then i started talkin to Jamezer!

[FireWing]: So you like your bug Amy?

[Dead Girl]: yeah im workin on puttin it up...=D

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: if you say so amy...see i told you to take your medicine but you wouldnt listen to me

[Dead Girl]: oh damn im sorry even though i cant take it

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: lol...i wasnt talking about aything i just do that from time to time because i forgot to take my medicine :D hehe

[Dead Girl]: figures.......

[Osborn#67]: its been awhile since i was last here, thanks for the myspace thing living dead girl

[Dead Girl]: your welcomes...-giggles-

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: blah amy your a freak

[Big Brother]: freaks are hot........and kinky

[Dead Girl]: haha i know imma freak you homo!!

[Dead Girl]: well Battlefield's are sexy and they turn me on...-blushes-

[*INDIVIDUALITY*]: hiya anyone here?

[Dead Girl]: yup

[Big Brother]: i'm here.........i think........

[Dead Girl]: well im here i suppose

[*INDIVIDUALITY*]: eloooo is anybody in......

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: hey i know i am a homo and so are you so you cant say ha

[Dead Girl]: yes innocent peoples are

[Dead Girl]: haha Tab suck my left nut!

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: but that would make your right nut jealous and i cant do that he would feel left out

[Dead Girl]: lol

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: you know it was funny you was rolling in your chair

[Dead Girl]: my chair?? huh'?

[FireWing]: o.O Wow. Havent been here in awhile.

[Dead Girl]: yeah i know noone ive been soo

[FireWing]: school?

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: blah to all of you people even the ones i dont know

[Dead Girl]: yup school

[Dead Girl]: fuck off tab noone cares bout

[lil_hobbit_gurl]: fine then if your gonna be rude i'll uh just go and not talk again

[*INDIVIDUALITY*]: hello is anybody here?

[Dead Girl]: thats okay tab... -looks around not really caring-

[Dead Girl]: [*INDIVIDUALITY*] yes im

[*INDIVIDUALITY*]: im glad you are here o.O

[Dead Girl]:

[NekroNix]: heya huni!!!! havnt spoken in ages, but i lov ya any ways!!!

[Dead Girl]: yeah i know you damn people have been freaking hiding from

[neomaxizoondwebe]: hello i wanna join

[Dead Girl]: ok

[Dead Girl]: lol

[Prince Nightbourne]: :) one question...why are you the lving dead girl???

[Dead Girl]: cause its my nickname and ive died a few

[Prince Nightbourne]: 0.0 lol ok

[Dead Girl]: yuppers =D

[Crimson Dragon]: hiya people.hope you all doing well. just though i would stop by and say hi :)

[Dead Girl]: its bout time you

[Prince Nightbourne]: RED HAIR


[Dead Girl]: what bout it?

[Prince Nightbourne]: it rocks

[Dead Girl]: thanks

[Dead Girl]: =D

[reeses gurl]: i wanna join!

[Mental Terrorist]: i REALLY like matt! *wants to kiss him*

[Dead Girl]: thanks...this isnt the love triangle girly unless im in it =D hehe

[Dead Girl]: =D

[Matilda]: can i b a member? pleeez? *looks @ u innocently*

[Dead Girl]: hehe sure!

[jugglette666]: i want to be a member

[rammstein]: hey peoples wuts up

[Dead Girl]: nuttin and you??

[Mental Terrorist]: nothing here

[Dead Girl]: hmm ok

[Mental Terrorist]: Happy birthday too me!

[Dead Girl]: happy birthday girlie!!

[~shedeamon~]: can i join?

[Dead Girl]: yeah

[Mental Terrorist]: thanx hun!

[Dead Girl]: your welcomes...-giggles-

[Prince Nightbourne]: yeah im probably days late now but happy bnirthday anyway

[Dead Girl]: lol alright

[Mental Terrorist]: i REALLY like matt! *wants to kiss him*

[Dead Girl]: oh god none of that mushy shit

[Dead Girl]: Im not gonna be on for a few months =(( =(

[rammstein]: oh why not

[Dead Girl]: cause ive died!! lol naw ill be on on the 3rd of jan.

[Dead Girl]: hey you fuckers..were you at? lol

[Aarons Girl]: i be righhht here

[Dead Girl]: you dont text meh

[Aarons Girl]: thats bcs i havent been usin my phone much but just wait.. ill text u like 93743943989489320849308 times!

[Dead Girl]: hmm ya right...lo where is Jamerz??

[k.L.w]: HA! I'm on here!!! SWEET!!! But I do love The LDG!!! :)

[Dead Girl]: hmm

[fun_size mini_pack]: how the hell am i suppose to add a icon if you don't have the edit button on??

[fun_size mini_pack]: never mind

[Dead Girl]: hmm ok

[rammstein]: soo wuts up niggas

[Dead Girl]: lol

[Dead Girl]: hmmm what happened to everyone in here now?? do you people not love me anymore or something??

[Angel J. Bates]: I LOVE YOU LDG

[Dead Girl]: aww thanks... -giggles-


[Dead Girl]: Do what?

[redo11]: can you add me

[Dead Girl]: i surely can!

[Dead Girl]: hmm okay now im alil worried none of you fuckers write in here anymore... did ya all forget bout the dead girl???

[nasher33]: i love u with my black little twizted bleeding heart!

[Dead Girl]: aww thanks...-giggles-

[nasher33]: ur welcome!!!!!!!!
u know it's true!

[Dead Girl]: lol okay

[Crimson Dragon]: hello, i figured it's time i should add another comment, and my comment.. "i'm the blame guy" lol

[Dead Girl]: lol well ya never on

[Dead Girl]: hmm where are all of yall these days??

[Aarons Girl]: im always with my man!! lol..

[Dead Girl]: so what and im with mine and im pregant so im still here you hoochie!! lol

[Aarons Girl]: mine just dont understand this

[Dead Girl]: lol... well mine is on here and shit. but he never gets on and im on here too. and im pregant. here i am sick throwing up everyday and

[Aarons Girl]: eck that would be how far along are u?

[Dead Girl]: haha im going into my 4th

[Crimson Dragon]: hiya its me again, was checking up and had to add something. also i wanted to say congrats on the bundle of joy that will be coming your way.

[Dead Girl]: aww thanks... hehe

[Dead Girl]: well for the people that read this ill update im farther along then i im hittin 7 months.. so the baby is due in dec.22... im having a girl and were planning on naming her Elizabeth Nicole......... theres an update!!

[Crimson Dragon]: hello again, hows are you liking being a mom? i hope it is turning out to be everything you hoped it would be.

[Dead Girl]: hiya.. yes i do like it.. good thing she is a and im workingfull time also. well talk to you laters!!

[Crimson Dragon]: glad to hear that your enjoying it ^^, happy fpr you that she is a quiet good baby, dont forget some time for yourself lol

[Dead Girl]: lol

[Crimson Dragon]: hey there, is starting to feel like less and less ppl are on the site nemore. what you think?

[Dead Girl]: im starting to i check it bout once a month but that is cause im playin WOW

[Crimson Dragon]: ok. so thats is why you are gone so much lol, i have played that game to i can see the addiction appeal in it although I am a FFXI playing, mostly cause don't have a PC of mine own, i use other peoples lol

[Dead Girl]:

[Crimson Dragon]: how far along are you into that game?

[Dead Girl]: lets just say im 62 and you can only get to 70 till the new exspansion comes

[Crimson Dragon]: oh i see, so you have been on it for while. another person i know that is hooked on that game lol

[Dead Girl]: yeah you need to join

[Crimson Dragon]: lolz
whats what mine other friends said to
though i have no pc of mine own so that is impossible atm

[Dead Girl]: lol when you get one then join!

[Crimson Dragon]: lol ok i will see what i can do
I might actually be getting a comp soon though not sure yet

[Dead Girl]: i sure hope so!! lol

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