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This is mostly for the Elfpack crew, but others might be affected too.

[Stephen] wanted to be able to post iframes (it's a web page displayed in sort of a hole in another web page) here in the news, so I fixed that even though I have no idea what he wants in for.

So here is a random Elfpacker in an iframe:

(You can use this link in other ways, if you want: )

Read more on iframe!

Date: 2014-02-14 01:22:09
News #: 128
Reporter: Hedda

Elfpack's Sexy Santa contest

Happy Christmas from the Elfpack crew! Are you ready to kick back for the holidays? Don't break out the egg nogg yet, because we need your entries to our newest contest.

We are looking for sexy Santas and Miss Santas to enter

<img:stuff/SnowmanWavingByArtsieladie2013-12-14_35x46.png> Elfpack's Sexy Santa contest! <img:stuff/SnowmanWavingByArtsieladie2013-12-14_35x46rev.png>

Show us how festive you are, and win some fabulous prizes.

Date: 2013-12-20 18:15:31
News #: 127
Reporter: kittykittykitty

Halloween Costume Contest 2013 - Results!

It's finally time to announce the results of the Halloween Costume Contest 2013! Here are our winners:

1st place:

[lulu dinobot]'s zombie bride

2nd place

[Perfidious Fidelity]'s murderous clown

3rd place

[Cerulean Sins]' she-devil

Your prizes for the Tog Shop and the Giffie-Pet Store will be delivered shortly. Don't despair if you didn't win, every entry also gets 0.5 togs because we loved seeing all your fantastic costumes.

Keep your eyes out (ahem, not literally like our zombie bride here) for our Winter-themed contest coming up soon!

Date: 2013-11-21 01:17:01
News #: 126
Reporter: kittykittykitty

Halloween Costume Contest 2013

It's that time of year again! We let the Council out of their cages to bring you a Halloween Costume contest. I bet you noticed a few cobwebs around here... they're intentional, I promise! How else will we get that spooky atmosphere *cough* ;)

<img:img/mood/14637_1192655668.gif> Halloween Costume Contest 2013<img:img/mood/14637_1192655533.gif>

If you can rouse from your candy coma to submit a picture of your lovely self in Halloween costume, head on over to the contest page to enter. We even have prizes!

Date: 2013-10-23 16:15:06
News #: 125
Reporter: kittykittykitty
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