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Emo Bear

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Name: Bailey


OOO My Picture That I Don't Know What To Do On

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Drunk-assAdventurerCrazy kid

I Love The Following People:

     [Jay Jay ™]

The folowing People Said That They Would Kiss Me If THey Had The Chance

     [Rockin Momma]
     [FAKE, BITCH.]
     [*Shadow of the pink flame*]
     [Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric]
     [samantha louise!]
     [Delicious Nightmare]
     [miss red-head]
     [fucking off now]
     [love of a knife]
     [Ana Rexia]
     [horny chick]
     [::HOLLY WOOD::]
     [Disturbed Angel]
     [x~X~xSeXy StRaWbErRyx~X~x]
     [Love 2 Live]
     [evil witch]
     [68 mustang]
     [cuff me, i am yours!]
     [Roxy {catalyst}]
     [traci lynn]
     [Syn's Desire]
     [Sunsets over demons]
     [the perfect imperfection]
     [beautifulscars 0801]
     [Fayntlie McAbbre]
     [forbidden dreams and desires]
     [Just Juliah]
     [Your Smile Amazes Me.]
     [Autum((loves vodka))]
     [nice talking 2 u peeps]
     [torn up photos//lonley nites]
     [Duckie Love]
     [mdl csl]
     [little miss cyber bitch]
     [electric butterflys]
     [Sexy Nude Asian Girl Named Kagols]
     [Fre$h to Death]
     [(L) WANK!]

The Question That I Asked Them Was

If U had da chance, would u kiss me? 1)no 2)yes 3)hell no 4)hell yeah

Come And Vist My Wiki

Loving Everybody

Here Are Some Of My Rhymes

This first one i made in 2002

My name is Bailey AKA pum pum pusher
Make you girls scream yeah like usher
Don't come for me cause i am a big bone crusher
And i will make u scream as you fuck your own mother

Make you run for your life like a buterfly knife
Go ahead run for your life
I am gonna spit raw as i gut u with this knife
Gonna make sure you won't have no life
Gonna make sure you won't get no wife
So you might aswell cut your self with this knife

People That Love Me


My Poems

When Life Begins To Get You Down And You Start Feeling Sad
Just Try To Smile A Little Bit And It Wont Seem So Bad
It Can Help The Sun To Shine And Chase Away The Rain
The Clouds Will Break And You Will The Blue Skys Once Again

So Try To Keep On Smiling, Things Will Improve You'll See
And If You Need Someone To Talk To
You Can Always Count On Me ^_^

Another Poem (This One Was Writen For My Best Friend
[Jay Jay ™]

You Are My Best Friend
And When My Yellow Road Reaches The End, I Wont Need To Pray
Cause I've Found My Saving Grace, On You Only
Only On You Can I Depend, When Feelings Get Hold Of Me
And I Am Crawing Once Again
So Iraplaceablely Placed In My World
You Would'nt Believe What You Have Givin Your Friend
When I'm Incapable Your Always There For Me Your Iraplacable

When The Rain Falls
And The Shadows Cover My Life
And My Mouth Is Dry
Your The Voice Inside My Head
And You Dont Let Me Get Down
You Only Bring Me Up When You Come Around
There Is So Much Cool In You
Your My Safe And My God Send
So Iraplaceablely Placed In My World
You Would'nt Believe What You Have Givin Your Friend
When I'm Incapable Your Always There For Me Your Iraplacable

If I Turn The Page I Know You'll Be There
My Story Just Would'nt Do With Out You
Rock Steady Willing And Able, Your Ireplaceable
So Iriplaceable, So Iriplaceable
Johnny You Are So Ireplaceable

I Wrote THe Following Ones For Joanne When I Was Going Out With Her

My Sanity

As The Blade Is Stained With Blood That Is Sorrow
I Know That The Anger And Pain Will Still Be There Tomorrow
Ready To Lash Out At People Like Friends
I Could Say Things To Make Relationships End

Because There Could Be Somethin That You Do Not Like
But I Would Do It Anyway Just Out Of Spite
I Colud Hurt You And Worst Of All I Would'nt Feel Bad
I Could Take Your Best Friend Your Relative Your Mum Or Your Dad
For I Could Be Evil And My Heart Could Be Cold
But I've Got Joanne, So My Sanity Holds

This Is The Second Poem That Wrote

Shining Love

All The Hurt And All The Sorrow That The Future Holds
Will Be Enhanced By The Dull And Dreery Days Of Cold
But One Thing That I Know And One Thing That I Believe
Is That Our Love Will Shine Trough Like A Phinix
And The Unlovers Will Take Heed

Love You Huni x <3

Age: 17Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 25

Gender: male

What do you do?: Being lazy

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: Not Sure I Should Write That

Known languages

Weblog URL: What !!

Favorite URL:

ICQ number: 12345678910

heavy metaljazzprogressive metal

Other interests

Civil status: poly

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 183

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