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Adam Abomination (Check out our Ep

Member #48404 created: 2007-06-13 01:59:38Simple URL:   

Name: Adam



Playing a show at The Factory in Rochester.



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The Mind of Me

I fucking love music. its a HUGE part of my life. its hard for me to concentrate on an activity without music going on in the background. i wish i could have sex with music. i'd make sweet sweet love to it and have little musical babies. anywho... uhm..... I play guitar, love my friends to death, and such

[I strongly believe that women arent just pieces of meat that should be labeled as "hot" or "sexy". They're "pretty" or "gorgeous" or "beautiful". [IF YOU DON'T AGREE, KINDLY EAT MY ASSHOLE]


[Cool people ]

[Berrit-knee nicol3] i just plain love this girl. she is amazing in each and every single way. she lives all the way out in pennsyvania though. ill take a road trip to see her someday though.
[MeggyxMurder] shes so totally my lover :) Meg makes my pants tight. i <3 her tons. Shes teh bestest friend EVER !!
[DeletedFOREVER] why the hell wasnt she added sooner? shes just so absolutely lovely
[Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)] this girl is just plain amazing. shes inteligent and gorgeous. shes a person who stimulates me in both my mind and in my pants ;p
[Mr. Oogie Boogie] jack is so cool that no words can explain it XD


Wife = [Berrit-knee nicol3]
My Number 1 = [Love . Riot]
My Sister = [amanda.lethal:)]
My Brother =
My Son =
My Daughter =[Pixie Scene]
My Girlfriend = [MeggyxMurder]
My Fairy God Mother = [Rasockie45]
My Whore = [Jessegore']
My Idol = [goooone for good♥]
My Stalker = [|St|ephie _x]
My Bitch = [Mr. Oogie Boogie]
My Star = [Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My Angel = [Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My Devil = [-Steffyxxo;]
My Hottie = [-Steffyxxo;]
My Partner In Crime = [|St|ephie _x]
My Guardian Angel = [Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My Babe = [Berrit-knee nicol3]
My Sexy Girl = [DeletedFOREVER]
My Secret Admirer = [MeggyxMurder]
My Dirty Dancer = [Sister Creep]
My Fuck Buddy = [Mr. Oogie Boogie]
My Body guard =
My Soulmate = [DeletedFOREVER]
My everything-[Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My world-[Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My special one-[MeggyxMurder]
My secret lover-[MeggyxMurder]
My wife-[MeggyxMurder]
My Mom-
My Big Sister- [twisted07]
My little Sister-[Love . Riot],[amanda.lethal:)]
My fighting buddie-
My twin -
My son-
My aunt-
My sister-in-law -
My god mother -[Pixie Scene]
My best mates-
My drinking buddy- [goooone for good♥]
My annoying buddy-[amanda.lethal:)]
My cousin -
My step sister- [bãby drãg]
My step brother-
My legend-[Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My Queen-[Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My sweet angel-[Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My horny devil- [Its Hard To Speak WWithout A Tounge™]
My always been there friend-[amanda.lethal:)]
My worst enemy-
My crazy buddy-[Babydoll.™]
My sex god- [Jesse Marie :)]
My Sexy lover- [Jesse Marie :)]
My owner-[Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My fairy god mother-[Love . Riot]
My next door neighbour-
My niece- [amanda.lethal:)]
My sexy best friend-[MeggyxMurder]
My Horny Friend-[MeggyxMurder]
My Stalker-[MeggyxMurder]
My Emo friend-[MeggyxMurder]
My cuddle buddy-[Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]
My Nightmare-[Shayla.]

I got this from [love.riot]. its so very true

Why gay marriage MUST be legal:
1) Being anti-gay is just another form of discrimination commensurate with racism and sexism.

2) It is not "unnatural". If it were "unnatural" it WOULDN'T EXIST. *Every* straight person has had homosexual thoughts at some point, they just are not willing to admit it.

3) God supposedly disapproves of gay marriage. However, not everyone in the world believes in God, not everyone is a Christian. Why, then, should everyone have to abide by Christian doctrines?

4) What happened to equal rights? Apparently you can only get equal rights if Homophobic White Male Christians approve of you.

5) Homophobia stems from ignorance, as does any other form of discrimination.

6) "Why should they have the right to marry? Why can't they just be gay together?" This is just stupid. Why should straight people be allowed to marry, why can't they just be straight together? They want to marry because they want to. They have a right to the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!

7) Their homosexuality does not affect you personally. Being around gays will not turn you gay! And even if it did, SO WHAT?

8) If you're disgusted by how they have sex, what difference does it make to you? They don't have sex in the street!

9) They are no more perverted than straight people. You only think they are because they are more open about what they do! (i must say its not so true in all cases, but i do still think this statement is correct)

10) Homosexuality is not a "phase". They aren't going to suddenly become straight just because you want them to.

11) Love can trancend gender! If you don't believe this, you are ignorant.

12) The fact that gay couples can't reproduce is a good thing. This world is far too overpopulated, and gay couples often adopt, thus providing homes for children who otherwise wouldn't have any.

ALSO (i added this one): why are you afraid of homosexuals? not every straight man likes every woman. not every straight woman likes every man. why do people think just because someone's gay they're going to like them because they're of the same gender..

Rae owns me most deffinatly. I is hers. But she doesnt share so sorry everyone else, i already gots myself and owner XD.

Stephie was a little bit late cuz i already have an owner, but i <3 her still.

pic from brittania =]

She bids me hello ^_^

Jack could be my GAY owner, but rae does not share

You know it lol

Yay Fer Georgiahhhh =]

Age: 21Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 2

Gender: male

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Exact place of living: Oxford

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

heavy metalpunkrock

Other interests
card gamescatschasing the preferred sex
crime storiesdogsdrinks
role playingscifislacking
snow scooterstravellingwhisky

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 167

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