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Berrit-knee nicol3 (adammmmmmmm, is amazinggg, [new picture])

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Crazy kid

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[what if one day you woke up and you were a POKEMON]

I'm Brittany, one individual who stands alone and does not follow a trend. i dont need someone there to hold me up, i can fend for myself. im sixteen years young. still old enough to know what i want in life i'm mature and take responsibilites for my actions. theres no point in lieing: it just proves that your fake. I dare you to be yourself! stand out in a crowd don't be afraid to make an impact on someone, show them who you are, not the fake you... and they will except you for who you are. if they dont then obviously they dont want you in your life... you fail to exceed their expectations and dont judge a person on how they look theres more to people then just looks. i mean they could be total asswholes im just saying... get to know them firstt.

[my besties beh]
[Undead princess] Laurenn. Shes uber amazing really nice and very [pretty] && one of meh coolo besties [ily <3]
[Polka*Dots]Jens always there for meh and happens to beh my [bestie frann] shes uber pretty and one of the bestest poeple int the world [ily<3]
[LeLe.] is so pretty && very [Nice] shes always there to help meh out with things no matter what and its amazing :] shes also meh big sister and [rainbowrexosaurus ily<3]
[CHAOS.] Benny yeahh hes pretty much amazing i dont think that alot of guys can even come close to him :] && hes super cutee
[Adam Abomination] hes one of a kind amazing frann to i love that he treats yew better then most guys to but hes super hot hehe

Enter shakira, boys like girls,
bury the dead, [bring me the horizon,] [paramore,] cute is what we aim for,
blink 182, [aiden,]
red jumpsuit apparatus, matchbox 20,
five finger death punch, sum 41,
new found glory, [hawthrone heights,]
simple plan, forever the sickest kids,
taking back sunday, nickleback,
Meg&dia, my chemical romance,
fall out boy, silverstein,
from first to last, avenge sevenfold,
[alesena],this providence,
mindless self indulgence, chiodos,
oh, the story!, cab for cutie,
brand new, envy on the coast,
secondhand serenade,[murder scene love affair]
A Nymphetic Symphony, Dead Roses from Autumn
note to you, i found the killer
artistic desperation,arron rothe
[the getaway plan] the city drive
[letters for lovers :D] look them up on
i know that i only put this on three months later but oh well its here now

well its been three months snce meh best frann mikey passed away he was always there for meh he usually threatened to beat people up when they picked on meh cause i was like his little siter to him but i rember the time when meh him and his sister were riding down to her boyfranns house and they were riding no handed and i wanted to be cool like them so i tried and i fell and slid acros the cement and they sat and laughed at meh but then he carried meh home and oh! all the torture ihad to put up with becuase of his brother and him aha but i wss there every other friday spending the night getting in trouble playing with those wrestler dolls, me and his mom sneeking in at night to see his cast glow in the dark and him being a show off aha it was great and he always snuck down in the middle of the night to hang out with us two in the morning running around town suprosed to see no cops around hehe and the time we chased the ice cream man down and the beach whale aha i think we were crunkk from strawberry d then we tried pantsing meh cousin and we always bounced on the trampoline and wow the time he got into that fight across the street from meh house meh face was filled with tears but the time my mom got him perfume stuff a razor and that cause he was getting a beard or a little scrufy but it was funny and i forget which is which but i know that he broke the left arm twice and the right arm three times so he said that he had to break the left one for them to match aha he was such a dork but i loved him so much i love youu mikey[mikcy] you will never be forgotten

Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 22

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Pennsylvania

Known languages

Home-page URL: RAWR[YerrFaceIsMusic.]FAYCE



Skype Username: SOCKAWACKA


Other interests
animeartcrime stories

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 163

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