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Submissions Format

Note: Poems not conforming to the below format will be deleted. If the mistake is minor, we may correct it.

<i>Poem Title</i>

Poem body

- date written (mm/dd/yyyy)


(Don't forget the <hr> tag!!)


Submission Rules

1) All submitted poems must be written by you. Any poems that are caught to have been stolen will result in the submitter being banned from the Daily Poem.

2) Try to keep poems clean, please. We understand Elfpack is not a children's site, so some swearing/sexual contest/violence is OK, but don't overdo it.

3) Constructive criticism is welcomed; if you cannot accept that it's suggested you do not submit poems here. However, members who make rude comments will be punished.

4) Don't overuse formatting! No center tags, left tags or placing words in brackets to make them pinkish. Some bold, underline, strike-through and italicize tags are OK, but use discretion.

5) Add poems to the bottom of the current submissions page. If your poems are placed elsewhere, they may be overlooked by the editors.

6) [Stephen] is the Head Editor and [Celle] is the Assistant Editor. Their pens are their weapons; if they find anything not allowed here, they may edit or completely remove poems. If you dislike the change, feel free to remove your entry.
  - Message one of the Poem Bosses if you have an issue with a decision. We'll be happy to hear the reasoning behind your complaint, and if valid we may undo the change. 
   (Note: If we cannot understand your message ((e.g. wtf u do 2 mi pme?!!?!??!) your complaint may be ignored. We have better things to do then try to figure out what you're saying. Also, don't be rude.)

7) Foreign languages make our hearts smile so they are not against the rules; however please send an English copy to [Stephen].

8) There is currently no limitation on the length of your poem. However, please keep it within reason. We may still remove grossly long poems.

9) Slang is okay as long as it is openly understood. If it does happen to be a word that drives our editors nuts, it will probably be changed. If you have made it that way to rhyme or for some other significance, maybe the editors will change it back. That is a matter to be taken up with them.

10) Your poem will not be counted as a poetry donation unless you personally add the poem to Elfpack Poetry yourself. If you don't add the poem, you won't be credited for donating a poem.

11) All decisions made by the Poem Bosses are final.


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