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Elfpack's Featured Poems


The poems featured here were previously featured on the Elfpack Featured Poem. They are recorded here forevermore. Congratulations poets!


[underneath the stars]
Mirrored Light

Light shining through
Rays coming in
To this desolate place
The dawn is breaking

Illuminating your face
And for the first time
I see the beauty
Instead of the pain

Making its way
The light
Seems to be struggling

But the sunrise
Can not be stopped
And so the light
Keeps coming in

Lighting up your face
For the first time
I don’t see the scars
Only happiness

I smile at
This beautiful face
And only today
Have I thought it beautiful

The sun continues
Making its pathway
Across the sky
Night is over

And now
The room is fully lit
What was once cold
Is now changing

And I am watching
Your face light up
Along with the rays of sun
Dancing through the window

I no longer see the pain
Only a beautiful person
For the first time
And I feel so happy

Knowing you are
Someone different now
You have let the light in
Don’t ever let it get away

I reach out
To see if this is real
And my fingers
Collide with the mirror

When the Rain Clouds

My indulgence is but my virtue
Lost in the condemned statue
I am now a shattered piece
Of what I was meant to be

Like a white rose
I colored myself black
The innocence long ago
Never cared to show
It left behind what it had

When the raindrops fall apart
I believe I wasn’t there
Somehow in my secret world
There was something not so fair

Something in my life is sinned
Now I cannot be forgiven
Perhaps it is the difference
Between me and the others

I spoke to the clouds today
They said I was mistaken
Somehow in their secret way
They gave me the right direction

When the rain clouds fall apart
I believe I was there
Somehow in my secret world
God showed me life was fair

A spoken whisper of majesty
Changed all that I could see
In the kingdom of his heir
Black and white roses shared
Their gardens
So let it be the lesson
Life is fair
If you give it reason

July 24, 2005

Glimpse of a Heart-Song

You're my Lancelot,
My philosopher knight.
After we talk,
I know I'll be alright.
I can ask for help,
Or talk about my dreams.
You explain things out;
Straighten the crooked seams.
Not knowing exactly myself,
I tell you what's on my heart,
You know just what I'm saying,
And create with your art
A picture of the emotion,
The best by any man.
No maybe yours is better,
Showing as only God can;
Touching to the inner soul;
Showing me a world
Unseen by normal minds,
It's glories now unfurled
Before my bright, astonished eyes.
Only you could take me here,
Only you can make
This wonderful world appear.
When I'm with you, the stress has fled,
You calm the waters of my mind,
Bringing peace back inside my head.
You tell me all I want to find,
And then some more, to feed the fire,
You know I want to grow
More wise, more like you,
With the inner beauty that you show.

The Emerald of My Eye

The woods are a magical realm.
The swaying of the enigmatic elms,
the peaceful motion is kind.
The forest has nothing else in mind.

The sweet song of the trees,
and the buzzing of the bees.
The forest guardian towers over all.
Many trees stand proud and tall.

Going around the thorny thistles,
The woeful wind whistles.
Sun, reveal your face!
Show us your warm embrace.

The silent symphonious rhythm,
your heart will tell you what's hidden.
Glorious, green grass envelopes the ground.
Wild, free, the plants go abound.

The beautiful emerald of my eye,
the forest, its deep depths without lies.
The rustling of the leaves,
Emanates what you perceive.

Ode to Chemistry Class, or, The Lament of the Chem. Student

Thinking here, sitting in Chem
Wondering what's wrong with them.
Sadly, this class is oh so boring
That even I can find myself snoring.
Everything moves by so horribly slowly
Made clear to even the dumb and the lowly
Endless, repeating words fall with a patter
While chemicals spill and make quite a splatter.
Eyelids droop and my head falls on desk.
Fluorescent lights start to turn opalesque.
Yes, they have said this class would be trying
Harder, I say, is to watch some paint drying.
Again and again, the same numbers found
Waiting for reaction: the class makes no sound.
Maybe one day, it'll form excitement.
Flaming soap bubbles for pyros' delightment.
Happy, sleepy children never miss a chance
To make sure they fall into a narcoleptic trance.
Now I'm tired too; I'm going to sleep.
Finally now, the minutes start to creep.
So, boys and girls, you have now heard my rant.
Maybe... someday... Stupidity will recant.


Tired, so tired
but still I can't sleep
my head buzzes with
all the thoughts that I keep
it's so late at night
it's tomorrow morning
if I'm awake much longer
I'll see the sun dawning
I cuddle my pillow
and turn out the light
I snuggle right down
and close my eyes tight
waiting for sleep
waiting for dreams
just lying here waiting's
harder than it seems
but slowly I start
to nod and to doze
and soon I am still
from my head to my toes
I sleep very lightly
til my alarm rings
then up, still yawning
to face what the day brings

A Dragon Encounter

On ashen wings, in frost-bit night,
The dragon leaps, and takes to flight.
He fills his lungs with icy chill-
With piercing eye he spots his kill.

The wand'ring knight on weathered steed
Rides through the night on noble deed.
The dragon folds his wings and falls
With screaming jaws and open claws.

The startled steed is struck with fear;
Knight calms his horse and readies spear.
Dragon, like a bolt of thunder,
Plummets roaring, tucks wings under.

Still uneasy, horse unsteady,
Charges onward, Knight at ready.
With noble heart, he lowers lance,
He still may have a fighting chance!

The monster soars along the ground;
A blackened shadow, piercing sound.
Crusader, onward! Prove thy worth!
No valor matcheth thine on earth!

The good knight spurs his faithful steed
As dragon strikes with crushing speed.
The horse runs 'neath the armored breast,
And hero's spear parts scaly vest.

"All thine efforts are in vain!"
"No, foul beast, thou hast been slain!"
The monstrous thing beheld its heart-
Bloodied breast, protruding dart.

Its last breath breathed, its last word spake,
The dragon slept, never to wake.
And wand'ring knight with weathered steed,
rode t'ward dawn, on noble deed.

[Willow Rose]
Weeping Willow

Willow, willow, why do you weep?
Beneath your feet the dead do sleep.

The winds howl their sorrowful song,
Of nights past, of nights long gone.

Willow, willow, why do you weep?
The damned ones scream in the forest, deep.

The night lark sings to the sounds of pain,
While midnight thunder brings down pouring rain.

Willow, willow, why do you weep?
The dead ones blood, into your dirt, does seep.

Your roots go deep into the dark cold,
And your leaves dance softly down the old road.

Willow, willow, why do you weep?
They’re coming over the hilltop, steep.

Harken to the hoof beats, wild,
And the tormented crying of the child.

Willow, willow, why do you weep?
All around you the monsters creep.

The animals hide in their homes, afraid,
Waiting for the night to fade.

Willow, willow, why do you weep?
Just close your eyes and go back to sleep.

Weeping Willow, why are you weeping?
The dark’s just the Reaper, doing his reaping.

- 2/18/07

My Friend

If I look into the future
I wonder what I'll see
I wonder if I'll see you there
Standing beside me
Will you hold my hand dearheart
And walk with me through time?
Will you always be my friend
Until the last bell chimes?
I'll stand with you
And walk with you
And by your side I'll be
And when there's no-one there with you
Look in your heart, there's me.

The Green Man

Enter ye now this kingdom alone,
Where ash and fir meet earth and stone?
And if you tread this path of green,
Are you prepared to see the unseen?

For as you walk between the trees,
And feel the grass on bended knees,
There be someone watching you,
A being that guides you passing through.

He is the Lord of the forest,
An almighty king,
Who dances as the birds do sing.
Who guards you as the mighty oak,
And his power of protection you may invoke.

His nourishing hands can heal and care,
For whatever life exists in there,
There, his kingdom, woods of olde,
The trees of which hold tales untold.

And if you venture in the dark,
Seek his face hidden in the bark
Only those with the eye of three,
Can see him like you can see me.

But he will always be there, you see.
Protecting us. Blessed be!
Not only me, but everyone else too.
The Green Man is watching you.

- Date Written (10/03/2008)

"Friendship Efflorescence, a Chrysalis de L’amour"

A friendship in love culminates in adulation.
Magnanimous effulgence, dulcet anticipation
For gratuitous ebullitions of innocuous intent,
Ingratiate forgiveness, nescience circumvent.
Narcissism has no place, slake, expatriate.
Foment ambrosial maleficence, amorously inebriate.
Altruistic deference, laden with the truth,
Idiosyncrasies abided, a fortuity, uncouth.
Compassionate understanding, intrinsically profound,
Perpetuate esteem of each, euphorically astound.
Rhapsodize conjointly all thy hopes and dreams,
Subjugate opposition, bring fruition to thy schemes.
Vacuous ambiguity, ostentatiousness spurned,
Acrimony, duplicity, umbrage, all adjourned.
Coquettish propositions, voluptuous rendezvous,
Delectable elation, exalted rapture ensues.

- Date Written © 4/8/2008

[Eyes of the Reaper]
"Dysfunctional Glory"

Is Love?
Is Love?
It is,
A bouquet of crimson roses,
A walk in the rain,
A sweet, whispered nothing,
A cuddle on a couch at three AM;
An argument,
A makeup kiss.
It is love making,
And confiding in tender surrender.
It is,
Candlelight and cheap wine,
An apartment filled with discount furniture,
A baby on the way and no money;
This is Love,
In all,
Of its,
Dysfunctional Glory;
A victory,
Of the Heart,
Over the Mind.

-written on 4/7/2008

[Eyes of the Reaper]

"Ode to Elfpack"

I have been here for a very long time.

I've seen people come.
I've seen people go.
I've seen things change,
And I've seen things grow.
I know just about all there is to know.

I've had this job and that,
But none of it compares to where I'm at.
I'm here to help, it's true,
So ask me your questions,
And I'll give you knowledge that's new.

Featured: 2011/11/11

No Words

No words that I say can make this better
No words that I say can make it go away

No words for the pain I feel on your face
No words to undo this disgrace

No words in a card can hold up to this
No words of my faith do justice

No words can mend, only grace
No words only love, to keep your embrace

No words will keep us together through this
No words to cover the shame I am feeling

No words will restore the love we once knew
Our Love will conquer words
And make our love new...

No words to take back, I told you the truth
No words holding back that I need you

Words are expressing the way that we feel
Love is the glue that makes it all real.

I love you.

Written by [sammie h!]

Featured: 2011-12-20

Survive your Mind

To live in a room that has no doors
No ceiling, walls, windows, or floors
Some call it a prison, a lonely glass cell
For those that are trapped here, it can truly be Hell
No lakes, no shores, no sky or air
Yet they reside here, year after year
Who can be your savior when
No one knows where you exist?
This is a jail cell, this is true,
But everyone has one, even you…

A wicked place, filled with holes
Silently screaming,
Violently bleeding;
Never finding, only leaving
Where are you going,
Where can you stay?
When you find yourself lost,
At the very end of the day
You know nothing around you,
You care about nobody more
Can you feel the earth shake,
Is someone at the door?

And then to awaken,
To forget all that you’ve forgotten
Been lost for so long,
Did you even know you were gone?
The prison that was left behind…
Turns out, it was truly your own mind.

Written by [Deg]

Featured: 29/11/12

Rose colored glasses

Walking around town, seeing
all the different types of
people all wearing there
rose colored glasses.
Not seeing themselves
cleary and not what
others see them as.
True selfs hidden deep
within us, cold and
close to death.
Written by: [Cerulean Sins]

Featured: 2013/04/17

I Can't Wait to Tie the Knot

I made a new friend today,
With which I'll waste my life away.
I roped him in with charm and wit,
I gave him a chair, but he won't sit.
Doesn't say much, but he's quite well rounded,
Though he's a bit high and not all that grounded.
I'll go out on a limb and say we'll hang,
I'll be so happy, no more pain.
I'm choking up, it'll be so fun,
Hanging out in the summer sun.
I'll finally be happy and full of bliss,
Even the chair will get a kick out of this.

Written by [Morgoth]

Featured: 2013/05/22

Black & White

What is it about being a teenage that makes everything black and white?
Can I trust him?
Does history really repeat itself?
Are we bound to go on the same path as his past relationships?
If it does not work will i lose my best friend?
If it does work i will have my bestfriend as my boyfriend: is that a good thing?
Will he get bored with me?
He already know me like a book,but this is about me knowing him
Is this a good or bad thing
Will he be true to me?
He is know to be a cheater at school, but i believe this to be false.
Will he try to change me?
I am not the type of girl that he has dated before
Is the saying opposites attract true?
If so were it lead to fights?
He does believe in a higher power, i do not
Will my father approve of him?
His mother approves of me, because i tutored him.
My heart say yes, but my mind says no

Written by: [SunBlaze]


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