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Elfpack's Featured Poems


The poems featured here were previously featured on the Elfpack Featured Poem. They are recorded here forevermore. Congratulations poets!


The Brave Men of War

My arms are tired my knees are weak,
Around the corners I desperately seek,
For someone to help or someone to learn,
For that place called home I desperately yearn.
But out along the shattered field
Where golden dreams turn grey,
Where men were praying for a safe return,
Now all the dead men lay.

The sound of gunfire fills my ears,
And no one now can solve my fears,
For I have seen so many people die,
From dusk till dawn and day till nigh.
And over all the blood filled trench,
I still can smell that god awful stench,
Of many brave men that have died,
I would shed my tears, but I’ve already cried,
For the men who thought that it wouldn’t end this way,
Shall never see the light of another beautiful day.

[Hunter Born of the Blood]
Other Half

I know the trails of the forest
I am a pirate of the flesh
there is fire in my eyes
and blood on my hands.
You know.
What does it feel like
to have tamed the wildest thing?
Is the feeling sweet
as your hand strokes my newly-docile snout?
My teeth are never bared against you
but occasionally a bloodlust does take over
and the Moon puts a finger to her mocking lips.
Keep your silence, these claws will never scar your flesh.
There is a gentle noise coming from my throat
when I see those others too close
Even though I can suppress the urges
the best cannot be killed entirely.
And sometimes you will wake up to an empty bed.
I will be running the trails of the forest
With fire in my eyes and blood on my hands.


I saw you yesterday,
So happy and care-free,
So hyper and beautiful,
So my Halie.

You left school,
"I can handle my car." you said,
When everyone told you to be careful,
And now your dead.

The Halie I loved,
My dear friend,
The band's Halie,
Who never followed a trend.

So I say to you Halie,
Because everyone misses you,
Be careful up in Heaven,
And we all love you.

A poem for Andy

Roses land deep red
Dirt falls loud against unwilling ears
Tears fall and wet the earth
Pain consumes our hearts, never to subside

The crowd has gone, I'm all alone
I stand where you know lay
Only six feet above my love
These tears I cry, wishing I could hide

Seasons pass but time stands still
My heart feels faint, it can't be real
A life taken to soon, dreams never to be
Wounds still open deep inside

I stare at the name written across the stone
hands tremble as I set flowers in the ground
Its time to say goodbye, I'll love you forever
So long my friend, enjoy the ride.

[Melville_Herman Melville!]
Little Girl in the Closet

I've sat in this small and angry room,
watching that tiny glimmer of youth.
Wishing I could hold those childhood memories
and harbor them from anything unholy.
I wish for once,
I could embrace those old friends,
the ones that were there till the end.
Those few people who were honest and loyal.
I sit and stare alone in the dark
reminiscing about those lost years.
The room is suffocating,
relishing all those bad things...
those bad things that all little girls are afraid of.
The boogey man used to creep,
unsuspected throughout the shadows,
but no longer, because I am no longer that little girl.
I will no longer be known as the little girl in the closet.
I have been freed from that terrible prison,
of fear, and self-doubt, and pity.
I've flown so far away from those things,
that I now believe I can accomplish anything.
Yet, nagging deep inside me, I can still feel her.
Scratching and begging to be let out of the dark.
Searching for lost answers, in a shadow of misery and doubt.
She begs to be helped, loved..but what can I do....
I don't want to know her anymore, I just want her to go away...
but she's part of me eternally, and I shant ever get away,
I shall never be free,
I'm destined...
to be that tiny little voice that nobody hears
that frightened little girl in the closet

My Fallen Angel

You sit by a window watching the rain
You think you must be going insane
You see a flash
A bolt of light
And then you hear the sound
Of something hitting the ground

You run to the door to see what it is
But what you see
You can't believe
A winged figure
Laying still on the ground

This fallen angel
Has come to you
Now and forever
To help you through

Because this angel fell in love
With a demon from far below
A demon who has now bestowed
Upon this angel to live here on earth
To have his child
To give it birth
To give it life
His own flesh and blood
His own living child
And the angel he loves

But now this angel is deadly depressed
And madly obsessed
With finding a way
To get back home
So she won't be
Quite so alone...

How Bob Got Hairy

This is just a little poem,
and by all means, not scary,
It tells a twisted tale of sorts,
about how bob got hairy...

It started after gym one day,
when Bob was still at school,
He looked around at the other guys,
the ones that made girls drool...

Then he looked down at his chest,
and noticed what was missing...
He had no hair!!! "I see," he cried...
"That's why I'm not worth kissing!"

He left that room that fateful day,
and climbed onto his bike,
he rode as quickly as he could...
(quite slowly, as he rode a trike),

He'd heard there was a sorceress,
she lived above their town,
he thought that she might help him out,
with his problematic downy down...

He arrived at last to a gloomy cave,
he poked his head inside...
he called, "hello, is anyone home?
I'm exhausted from my ride...”

A beautiful sorceress appeared,
she looked him up and down,
She looked him down, and up again...
and then she had to frown...

"I thought you were a man," she sighed
"it's lonely here you know,
but you are just a hairless boy...
Oh, woe is me, oh woe..."

"I'm no boy!" Bob declared,
"I'm really quite the man,
I came up here to see you,
so please help me if you can...”

"I want some hair like the other men,
I'll prove to you I'm strong,"
Bob got down on his girly knees,
To serenade her with a song.

"Stop it, stop it!!!!" She declared,
"your singing is quite bad,
You really are a sorry state...
Oh please, don't look sooo sad."

"I'll help you if you promise to me,
you'll never sing again,"
She cast a spell that made Bobs chest
all hairy like a man...

"There is a catch", the sorceress said,
above her delighted grin,
"your hair will get more hairy,
each and every time you start to sing."

Bob thanked her, and got on his trike,
He couldn't wait to see,
he's brand new manly, hairy chest,
which best of all... Was free...

He looked into the mirror
and in happiness he sang,
"Naa, naa, na, na, naa...
Who's a hunky man?!"

But then alas, as he'd been warned,
that hair began to grow,
It grew and grew each time he sang,
And it's still growing... Don't you know????

The Rose

The rose, she carefully blooms with grace,
She emerges from her bud with pride,
The dew drops collect upon her face,
And gently down her petals they glide.

Her beauty, exploited in a vibrant red,
She is guarded by thorns of green,
Her roots take hold firmly in her bed,
And her stem planted at a slight lean.

Her vines take hold of whatever they may,
Whether it be a fence or gate,
Sadly in time she will wither away,
To watch her bloom again is worth the wait.

Lay me down..

The poet's heart: the soul of life.
The combine's chamber: fuel of spirit.

When underneath it all, there's a different story.
And underneath it all, there's a heart in mourning.
Can't you realize, what is soon to follow:
Every crimson night, with the hearts so hollow.
I will live on. Then fall away.
The sorrow.

[Because you loved me]

No one really cares anymore, pollution, no sollution, for the problem anymore,
Could it be, the children we, cannot hear the waves upon the shore?
Or is it said that when your dead, the noise stops forevermore?
Either way, I must say, its a rather dreadful sight, when one cannot look to the sky, and see the stars at night,
But no one seems to worry, all so many,
Perhaps they're in a hurry?
No one really cares anymore, if they ever could, you cant remember that far back, and even if you would, the stories short and sweet,
Another's love is but a dying dove, lying at your feet, and No one cares anymore, silent waves, invisa-shore.


Can you see the masks littering the empty workshop floors?
All of them perfect in every single way,
But none of them worth it – none of them match,
The deeply flawed face that tries to smile and laugh in the mirror,
Hidden from the outside world, and those that sneer at that ugly and unwanted face.

Can you see the tears that sweep and streak those eyes?
Those deep and tragic eyes, that could betray every emotion,
People always deny it – "I will never leave you. I care too much"
Even you, but it’s all a little white lie,
All in the name of kindness and pity,
They always leave in the end, finding someone better and prettier to befriend,
A doormat for society – those eyes have seen too much sorrow already.

Can you see that at last the mask is finished?
So flawed and unattractive, to match that deeply flawed face,
But look at that smile – a smile to light up a hundred faces,
Dishing out love so freely, but getting none in return,
A mere shell.
A whore for wanting society.

The Self-Righteous

All await the light.
They pray to this prophet.
But it does not answer.
Instead, it takes their eyes away.
And still they ask for the same thing again.

All await enlightenment.
The sun shines brightly and they kneel.
But they are selfish and are ignored.
Omniscience burns their skin to ash.
And still their bones are crumpled in prayer.

All await eternity.
The sun no longer fills their sight.
They blur and are tainted with malice.
The sins are too heavy.
And still they beseech everlasting divinity.

No one awaits return.
Below their blood is rotting the flesh.


Drop a coin in the well,
And wish once more for happier days...
I look for hope in the glassy water,
Only to find
A stranger's sad, red-rimmed eyes,
Whose tears could fill this bottomless pit,
Should she ever let them fall...
The tears, the jerky sobs...
They are there,
But they are hidden well...
Tired well, unused, forgotten...
So long ago that the handle creaks now,
And fights to turn,
As the wooden pail gets closer to the icy waves...
My memories replay themselves,
As if my cranking the aged wooden handle
Sent me back in time.
Previous tears rush to my eyes,
And I just watch as the girl in the water
Reaches up to brush them angrily away...
The bucket dips gracefully into the glossy sheen,
And ripples dance upon the surface,
Crumpling the stranger's pretty face...
My heart aches for a natural smile,
Not one I have plastered on...
Anger, sadness...
One feeling merging from the two...
One day the flood will erode the barricades,
One day no dam will stop the flood...
One day this girl will realize...
She has to let go.


I hate being this
Invisible nobody,
This depressed somebody,
No one cares whether
I smile or cry,
Vanish and die,
Too many to love
But loved by no one,
Living in this random world,
Never knowing what real feelings are,
Only pain.
Sometimes I wish I lived in a
Sometimes I wish I had never
been brought here.
But those are just wishes
that never come true,
and this is the life
I have to go through.

[Syn Serafim]
Affinities of Love

The Counts of Many

the affinities of all
you hurt me, you know
and I, to you, still call

It wasn't what you did
but that you did it gave pain
you lost my trust
and drove me insane

what happened and why
where did it go wrong and when
how could you do this to me
how did it begin?

That's ok
you can have him
soon you'll figure out
affinities are countless.


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