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The Elven Path

Not long ago, A man called Kaze waged war on the world. He causes pointless suffering and death. People were dying everywhere everyday. His goal was to be ruler of the world. His sister Elizabeth did not agree with his goals, and set out to stop him, she and a few others opposed him, when she finally met up with him, she was the only one left alive. Kaze and Elizabeth fought against each other for what seemed like a long time, both were equally matched, it was not until Elizabeth realized that that the battle could go on forever that she made a decision that could have taken her life; She sealed Kaze away in a locket that was given to them by their mother. When Kaze was locked in the locket he was locked in a place where time did not move, a place he would never die, a place he would live forever, until he was released. If the locket was ever broken, or opened Kaze would be released.
Now, Elizabeth's granddaughter, Beth has been entrusted with the locket, Elizabeth has been dead for several years, and the locket is expected to be passed down from mother, to daughter. The chain ends sooner than expected when the locket is stolen from Beth, and is broken, Kaze is released, and he wants blood. His sister's blood, but as he knows not how much time has passed he believes Beth to be his sister, as she looks just as Elizabeth did in her youth, he tries to kill her, but she manages escape and she hides. She knows she must seal Kaze away again, but she knows she needs help if she is to succeed.
This path has been handed down to every female elf in her family, protect the locket at all costs, a new path has been set before her, the same path that was set in front of Elizabeth, Protect the world from the wrath of Kaze, even at the cost of your own life.

1.[Sonya Blue]-owner
2.[Product of a Primal Urge]
3.[Jasiara Hotalti]
4.[hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]
5.[Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]
7.[Away forever, bye]

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2009-07-07 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: lol tell me wat u think. ^_^

2009-07-07 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: when we gonna start

2009-07-07 [Sonya Blue]: when we can get a few more members
if any of you know anyone who might want to join, you should ask

2009-07-07 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: we need to drag Rikki in here lol

2009-07-07 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: lol ok. ^_^ i know some people who would love to join. ill ask them whenever they get on. ^_^

2009-07-07 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: sweetness

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2009-07-08 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: misa wants to rp nows

2009-07-08 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: -nods- me agrees wit fake smiles...^_^

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2009-07-08 [Sonya Blue]: i can see

2009-07-08 [Sonya Blue]: lol

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2009-07-09 [Sonya Blue]: YAY!

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