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ShadowSong (<img:img/mood/4589_1119451145.jpg> ..Just another day..)

Member #4589 created: 2005-01-05 07:41:10Simple URL:   

Name: Shadow



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This is my special pet: Ardor the Green VuDu
Don't you wish you had such a nifty pet like me?
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[...hey guys... i know i'm not on as much anymore... and i know i've been niglecting some of you... but i'm gunna try and fix that... i love you all so much... Elfpack has been my home for a long time.. you guys let me know that i'm not the only one like me in the world...]

Come check us out at tattoo!

Awsome Movie... But understood by so few here at Elfpack...
It's NOT a movie about death or violence... or black and white make-up...
It's a movie about the true, awsome power of Real Love...

Aout Me...

[001: Name:] Wes
[002: Nicknames:] Sparky, Hun, Hippy, Freak, Wawa Man, Mr. Whore
[004: Birthdate:] 9/27/85
[005: Height:] 6’4”
[006: Eye color:] Grey
[008: School/work:] work.. lots of work
[009: You smoke:] sometimes
[010: Hobbies:] Singing, writing songs,reading, horse-back riding, snowboarding, tattoo art
[011: Brothers/Sisters:] 1 sister… Julie
[012: Relationship:] yes…
[013: Piercing(s):] 4 -left earlobe=1/2'/ right earlobe=00/ both cartilage=14G
[014: Tattoo:]2- right ankle on 5/25/06, inside left bicept on ???
[015: Your weakness:] Lack of Self Confidence / Impulsive
[017: Nicest person you met this year:]ashley, austin
[018: Who would you like to meet:] real… Merlin; fictitious… Gandalf
[019: Who do you admire most:] God
[020: Most sexy person(s):]Vicci (Vix)
[022: Favorite Car:] Corvette Stingray, '06 Charger
[023: Favorite Movie(s):]Transformers, 300, Queen of Damned, the Crow, NMBC, SinCity, the Matrix, American Beauty, Blade, Patriot …
[024: Favorite music:] Punk/ Rock/ Trance/ Oldies
[025: Favorite City(s):] NYC, LA
[027: Favorite cloths:] My Bullhead baggy jeans and my black Superman shirt.. (comfort is everything.. and ya gotta have the man of steel)
[029: Favorite sound:] Thunder…. Or the silence before a storm… it’s so alive…
[030: Favorite TV-series:] Angel, Charmed, Smallville, X Files, CSI, NCIS, Dark Angel, Bones, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, White Collar, Leverage
[031: Favorite Writer:] Terry Goodkind, Ed Greenwood, or Sara Douglass
[032: Favorite Nickname:] Well... all the ppl areound here just say Freak or "hippie"
[033: Fave Country to go to:] I’ll keep you posted on that…
[036: Favorite color:] Electric Blue, or Green, i look good in green
[037: Favorite Song ever:]I Just Want You by Ozzie, Iris by Goo Goo Dolls or Last Resort by Papa Roach
[038: Favorite song at this moment:] Love Addict
[039: Favorite food:] Chicken-Salad, Shrimp Ramen
[040: Favorite class in school:] Photography… Anatomy… Native-American History
[042: Lucky number:] 00
[043: Greatest thing about yourself:] my dressing-style, my ability to make others laugh… my hair
[045: Favorite shoes:] my Black Vans
[047: What word do you use most:] Sexy or Sorry
[048: Most romantic moment in your life:] first kiss or sitting in the Grass with Ashley
[049: Most embarrassing moment in your life:] never tell
[050: You spend your time rather inside or outside:] outside at night
[053: Your Breakfast:] Sausage/Onion Omelet
[055: Pets:] Dog … Maddison; half german shepard, half hound... all cuttie
[056: Laugh or dream:] I love to laugh and make others laugh… but I love dreaming too
[057: Serious or funny:] I try to be serious when I need to be… but most ppl say i'm a pretty funny guy
[059: You prefer being alone or have relation:] relationships are hard... but worth it most of the time
[060: Simple or complicated?:] I’m complicated but I prefer simple
[061: Cremate or Buried when dead:] Cremated… why waste the money and the ground space?
[063: Stay up late or go to bed early:] Stay up all night…
[064: Light or dark?:] dark
[065: Speak or Silence:] I like to talk… but silence is a beautiful thing sometimes…
[066: Tall or small woman:] Mid-sized to small… I like to cuddle…
[068: Hug or kiss:] both
[069: Happy or Sad:] I usually float somewhere in-between
[070: Life or Death:] Life and death are connected… I’d prefer to experience life first though...
[072: Left or Right:] right
[074: Dark/ Red/ Blonde:] Blondie
[075: What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question:] You trying to tell me something?
[076: You believe in reincarnation:] partially… in a way
[077: You believe in Aliens:] I think they’re a possibility
[078: When you die, what will be your last words?:] ...Never forget the Beauty...
[079: Does true love exist:] I know it does… I just hope I hold on to it when I find it…
[080: How many kids would you like to have:] as many as my wife wants… maybe 4
[081: What is the one thing you can't stand:] ignorance; mine and others
[082: Best feeling:] being loved
[083: Worst feeling in the world:] loneliness
[084: What are you afraid of:] being alone, being stupid, not being content
[085: Are you an emotional person:] that is an interesting question…
[086: Do you ever cry during a movie:] I have…
[087: Your goal in life:] …just to love, and be loved in return… Moulin Rouge
[088: What was the promise you made to yourself at new years eve:] get out of debt
[089: Favorite art form:] tattoo art or photography
[090: As what animal would you like to reincarnate:] a wolf or a hawk
[091: What is the most beautiful part on the female body:] the eyes, hands, feet or breasts
[092: Most original place to ask your love to marry you:] In the middle of a field during a huge rain/lightning storm…
[093: What do you think of Elftown:] too crowded… too restricted
[094: Is there something you miss about Elftown:] a bunch of my friends
[095: Where did you get this question list:] stole it from [Beautiful Letdown24]
[096: Besides Elftown, what do you do most on your PC:] facebook, write down my songs and poetry… Paint
[098: Is there a God?:] has to be… but I don’t think it’s possible to really understand him…
[099: How many times have you fallen in love?:] wow… don’t know… it’s an on going process…
[100: Die young or grow old?:] I’d like to grow old and have a lot of experiences…
but I never wanna lose who I am…
[101: Afraid of death?:] not really

-- The shoes you wore today: Vans (got 5 different pair for different stuff)
-- Your perfect pizza: Onions, Ham, and Xtra Cheese
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: Feel content with what I’ve done.
--Your favorite bands: the Beatles, Blackeyed Peas, Akon, 12 Stones, Sum 41, Pillar, Linkin Park, POD, Papa Roach, Skillet, Thrice, Gorillaz, Reliant K, Led Zeplin, AC/DC, Hollywood Undead
-- Your thoughts first waking up: I always think of music first...
-- Your best physical feature: My eyes, or my hair
-- Your most missed memory:
Snowboarding @ The Canyons ... Riding horses ... High school ... Being with my Ex B.. feeling content with my life, Chrysalis
-- Soda: Fresca
-- Fast food joint: Popeye’s
-- Sing: As much as possible
-- Numbers and names of children: girl name-- Christiana, Thaea; boy name—- Zack
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: FBI or CSI
-- Number of scars on my body: About 15 noticeable (lots more small ones)
-- Big injuries: I was hit by a car.
-- Number of bones broken: 7
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: There is not enough time in the world

In a Girl...
[now keep in-mind... these are just answers to a questionair...
they are not always true for every girl...
it's important that a girl knows what fits her best...
cause natural beauty is the sexiest thing ever in my opinion...

-- Best eye colour: Gray, Blue
-- Best hair color: Blonde or Red
-- Short or long hair: Long
-- Height: Shorter than me (that’s not hard)
-- Best weight: Normal; but it's not all about looks.
-- Best articles of clothing: Jeans or jean shorts/Tank-top or spagetti-straps

Things I Look for in a girl...
in order of importance:

sense of humor
sense of adventure

Change Happens

What must happen
Change will come to pass
I’m not sure how
But things will keep on changing
What will be different
Change will come to pass
Nothing is absolute
But things will keep on changing
Who will keep on living
Change will come to pass
They will keep on suffering
But things will keep on changing
When will it all stop
Change will come to pass
Then it will be silent
But things will keep on changing
When is the end
Change will come to pass
Then it will be dark
But things will keep on changing

[emotional overload] --[.Tommy.]--
[Morning Rose] --[.Alley.]--
[~Just Another Broken Heart~] --[.Jenna_Bean.]-- [*Jenna*] --
[Delicious Nightmare] --[.Kate.]--
[Dainty Delusive Doll] --[.Belinda.]--
[Sunsets over demons] --[*Manda*]--
[Kitty Vix 000] --[*Vicci*]--
[Willow Rose] --[.Jen.]--
[theatrechicka86] --[.Dawn.]--
[::Wounded Satellite::] --[.Ashley.]--
[spunkie] --[.Ana.]--
[Kitty Von English] --[*Ky*]--
[Sexi Lexi] --[.Lexi.]--

Shadow to Shadow
In the dark, star-less night that is my empty soul
A wanderer has found himself lost, abandoned, trapped…
Images of light and hope...laughter and joy keep him sane..
But even they are swept away as time everlasting flows…swirls by
He finds himself in a lost etirnity…an endless moment of pain and anguish..
He gently…distracted…lays down his thought as if it were some precious thing…
His mind wonders too and frow the inner blackness of my corrupt being
It paces as some animal in an unseen cage…forgetting it’s self in it’s pain…
It passes… every so often the empty husk that once houses it…
It feels pity and loss when it views the sorry mask that it once loved...
And in the fleeting endless shadow…this…it’s own shadow does find a vergence..
A flickering candle…which when looked into with the key that is the mind..
Shows an endless stream of ragged pictures…visions were they of things past..
Things past and lost…lost forever could be observed through that flame
It is…in it’s utter existance a last hope of sorts for the shadow…
This miniscule brande is a sign that not all is lost for the soul that imprisiones it…
If this light could be made to spread…to express it’s ferver to the rest of my soul…
Maybe then the wonderer; being released from his prison would be able to reanimate
It then might be able to once again house it’s now shadowed mind..
But as it watchs…the candle flutters and the the wick grows dim…
The last light…the last hope has finally given-out
The shadow then steales it’s-self to the reality of the situation..
As the time grows less distinct from the surrounding shades
It gradually looses it’s character..and thus it’s form..
Fading into the dark star-less night that is my empty soul

<img:>   <img:>   <img:>
Not a virgin anymore...          ...Elftown may be too crowded;                     [True Love]           
totally regret my decision,              and slightly ruined now...                  Because it does exist... pride@wiki       but it rocked... and I will alway go back...                                         


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Age: 36Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 27

Gender: male

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Maryland

Exact place of living: somewhere close to Oblivion

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishSpanish

ICQ number: 237064802

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

alternativegothhip hop
new agepoppunk

Other interests
bookschasing the preferred sexchess

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 193

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