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The PyroManiac's

Setting Thing's On Fire Since 2009!


About us

"The Pyromaniac's" was a group first established in mid 2009 by 3 pioneering souls with the vision to create a faction of fire obsessed metalheads, that would roam street brandishing lighters and looking mean. The concept of "The Pyromaniacs" was first conceived on a trip round town, when was it was suggested that chav's could meet a grisly (but fitting end) by being burnt alive, if only there was a few flame enthusiasts dedicated to the cause. Hence "The Pyromaniacs" were born.


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2009-09-27 [poopbucket]: That's so stupid because our economy
desperately needs stimulation.
If a cure for cancer was released that
would help a shit load of a lot with the debt we're in,
with trying to find a cure for cancer included!

2009-09-28 [BARKS HAS BITE]: lol well its debateable lol.

2009-09-29 [noble]: the economy bit makes sense, but can you patent cures for cancer?

me think not

2009-09-29 [BARKS HAS BITE]: who knows the goverment is as crooked as a day is long

2009-09-29 [poopbucket]: I don't know if you could 'patent' it.
Maybe there are other ways of curing people besides
putting it in a pill or selling it to people in a can. :/

Like weekly treatments in cancer research facilities so people
don't lose their jobs...

2009-09-29 [BARKS HAS BITE]: well im completely lost lol ooo look at the prettty flamee

2009-10-04 [The Lost Boy]: im getting dreadlocks put in next week by someone i know. some idiot at work said to me that dreads are only for black people, ignorant huh?

2009-10-04 [poopbucket]: It's stereotypical because black people can't
do much with their hair except ruin it further
by getting braids or dreads lol.
But there's some white people who get them. :]

2009-10-04 [BARKS HAS BITE]: lol thats not true theres lots of black people on movies with straight hair :P and in school ive seen black girls who straighten there hair

2009-10-04 [poopbucket]: On movies. Movies isn't reality.
Black girls straighten their hair but
are obviously known for getting dreads.

2009-10-05 [BARKS HAS BITE]: some movies are real they are called documentries =)

2009-10-05 [poopbucket]: Alright, you're just trying to irritate me now.

2009-10-05 [The Lost Boy]: i think dreads are more of a thing associated with black people, because of prominent black figures like bob Marley (which most of us have heard of) mind you, white people with dreads are usually stereotyped as "American collage drop outs" or "English crust punks" which although dreads aren't the most professional looking hair cut isn't strictly true.

2009-10-05 [BARKS HAS BITE]: lol yeahh

2009-11-08 [xxDropDeadxx]: yep

2009-11-10 [poopbucket]: Hooooolddd my dick

2009-11-11 [The Lost Boy]: just got my ticket in the post to see "In Flames" live in Manchester on the 2nd of December, should be awesome.

2009-11-15 [poopbucket]: What is that?

2009-11-16 [The Lost Boy]: In Flames are a Melodic Death Metal band from Sweden. Very popular amongst metal heads, the terminally angry, and Satan worshipers:) (not that i worship Satan)

2009-11-23 [De Rais]: O.o pffft count me in with the burning shizz xD

2009-11-26 [The Lost Boy]: Yeah playing with fire is SOOOOOO underrated!

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