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The BattleField


Long ago, there was a great and terrible battle, the three champions of there respective nations faced down the demon that brought forth the apocolypse and the destruction of man, as the battle raged the world was decimated,when all was said and done the demon lay dead,But so did the Champions,because of this the demon was sealed behind another pitiful seal made by the human race,and within a few thousand years,the demon had returned and destroyed all of the human race,to stop this a being with no name,and no identity,traveled back in time and selected 3 young warriors and scholars,to send back in time,to the time of the elements,to make sure that the champions did not die,a second time,unfortunatly due to this meddeling time has been distorted,and new enemies not recorded in there history have emerged,has this meddeling been a blessing...or a curse

No God Modding unless under certain cirucumstances--> the enemies of this wiki are designed to be hard to beat,you cannot simply over power them because you want to,or because you wanna look badass,its just not gonna happen,if you do this i will delete the comment and have you type somthing different,only certain characters in this wiki are meant to be that strong.

Anime Ripoffs --> This wiki in order to remain epic as shit and relevant,has ripped off various anime's of the real world,from Dragonball Z to Inuyasha to Naruto,if that is a problem,leave,this wiki is a fanfiction meaning its our decision what we type,not the worlds.

Character Selection--> This wiki posseses 3 factions (Enduril Aldar and Demon) if you wish to have a character in all three thats great,but it is requested that you do not make your character with the impression that he/she is the greatest thing since ever (for example no demon can over power Cysero except one...spoiler) so tailor your self accordingly.

The Elemental Background Lore
The Aldar Background Lore
Battlefield Champions/Characters
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2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls as she use her susanoo. Her body glowed bright white as she sped toward the tree "Scott???!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The leg bounced off the susanoos Ribcage,Scotts body comes into view when from above the creature lands right ontop of his body giggling loudlly*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled "NOOOOO!!!!" Tigress used all the strength she had to slam into the creature

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The creature bends slightlly,then looks directlly down into her face and opens its mouth,its legs wrapping around her rapidlly*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tried to break from its hold

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The creature giggles opening its rather large mouth,saliva dripping down onto tigers face*

Snyder yells "TIGER"

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress slams her fist on the ground causing a large boulder to fly into the creatures mouth. She forced it's legs open and quickly scurried out before reaching Scott "Scott, we gotta go!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The boulder explodes as the legs flail wildly

Scott breaks free of tiger and slams his fists on the ground "Eclipse dome!"

a dome of solid granite slams closed on the demon

Scott lays on the ground panting "please tell me its dead

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress pulls him up to her and looks at the creature "I-I dunno. I think so."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Scott coughs "that thing...what the hell is that thing

The dome begins splintering as the demon emerges flailing its legs,however constantlly gigling

Irene coughs as snyder lays her down,then gets ready "how is it standing

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled as she hoists Scott up "I dunno, but we got Irene. We'll be safe once we get back to Endril."
She begins to try and run with Scott

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The Demon giggles louder as its legs stream toward Snyder,when suddenly the legs break away as a figure stands infront of her tall and strong natured,he seems to be wielding a large sycthe*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes widen in surprise "Reaper???"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder looks up as reaper spits out a piece of straw and looks at the demon "Seems like you guys have a bit of a problem here huh

Snyder blinks "your...the Aldar champion....

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress let out a long exhale "Oh thank god you're here" She made it to Snyder "You alright?" she asked, still holding on to Scott

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Scott grits his teeth "is irene ok"

irene weaklly raises her thumb*

Reaper lowers his scythe slightly smirking "oh god yes,a demon worth my time,ive been bored all week!

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress adjusted Scott "Right, we let you have your fun. Lets get to a safe spot. I'll start healing Irene and Scott."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder nods helping irene up when a large explosion rocks the field as Reaper slams the blunt side of his Scythe into the creature

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress hurries with Scott out of the field and makes her way to a cluster of rocks. "This will be good. Lay her down here." She lays Scott down gently on the ground.

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder lays down Irene and looks up watching Reaper " thats reaper from the past

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress leans over Irene and begins to try and heal her "Yes, that's him ugh... I wish Kasumi was here. SHe's better at this than I am."

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