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The Goofy Hall of Fame

Here you'll find the honored few who have been on featured on Mainstuff.




All members who have been a featured Daily Goof, besides having their beautiful mug on Mainstuff, will receive this wonderful trophy!
You will also be awarded two (2) Togs! Please be sure to message [Stephen] when your submission is featured to ensure you get the Togs.


[Hedda]: <img20*20:stuff/Ghedda.jpg>
Double feature on 11/25/12 <img20*20:stuff/Ghedda.jpg>

[djxmonster]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 12/02/12 <img20*20:>

[Big Brother]: <img20*20:stuff/battlefield_goofy.jpg>
Double feature on 12/09/12 <img20*20:stuff/battlefield_goofy.jpg>

[Orestez]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 12/18/12 <img20*20:>

[tenaka_khan187]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 12/26/12 <img20*20:>

[d o n e]: <img20*20:>
<img20*20:> ( Double-Feature)

[iCh3wi]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 1/02/13 <img20*20:>

[Asrun]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 1/09/13 <img20*20:>

[DevilishlySweet]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 1/16/13 <img20*20:>

[shardae le fae]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 1/27/13 <img20*20:>

[Solitiaum]: <img20*20:stuff/goofkate.jpg>
Double feature on 2/05/13 <img20*20:stuff/goofkate.jpg>

[FireGypsy]: <img20*20:stuff/bestest.JPG>
Double feature on 2/12/13 <img20*20:stuff/bestest.JPG>

[Battlefield]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 3/05/13 <img20*20:>

[RabidSphinx]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 3/12/13 <img20*20:>

[Alexandra the Great]: <img20*20:stuff/PICT0103.JPG>
Double feature on 4/8/13 <img20*20:stuff/PICT0103.JPG>

[~altopia~] and [Peachirach]: <img20*20:stuff/Altopia%20and%20peachirach.jpg>
Double feature on 4/23/13 <img20*20:stuff/Altopia%20and%20peachirach.jpg>

[Firenze]: <img20*20:>

[Sabrina Catherine]: <img20*20:>

[-Fï®ë»ÂT»WïLL-]: <img20*20:>

[Tear]: <img20*20:stuff/Wongmonster>

[Igraine the Relentless]: <img20*20:stuff/PICT0002.JPG>

[Vader]: <img20*20:>

[FireWing]: <img20*20:>

[RabidSphinx] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/raindropcoolshades.jpg>

[skullhead] - <img20*20:stuff/skullgoof> & <img20*20:stuff/Goofyskullhead645.jpg>
Double Feature.

[The Darkest Star.]: <img20*20:img/image/12270_1122406382.jpg>

[x-x Ripped At The Heart x-x] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:>

Sonic (Not an Elfpack member): <img20*20:stuff/sonicgoof.jpg>

[Amaranthine]: <img20*20:stuff/CMG.jpg>

Elftown's New Hardware (Not an Elfpack member): <img20*20:stuff/elftronhardware.jpg>

[Love like Winter.]: <img20*20:stuff/goofystalker.jpg>

Lilo (Not an Elfpack member): <img20*20:stuff/lilo.jpg>

[maketsu] and [Isilando]: <img20*20:stuff/beercablemakisi.jpg>

[Mildred Hubble]: <img20*20:stuff/grrr.jpg>

[Hoodlum]: <img20*20:>


[SimpleAnnie]: <img20*20:img/image/14445_1131233914.jpg>

[pumpkin king] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:img/image/15423_1127548603.jpg>

[Suicidal Moon] - <img20*20:img/image/19616_1127794047.jpg>

[sotalean] - <img20*20:stuff/elfpack2.jpg>

[Sunrose] - <img20*20:stuff/SunSleepyGoof.jpg>

[Malve] - <img20*20:>

[Jitter]: <img20*20:img/image/24823_1132767411.jpg>

[RabidSphinx]: <img20*20:stuff/raine_goof.jpg>

[~Neo Angel~]: <img20*20:img/photo/11296_1132777074.jpg>

[Ga_Inja]: <img20*20:>

[BlindGuardian]: <img20*20:stuff/blindguardiangoofpic.jpg>

[SweetBrunette00]: <img20*20:stuff/SweetBrunette00Goof.jpg>

[PAULUS]: <img20*20:>

[Ellyn]: <img20*20:stuff/EllynlovesEP>

[zoloftzantac] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/zzcoolshadesgoof.jpg>

[Orestez]: <img20*20:stuff/oregoof2.jpg>

[Serena] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/serenagoofpic.jpg>

[Kagomeyasha]: <img20*20:stuff/kagomeyashagoofpic.jpg>

[Elandain] - Cool Shades:<img20*20:stuff/elandains_shades.jpg>

Rebeca: <img20*20:stuff/RebecaGEE.jpg>

[mr rogers colostomy bag] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/Billwithshades.jpg>

[Dirtydawg™]: <img20*20:stuff/Picture013.jpg>

[PyroBuggy] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:>

[Goodbye EP] - <img20*20:stuff/GOOFYMOLLY1.jpg>

[Mrs.Teenage Scum] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/dfgfg.jpg>

[RINI]: <img20*20:>

[imdaonlyone010] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:>

[Ga_Inja] - <img20*20:>

[Dirty Lil Juggalette] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:img/photo/3723_1120896770.jpg>

[DrakeA]: <img20*20:stuff/DJAngelGoofPic.jpg>

[Atayemi]: <img20*20:img/photo/20288_1141926081.jpg>

[hytrjuhytjhgjg] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:>

[Box] - <img20*20:img/image/21771_1142611971.jpg>

[dramaqueen] - <img20*20:img/image/15570_1143858808.jpg>

[zoloftzantac] - <img20*20:stuff/DSCN0565.JPG>

[The Invisigoth Chick!] - <img20*20:img/photo/30763_1147635819.jpg>

[DARSH] - <img20*20:stuff/DARSH_aprilfool.jpg>

[spincrus] - <img20*20:stuff/D%3AtempgeeEP-goofy-darshloversunited.jpg>

[Marishka] - <img20*20:img/photo/11_1150658785.jpg>

[Air-inn] - <img20*20:img/image/35079_1150964724.jpg>

[Sky Chord] - <img20*20:>

[imdaonlyone010] Cool Shades - <img20*20:img/image/39311_1142651672.jpg>

[Yudan333] - <img20*20:img/photo/21409_1152659438.jpg>

[Death of a Soul] - <img20*20:img/image/43646_1154153965.jpg>

[Pandora♥xcore] - <img20*20:img/photo/28548_1155921887.jpg>

[Rowan] - <img20*20:>

[stephy.h] Cool Shades - <img20*20:stuff/stephomelon_CoolShadesGoof.jpg>

[Altecfenix]: <img20*20:>

[beautiful _ darkness]: <img20*20:>

[Avrora_Black]: <img20*20:stuff/elfpackgoofy.jpg>

[eyelinertears]: <img20*20:img/photo/40582_1156965567.jpg>

[Sonya Blue]: <img20*20:stuff/z/20496/Angel%2520being%2520a%2520retard/i1170748872_6.jpg>

[spincrus]: <img20*20:stuff/spincrus_shades.jpg>

[Chriss]: <img20*20:img/photo/25259_1151989428.jpg>

[jesticles]: <img20*20:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJessicaMy%20DocumentsMy%20PicturesDaily%20Goof.JPG>

[Steph-O-Melon]: <img20*20:img/photo/32200_1153709181.jpg>

[glub]: <img20*20:stuff/66to2u9.jpg>

[Wally :(]: <img20*20:stuff/Dailygoof96.jpg>

[Difference]: <img20*20:stuff/goof97.jpg>

[Warheart], [Altecfenix] and [Fear of the Soul]: <img20*20:stuff/goof98.jpg>

[Euphoria Factor]: <img20*20:stuff/goof100.jpg>

[MadHatress]: <img20*20:stuff/goof102.jpg>


[Cerulean Sins]: <img20*20:>

[wolvie]: <img20*20:>

[sammie h!]: <img20*20:>


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2005-06-21 [DevilishlySweet]: *pokes [Dwemer]* You need to update ^_^

2005-06-21 [Dwemer]: I'm busy putting the next one up ^_^

2005-06-21 [Dwemer]: It has

2005-06-21 [DevilishlySweet]: YAY! :)

2005-06-21 [Dwemer]: ^_^

2005-07-20 [~altopia~]: Awww how come I didn't get my goofy trophy yet? [Peachirach] did!!! *sulks*

2005-07-20 [Firenze]: You do have your goof cup...I delivered it myself *refers to guestbook*

2005-07-20 [Dwemer]: ?? Weird stuff.

2006-02-17 [zoloftzantac]: Hey Kel, so are we shootin' for updated once evry a 3 days or so?

2006-02-17 [Firenze]: I update every 3 days but if I forget it is updated on the fourth day :p

2006-03-16 [PyroBuggy]: Who the when the what the hell? When was i a goofy what the hell? D8>

2006-03-17 [zoloftzantac]: You are right now! ^_^ see main stuff

2006-04-18 [Ultiem]: spelling error corrected

2006-04-18 [Firenze]: ok

2006-09-08 [Firenze]: AJ [mr rogers colostomy bag] has already been a goof...

2006-09-08 [FireGypsy]: Yeah...I was just going to say that...

2006-09-09 [Tear]: I didn't check this page. I'll fix it.

2006-09-09 [Firenze]: As they say look before you leap ^_-

2006-09-22 [Tear]: New goof.

2011-12-15 [sammie h!]: Not editable [Stephen]. :)

2012-11-26 [Stephen]: [Sky Chord] - <img20*20:>

Hrm. <URL:img/image/27532_1152285912.jpg> seems to have been deleted from the server. Which, as far as I know, only happens in the case of a Guard doing an image deletion. It might even only be a Guard Captain/Sergent deletion.


2012-11-26 [Deg]: Oh, weird. Didn't even notice that. I didn't do something wrong, did I? I edited the page earlier, I didn't think I did anything...

2012-11-28 [Stephen]: Nope, you didn't do anything wrong. (:

2012-11-28 [Deg]: Whew. <img:sutN.gif> I didn't think I did but I'm always paranoid that I screw things up.

Now the question is, what do I do if it gets to [Sky Chord]'s turn for a double feature and there's no pic to feature?

2012-11-28 [sammie h!]: Want me to try sort this? x

2012-11-28 [sammie h!]: what you could do is, go into there gallery and find a suitable picture then feature it, but may I make a suggestion, do not feature people who haven't been on more than 100 days?

2012-11-29 [Stephen]: @[Deg]: Don't be paranoid. Even if you mess up, there's nothing to worry about. As to [Sky Chord], I'd just skip and continue along, OR, since they seem to be active, you could just ask them to submit a new picture for use and then put that up as a new feature. ;)

@Sammie: I don't see any real problem with featuring members who are not here, but that's up to [Deg] really.

2012-11-29 [Deg]: Excellent, I will message him right away.

As for the issue of featuring members who aren't so active...I think I shall still give them a double feature. I'd rather feature NEW submissions at any rate, but if I'm going to have to dip into the Hall of Famers, I'm just going to go down the line to save myself organizational headaches. :D

2012-11-30 [Stephen]: Sounds good to me. (:

2012-11-30 [Stephen]: [x-x Ripped At The Heart x-x]'s entry is also broken. ;-;

2012-11-30 [Deg]: <img:>

2012-12-26 [Stephen]: Hm.
Perhaps I'll submit a picture to GEE!

2012-12-26 [Stephen]: ... I don't really do "Goofy", though.

2012-12-27 [Deg]: Submit anyway! Be the first GEE! submission of 2013! :D That'd be awesome!

2012-12-27 [sammie h!]: Yeah that would be good x

2012-12-27 [Stephen]: Perhaps.

2012-12-27 [sammie h!]: It will be good and he can make a special one for you as warden x

2012-12-29 [djxmonster]: Aww snap, I was re-featured and nobody even told me...

2012-12-29 [Deg]: <img:img/mood/257_1112669432.jpg>Gah! My fault entirely. You're right, you should have been notified and I dropped the ball. However, if you'd like to be up there could submit a new Goofy picture! <img:sutN.gif>

2012-12-29 [sammie h!]: [Deg] if you want we could work it like this, you can do the featuring and I could do the notifying, just an Idea. x

2012-12-30 [djxmonster]: It's all good :) I had forgotten about this honestly but apparently I had the page on watch... :)

2013-01-02 [Deg]: @[sammie h!]: I really appreciate the offer! At the moment I don't have much going on, though, and it'd probably be just as easy for me to do it myself. However I will be sure to notify you if I get in a pinch. <img:mood10_gif.gif>

2013-02-13 [sammie h!]: Ha ha, late reply or what, and that's fine with me, I have time on my hands all the time anyway lol. :)

2013-02-13 [Deg]: Hahah! No worries, it happens to everyone. I'll keep it in mind, thanks!

2013-04-10 [Stephen]: T___T

I miss Alex! D:

2013-04-10 [Stephen]: Wow, I was the only founding member of GEE! who didn't have a featured submission, and I was one of the only old crew members who didn't have a submission either. >:3

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