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The Goofy Hall of Fame

Here you'll find the honored few who have been on featured on Mainstuff.




All members who have been a featured Daily Goof, besides having their beautiful mug on Mainstuff, will receive this wonderful trophy!
You will also be awarded two (2) Togs! Please be sure to message [Stephen] when your submission is featured to ensure you get the Togs.


[Hedda]: <img20*20:stuff/Ghedda.jpg>
Double feature on 11/25/12 <img20*20:stuff/Ghedda.jpg>

[djxmonster]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 12/02/12 <img20*20:>

[Big Brother]: <img20*20:stuff/battlefield_goofy.jpg>
Double feature on 12/09/12 <img20*20:stuff/battlefield_goofy.jpg>

[Orestez]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 12/18/12 <img20*20:>

[tenaka_khan187]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 12/26/12 <img20*20:>

[d o n e]: <img20*20:>
<img20*20:> ( Double-Feature)

[iCh3wi]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 1/02/13 <img20*20:>

[Asrun]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 1/09/13 <img20*20:>

[DevilishlySweet]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 1/16/13 <img20*20:>

[shardae le fae]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 1/27/13 <img20*20:>

[Solitiaum]: <img20*20:stuff/goofkate.jpg>
Double feature on 2/05/13 <img20*20:stuff/goofkate.jpg>

[FireGypsy]: <img20*20:stuff/bestest.JPG>
Double feature on 2/12/13 <img20*20:stuff/bestest.JPG>

[Battlefield]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 3/05/13 <img20*20:>

[RabidSphinx]: <img20*20:>
Double feature on 3/12/13 <img20*20:>

[Alexandra the Great]: <img20*20:stuff/PICT0103.JPG>
Double feature on 4/8/13 <img20*20:stuff/PICT0103.JPG>

[~altopia~] and [Peachirach]: <img20*20:stuff/Altopia%20and%20peachirach.jpg>
Double feature on 4/23/13 <img20*20:stuff/Altopia%20and%20peachirach.jpg>

[Firenze]: <img20*20:>

[Sabrina Catherine]: <img20*20:>

[-Fï®ë»ÂT»WïLL-]: <img20*20:>

[Tear]: <img20*20:stuff/Wongmonster>

[Igraine the Relentless]: <img20*20:stuff/PICT0002.JPG>

[Vader]: <img20*20:>

[FireWing]: <img20*20:>

[RabidSphinx] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/raindropcoolshades.jpg>

[skullhead] - <img20*20:stuff/skullgoof> & <img20*20:stuff/Goofyskullhead645.jpg>
Double Feature.

[The Darkest Star.]: <img20*20:img/image/12270_1122406382.jpg>

[x-x Ripped At The Heart x-x] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:>

Sonic (Not an Elfpack member): <img20*20:stuff/sonicgoof.jpg>

[Amaranthine]: <img20*20:stuff/CMG.jpg>

Elftown's New Hardware (Not an Elfpack member): <img20*20:stuff/elftronhardware.jpg>

[Love like Winter.]: <img20*20:stuff/goofystalker.jpg>

Lilo (Not an Elfpack member): <img20*20:stuff/lilo.jpg>

[maketsu] and [Isilando]: <img20*20:stuff/beercablemakisi.jpg>

[Mildred Hubble]: <img20*20:stuff/grrr.jpg>

[Hoodlum]: <img20*20:>


[SimpleAnnie]: <img20*20:img/image/14445_1131233914.jpg>

[pumpkin king] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:img/image/15423_1127548603.jpg>

[Suicidal Moon] - <img20*20:img/image/19616_1127794047.jpg>

[sotalean] - <img20*20:stuff/elfpack2.jpg>

[Sunrose] - <img20*20:stuff/SunSleepyGoof.jpg>

[Malve] - <img20*20:>

[Jitter]: <img20*20:img/image/24823_1132767411.jpg>

[RabidSphinx]: <img20*20:stuff/raine_goof.jpg>

[~Neo Angel~]: <img20*20:img/photo/11296_1132777074.jpg>

[Ga_Inja]: <img20*20:>

[BlindGuardian]: <img20*20:stuff/blindguardiangoofpic.jpg>

[SweetBrunette00]: <img20*20:stuff/SweetBrunette00Goof.jpg>

[PAULUS]: <img20*20:>

[Ellyn]: <img20*20:stuff/EllynlovesEP>

[zoloftzantac] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/zzcoolshadesgoof.jpg>

[Orestez]: <img20*20:stuff/oregoof2.jpg>

[Serena] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/serenagoofpic.jpg>

[Kagomeyasha]: <img20*20:stuff/kagomeyashagoofpic.jpg>

[Elandain] - Cool Shades:<img20*20:stuff/elandains_shades.jpg>

Rebeca: <img20*20:stuff/RebecaGEE.jpg>

[mr rogers colostomy bag] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/Billwithshades.jpg>

[Dirtydawg™]: <img20*20:stuff/Picture013.jpg>

[PyroBuggy] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:>

[Goodbye EP] - <img20*20:stuff/GOOFYMOLLY1.jpg>

[Mrs.Teenage Scum] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:stuff/dfgfg.jpg>

[RINI]: <img20*20:>

[imdaonlyone010] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:>

[Ga_Inja] - <img20*20:>

[Dirty Lil Juggalette] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:img/photo/3723_1120896770.jpg>

[DrakeA]: <img20*20:stuff/DJAngelGoofPic.jpg>

[Atayemi]: <img20*20:img/photo/20288_1141926081.jpg>

[hytrjuhytjhgjg] - Cool Shades: <img20*20:>

[Box] - <img20*20:img/image/21771_1142611971.jpg>

[dramaqueen] - <img20*20:img/image/15570_1143858808.jpg>

[zoloftzantac] - <img20*20:stuff/DSCN0565.JPG>

[The Invisigoth Chick!] - <img20*20:img/photo/30763_1147635819.jpg>

[DARSH] - <img20*20:stuff/DARSH_aprilfool.jpg>

[spincrus] - <img20*20:stuff/D%3AtempgeeEP-goofy-darshloversunited.jpg>

[Marishka] - <img20*20:img/photo/11_1150658785.jpg>

[Air-inn] - <img20*20:img/image/35079_1150964724.jpg>

[Sky Chord] - <img20*20:>

[imdaonlyone010] Cool Shades - <img20*20:img/image/39311_1142651672.jpg>

[Yudan333] - <img20*20:img/photo/21409_1152659438.jpg>

[Death of a Soul] - <img20*20:img/image/43646_1154153965.jpg>

[Pandora♥xcore] - <img20*20:img/photo/28548_1155921887.jpg>

[Rowan] - <img20*20:>

[stephy.h] Cool Shades - <img20*20:stuff/stephomelon_CoolShadesGoof.jpg>

[Altecfenix]: <img20*20:>

[beautiful _ darkness]: <img20*20:>

[Avrora_Black]: <img20*20:stuff/elfpackgoofy.jpg>

[eyelinertears]: <img20*20:img/photo/40582_1156965567.jpg>

[Sonya Blue]: <img20*20:stuff/z/20496/Angel%2520being%2520a%2520retard/i1170748872_6.jpg>

[spincrus]: <img20*20:stuff/spincrus_shades.jpg>

[Chriss]: <img20*20:img/photo/25259_1151989428.jpg>

[jesticles]: <img20*20:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJessicaMy%20DocumentsMy%20PicturesDaily%20Goof.JPG>

[Steph-O-Melon]: <img20*20:img/photo/32200_1153709181.jpg>

[glub]: <img20*20:stuff/66to2u9.jpg>

[Wally :(]: <img20*20:stuff/Dailygoof96.jpg>

[Difference]: <img20*20:stuff/goof97.jpg>

[Warheart], [Altecfenix] and [Fear of the Soul]: <img20*20:stuff/goof98.jpg>

[Euphoria Factor]: <img20*20:stuff/goof100.jpg>

[MadHatress]: <img20*20:stuff/goof102.jpg>


[Cerulean Sins]: <img20*20:>

[wolvie]: <img20*20:>

[sammie h!]: <img20*20:>


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2005-07-20 [~altopia~]: Awww how come I didn't get my goofy trophy yet? [Peachirach] did!!! *sulks*

2005-07-20 [Firenze]: You do have your goof cup...I delivered it myself *refers to guestbook*

2005-07-20 [Dwemer]: ?? Weird stuff.

2006-02-17 [zoloftzantac]: Hey Kel, so are we shootin' for updated once evry a 3 days or so?

2006-02-17 [Firenze]: I update every 3 days but if I forget it is updated on the fourth day :p

2006-03-16 [PyroBuggy]: Who the when the what the hell? When was i a goofy what the hell? D8>

2006-03-17 [zoloftzantac]: You are right now! ^_^ see main stuff

2006-04-18 [Ultiem]: spelling error corrected

2006-04-18 [Firenze]: ok

2006-09-08 [Firenze]: AJ [mr rogers colostomy bag] has already been a goof...

2006-09-08 [FireGypsy]: Yeah...I was just going to say that...

2006-09-09 [Tear]: I didn't check this page. I'll fix it.

2006-09-09 [Firenze]: As they say look before you leap ^_-

2006-09-22 [Tear]: New goof.

2011-12-15 [sammie h!]: Not editable [Stephen]. :)

2012-11-26 [Stephen]: [Sky Chord] - <img20*20:>

Hrm. <URL:img/image/27532_1152285912.jpg> seems to have been deleted from the server. Which, as far as I know, only happens in the case of a Guard doing an image deletion. It might even only be a Guard Captain/Sergent deletion.


2012-11-26 [Deg]: Oh, weird. Didn't even notice that. I didn't do something wrong, did I? I edited the page earlier, I didn't think I did anything...

2012-11-28 [Stephen]: Nope, you didn't do anything wrong. (:

2012-11-28 [Deg]: Whew. <img:sutN.gif> I didn't think I did but I'm always paranoid that I screw things up.

Now the question is, what do I do if it gets to [Sky Chord]'s turn for a double feature and there's no pic to feature?

2012-11-28 [sammie h!]: Want me to try sort this? x

2012-11-28 [sammie h!]: what you could do is, go into there gallery and find a suitable picture then feature it, but may I make a suggestion, do not feature people who haven't been on more than 100 days?

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