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Musical Wikis

Wiki Directory


Please keep it in alpabetical order, thank you!

ac/dc fans united ac/dc rules
AFI fans unite Love AFI??You should join...Also on elftown!
Against Me! Up The PUNX
Atmosphere Fans For all the Atmosphere Fans!! On Elftown as well.
Avenged-Sevenfold The official A-7-X wiki everything you need to know!

Bassists UFUCKnited A wiki for t<he bassists out there!!!!!
Billie Joe Armstrong... just in case you wanted to know
Billie Joe Lovers
Billy Martin Lovers For GC's Billy Martin fans :)
bright eyes A great wiki for those who love and appreciate passionate music with beat :D
britney rocks britney fans!!

Cannibal Bill An unsigned metal band from Ontario, growing up the fame
Children of Bodom United - for those that like the Hate Crew!
Classical Music Lovers - A nice wiki for those who like classical music :D
Cobra Starship-For all those who love or just like Cobra Starship.
Cypher House - ONLY FOR RAP
cliff burton cause cliff is the shizznit on bass
Cure fans The greatest 80's music ever!
Coheed and CambriaOne of the best bands out there

Dani Filth You know he's teh shmex!
Dave Matthews Band - Dedicated to the best of the modern jam bands, as well as Dave's related solo projects. Includes a setlist archive for you geeks.
dimebag darrell dime still is the no. 1 metal guitarist
dimmu borgir lovers DIMMU BORGIR!CHYES!\m/
..The Distillers. .Well, everyone loves them, duh.
DONOTS Great UK band ^_^
Dream Theater If you don't know who they are, I don't know who you are.
Drummers unitefor you drummers and wannabe drummers

Elfpack Guitarists - Members please! Become an [Elfpack Guitarist!]
Elfpack Bandroom Waiting for members!
Elfpack Music Hall A home for all mucians and music lovers on elfpack! Discuss technique and share opinions and material :)
Emocore All emo's welcome!
Eurovision Song Contest See and comment on the songs in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Evanescence Forever

Faithless_Emo_Punks-for the weird, punk/goths out there who are emo's and like rock, punk-rock and heavy metal. yeah.
Fall out boy For all of Fall out boys's fans.. come and join !
flogging molly
foo fighters fanclub
Fort Minor Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda's solo project Fan Club!
FlyLeaf A wiki dedicated to the fans of Flyleaf!

GC Rockz! We Love Good Charlotte! Join if you do too!
Green Day FanzDuh!
Green Day Hall Of *Fame*
green day rox awesome band.
green day are the best! 4 all u rock n roll fans owt there
greenday rock for all who want to join and pay tribute p.s i know i spelt green day wrong
Good Charlotte Fans! another GC wiki... desperately needs members!
Guitarists and Artists Under Construction!

H.I.M We're up and running join now

jimmy eat world an awesome band to hear live.
jimi hendrix
john bonham need i say any more?
Jurtis my songs and what not..
Just Music @ wiki... no matter what music you are into.

korn A Wiki dedicated to Korn for Korn lovers!, come join!
KMFDM For Those Who Can't Enough of KMFDM
kvlt bm The home to Black Metal and everything evil.
Keyboardists Join if you are a keyboardist/synth-ist.

Lady Gaga.
Led-Zeppelincause we all know they were the best band ever
Led zeppelin Fan Club Zeppelin fans should join!Rock On!
Led Zeppelin Fanatics Unite Yet another Led Zeppelin fan club... though we think we're the most dedicated, of course. :D
Linkin Park Fanatics United Join us...You know you want to...
Live: The Band - Live is an awesome band. 'Nuff said.

I Heart Marilyn Manson For Manson fans.
metal maniacsfor all you metal heads out there!\m/
metallica rocks keep rockin
Mike Dirnt Is Bad Ass
Mindless Self Indulgence  
MIXTAPE. For the ace kids of elfpack who enjoy emo /
indie/ poprock .. etc.etc.
Miyavi Shrine To worship MIYAVI!
motley cruebest 80s band ever
Musical Forest
My Chemical Romance For those who love music that matters

Nightwish freaks There is only one Nightwish in the world...
Nine Inch Nails For Fans Of Trent's Work
Nirvana An awesome band.

PanterAbecause we all know they were the best thing that ever happened to metal!!!
Paramore JOIN!!! Because they're freaking awesome!
Punk Appreciation Because We Appreciate the dieing spirit of Punk Rock

Queen Lovers United

Rage!Wooo the RATM wiki!
Rammstein fans
rap fans for people who like rap.
rock fans united

Singing A wiki for all the little people who love singing!
Scott Weiland a wiki for the singer of STP & Velvet Revolver
Shut Us Up A wiki made for fans of the pussy punk band Mindless Self Indulgence
slave to the metal fans
slayer fans united a wiki for a kick ass band
slipknot obsessed - GRRR For all those maggots
Slipknot is for Serpents- dedicated to Slipknot and Disturbed (under construction HELP!!)
Soul Coughing - Info, discography and setlist archive for a cult band from the 90's.
Soulfly Tribe For All The Soulfly Tribe Members
system of a down fans
son of dork For the fans of son of dork !!! :]
Sonny Moore Lovers For those who love FFTL's lead!
Sonny <3 For those who think Sonny is teh sex!
Selena Forever-because she's awesome and no one will ever forget her(go fans!!!)

t.A.T.u Fan Club - Do you Love t.A.T.u?
The Beatles Dedicated to the best band there ever was!
thephantomoftheopera nice man in kewl mask n_n
The Rock Cult Come in and Rock your Heart out!!!
tom delonge lovers come and worship the man who is..tom delonge!
Trè Cool Is My Role Modle
The Ying Yang Twins && Wu Tang Clan Wiki for all u ppl hu luuuuuvvvv the ying yang twins and the wu tang clan
The Rock Association A list of awesome rock bands. Do add if you know a great band :)
TMBG - Setlist archive for They Might Be Giants, the coolest band ever.
True Metal Gathering A place for the real metal heads to gather.
TWCA fan Page Give support to the up and commind Band "The Wretched Corpse Anatomy"

U2 Concert Archive Like it says, a listing of all U2 tours with concert dates.
U2 Discography Created as a sister Wiki page for the above concert archive. The discography is extensive, and contains all information for studio albums, single releases, and compilations.

van halen fans united
Vulgarity: A Tribute to Dir En Grey For Dir En Grey fans.

wednesday 13 freaksfor all who love wednesday13!CHYES!
Whiplash! Because you all know you have it at some time in your rocker life!
We Love Aiden For teh people who love the effing band Aiden!!!

Zakk Wylde For evyone who recognizes his godlike status.
Zeromancer Because We All Love Dr. Online >

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2005-12-22 [The Witch's Cat]: Do you know of one that you are looking for.You know the name,or are you just looking because you don't know of any?

2005-12-30 [blacky]: how to become a musical wiki

2006-01-17 [Bran the Blessed]: anyone else here play a tuba or Bass guitar?

2006-02-28 [danielle.]: I can play the guitar, thats about it...

2006-02-28 [Five Fatal Flaws]: BASS, me do bass

2006-05-22 [Misunderstood Inhaler]: i play bass guitar electirc agustic and drums hehe

2006-06-28 [Kataklysm]: ok think of every instrument you can, ok got it? Now that is what I can play.

2006-07-05 [azz1266]: heya peeps ckeck out syonide fans tell me what ya think of the music!!!

2006-07-05 [Love like Winter.]: [Kataklysm]: unless you have something nice to say or something musically related, do not post comments here. They'll only get deleted.

2006-07-05 [Love like Winter.]: Pointless comments will also be deleted. This is a public wiki listing. Please keep unlreated chat to a min.

2006-07-05 [Love like Winter.]: I really have no time for moronic comments. Any more comments from [Kataklysm] will be deleted, regradless of topic.

2006-07-24 [Another face in the crowd]: THIS IS MY BRAIN ON SKA!

2006-07-24 [Love like Winter.]: Haha xD

2006-11-30 [kasi]: dude... MURDERDOLLS

2007-04-11 [.::The Latest Plague::.]: <img:>
sonny <3 look guys!

2007-04-24 [Kataklysm]: Oh Snap!

2008-09-30 [phoenixborn]: New wiki added :) [Elfpack Music Hall] A home for all mucians and music lovers on elfpack! Discuss technique and share opinions and material :)

2008-10-04 [Hedda]: Elfpack Music Hall you mean. Usually people add the @wiki when they shouldn't, not the forgetting about it. <img:cheshmak.gif>

2008-10-05 [phoenixborn]: Darn you and your all-seeing eye -__- I shall leave it as it is so people can see why you're mocking me XD But yeah guys, the one [Hedda] says is the right one to click :P

2011-08-15 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Keep, or discard

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: You can keep it, it's a good idea. Just needs some work.

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