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The BattleField


Long ago, there was a great and terrible battle, the three champions of there respective nations faced down the demon that brought forth the apocolypse and the destruction of man, as the battle raged the world was decimated,when all was said and done the demon lay dead,But so did the Champions,because of this the demon was sealed behind another pitiful seal made by the human race,and within a few thousand years,the demon had returned and destroyed all of the human race,to stop this a being with no name,and no identity,traveled back in time and selected 3 young warriors and scholars,to send back in time,to the time of the elements,to make sure that the champions did not die,a second time,unfortunatly due to this meddeling time has been distorted,and new enemies not recorded in there history have emerged,has this meddeling been a blessing...or a curse

No God Modding unless under certain cirucumstances--> the enemies of this wiki are designed to be hard to beat,you cannot simply over power them because you want to,or because you wanna look badass,its just not gonna happen,if you do this i will delete the comment and have you type somthing different,only certain characters in this wiki are meant to be that strong.

Anime Ripoffs --> This wiki in order to remain epic as shit and relevant,has ripped off various anime's of the real world,from Dragonball Z to Inuyasha to Naruto,if that is a problem,leave,this wiki is a fanfiction meaning its our decision what we type,not the worlds.

Character Selection--> This wiki posseses 3 factions (Enduril Aldar and Demon) if you wish to have a character in all three thats great,but it is requested that you do not make your character with the impression that he/she is the greatest thing since ever (for example no demon can over power Cysero except one...spoiler) so tailor your self accordingly.

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2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles punching her torso,slamming his fist inside her body,his fire element burning her insides "that wasnt very nice fraulein!

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress screams loudly, her eyes fluttering between white and green. She glares at him "Fuck you." her eyes began to tear up as she struggled to get free. Her body scorching with pain as she scratched his arms and kicked him, though without any prevail

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero growls "Now Di..." His Sentence is interupted as a Blue fist slams into him sending him flying

Snyder land gasping for air beside her "ill hold him off,get to kasumi!"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress breathed hard as she tried to get up but fell back down. She growled loudly, forcing herself to use the last bit of her energy to bring out her susanoo. She looks at Snyder "Come with me. He wants us both and it won't be pretty if he gets what he want." she coughs hard, blood splattered on to the ground as she managed to stay up.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder growls as she slowlys Tiger both of them injured,looking behind her she realizes Cysero is letting them get a head start,licking his lips smirking*

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tried to go as fast as she could. She gritted her teeth as she ran, ignoring the pain and fear that began to build inside her.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Heatra Appears behind them and gabs both of them running,blood trickling from his eyebrow and mouth,trying to get them away*

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks at him "Heatra?! oh no, you're hurt."

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Heatra growls loudlly "Its fine your worse off"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls back but she knew he was right. She coughs again, more blood spilt out.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Heatra hides them in a cave "Stay here for a little bit,ill lead him off,Do NOT follow me "he vanishes into the forest"

Syder grits her teeth as Kasumi runs up without speaking trying to heal them"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tries to go after him but her body finally gives out causing her to fall to the cave floor. Her body temporarily paralyzed "Damn it, not now!"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Kasumi:Stop tiger,we cant help him if you and your friend are this hurt

Snyder unable to speak manages to studder "T-time changed...t-t-this is normal

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled as she laid there. She looked at the cave entrance impatiently

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder continues studdering "Heatra is a-alone,we have to h-h-help him

Kasumi yells "not in your conditions your not

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress focuses her thoughts on the earth and the forest around her and began to draw energy from it all. Not caring as to how this would hurt the forest, she began to draw more energy than she had ever done before. Trees around them began to grow black an decay and the earth slowly began crack and lose all life.
She had to help Heatra, she had to get everyone back inside Endril, she had to keep everyone safe even at the cost of her own life.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Kasumi and Snyder slowlly watch the trees and grass dying*

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress body glowed as she absorbed the energy around her. With a few seconds her wounds and internal injuries had completely healed and soon the power she had lost while battling Cysero began to replenish. Tigress felt her heart beat loudly against her breast as she continued to drain energy from the forest. *Almost there, just a little more* she thought to herself.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Kasumi finished healing Snyder and jumps up "You two go help heatra"

Snyder nods standing up and running out of the cave in the direction of the fighting"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes flashed as she speed after her, trying to run as fast as she could.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: In the Distance Cysero holds Heatra in the air by his collar,Cyseros body had changed,instead of his human like frame his body was much taller and more muscular,his body radiating with darkness"

Snyder yells loudlly "Oh fuck! Cysero is in his second form,were gonna die you know that

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress' eyes widen as she took in a deep breath "So long as Heatra lives, it doesn't matter if we die." Tigress rushes as fast as she could. Her body started glowing a burning white as she absorbed as much energy as she could.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cyseros head turns slightly looking at them approach,letting Heatras body fall to the ground he turns facing them,without motion or physical responce,suddenly Snyder and Tiger get pushes backwards,sliding back with a unseen force seemingly of pure energy

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress quickly recovers. Her eyes falls on Heatra, watching him fall to the ground. She let out a loud roar and with a sudden flash of light, her eyes turn completely white as she enables her susanoo "Snyder, do you want to get Heatra or take a shot at Cysero?"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Snyder nods "ill get the king,just please only distract him,do not fully engage

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress nods as she takes a deep breath, allowing her susanoo to take over completely once again. She looks up at Cysero and with incredible speed she appeared behind him "Miss me?" she purred as her fist glowed a bright white. She punched Cysero hard, causing him to hit hard on the ground. She laughed playfully "You're it!" she quickly sped off through the trees, trying to lead him away."

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero very slowlly began to rise from the ground,no verbal responce,then a very small smirk appears as he vanishes"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rushes through the trees, trying to go as far as she could. She climbs up into a large oak tree and looks back, trying to see if he had followed.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero instantly appears infront of her,inches from her with his arms crossed,his usual confident swagger replaced with blank, dead and lifeless silence"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinked seeing him. She frowned as she saw his blank expression. She leaned against the trunk of the tree "Aw, what happened to the other Cysero? I liked him better. This one seems boring."
She falls and lands easily upon the ground.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero lowers to the ground and raises his arms,preparing to fight her,his eerie blank expression ominouslly investigating every inch of her

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress gave a smile that seemed like a cross between excitement and flirtation. She tossed her hair back as her body began to glow a beautiful white. "Like what you see?" she teased as she stretched her arms above her head.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cyseros Expression doesnt change but the ground begins shaking violently, His body pulsing Aggresivly"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks and frowns as she stands steadily "Hmph, your second form is boring." Tigress jumps upwards and jumps from branch to branch, trying to get as much distance as possible.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero raises a hand and suddenly multiple trees and rocks infront of him disentagrate with a beam of energy

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress felt her body shudder as she sensed the strong power of the energy he had released. She continued to bounce through the trees.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero begins waking forward when suddenly he omits a loud blood curdling roar,his body shrinking,his arms and legs returning to normal,then suddenlly Cyseros original form reappears,he drops to his knees panting loudlly*

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stops and looks back to see Cysero on the ground. She stops abruptly and stares at him for a minute before she smiled mischievously. With in a blink of an eye, she appeared before him. She bent down and looked at him "All powered out?" she grinned as her hand burst with light energy and hit him hard across the face. Layers of flesh peeled away as he hit against a tree hard.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero hits the tree as it snaps and falls apart,he quicklly rises his face reforming,with an angry roar of a yell the sky turned black "You foolish little welch,transformaton or not you are no match for me

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress' smile disappeared and a stern frown took it's place. She suddenly appeared before him and pinned him hard against the tree "That's usually true but you used up your energy. You are weaker than me, Cysero. You're not better than an average human in this form." She punched him hard his stomach. Her light burned through his flesh, as he did to her before. She then grabbed him by the throat and squeezed, a maniacal smile spread wide on her face.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero Growled loudly healing as he opened his mouth a blast of dark energy explodes across her face using this distraction he begins retreating threw the woods"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled as she wiped away what ever it was on her face and looks around trying to find him. She smiles sensing him and quickly follows after him. She forces him to the ground and pins him down "now, now. I'm not done Cysero. You got your turn, now it's mine." She dug her nails hard across his chest repeatedly.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero Growls loudly "Then by all means enjoy your present " his hand circling with wind energy slams into her chest with tremendous force "RASENGAN"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress flies back and hits against a near by tree. She rubs her chest, pouting a little at him "Ow, you punched my breast you ass!" Tigress stood up to attack again but she realized Cysero would soon regain energy. If that happened, she didn't have a chance. She sighed and quickly pinned his arms down "Tell me, why did you appear to me inside the palace? I know its more than just a message. Kasumi or Irene would have been a better messenger than me, so tell me what are you really up to???!"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero Chuckles coughing slightly from being damaged " Appeared to you in the castle,my my thinking about me that much are we

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled as she dug her knee hard into his chest "Tell me you ass."

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles loudly "Your patience is the same as heatra's,how splendid,foolish girl i came because i was told to bring your soul,to bring your precious little body to my master

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress narrowed her eyes "Why me? Why Heatra? Why are we so important for your master?"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero Chuckles louder "You wouldnt understand,your souls as well as that wreched oracles are very delicious to my master,and once i find his prison i shal release my master upon this plain once more,and he will be the one casting this world into darkness,i am merelly a puppet

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress grits her teeth "You're sick. I won't let that happen, I won't let you!" She raised her fist high as a burning light of intense power swarmed around it. She brought her fist down hard, ready to end his life completely.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero smiles as his eyes flash back open "YOU TOOK TOO LONG BITCH!" His hand quickly grabs her arm inches from his chest and with ease he snaps her wrist like a stick,kicking her hard off of him

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress screams in pain but quickly gets back up. Her wrist heals instantly but she knew he was right. She growled before she backs away slowly. She stared at him for a few seconds but then turns and hurry back through the forest at top speed. She knew she couldn't fight him. Besides, she had to see if the others were alright.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero roars "I THINK NOT!"

He tackles her from behind pinning her to the ground,he drives his knee into her leg breaking it so that she cannot escape*

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: she grits her teeth trying to muffle a scream. Her eyes continued to burn bright as her leg began to heal. She tried to shove him off of her.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero slaps her once then lifts her clenching her throat agressivly "you on the other hand,will never make it too my master,you will spend the rest of your miserable life in my dungeons,tending to whatever i deem appropriate,im sure my master wont mind missing just one soul

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress' eyes widen with fear as she stared up at him. Her eyes began to tear up as she dug her nails into his arm, unable to breath or speak. She gritted her teeth before a burning light illuminated from her skin. She held on to his arm tightly and with her damaged leg, racks him hard between the legs causing him to let go. "LIKE HELL YOU WILL!!! I WILL KILL MYSELF BEFORE YOU OR ANY OF YOU FILTHY DEMONS EVER GET A CHANCE TO RAPE ME!"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero snarled loudly looking up at her "You cant escape bitch,i will catch you i are you alive

Tigress runs drectly into heatra,running into him,but the impact doesnt shake his body atall,his blank stare made more fearful by his Mangekyo Sharingan piercing threw the now dark night"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks up at him, she felt her body tremble as she began to cry uncontrollably. "H-Heatra..."

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Heatra walks past her,staring down Cysero*

Cysero observes him and thinks to himself " This isnt right,my second form had almost destroyed him,and now he stands here barelly scratched,even the oracle couldnt have healed him like this

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks at him "Heatra?"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero smirks "Well well well,Susanoo,it seems your in control right now then? very well i will enjoy destroying both you and the bitch"

Heatra stops and grits his teeth,the ground starts to shake violently and with a sudden explosion of flames and flying debris fire explodes from heatras body"

Cyseros eyes widen "Whats this!"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress fell back. She scurried back, trying to stay out of the way "Heatra? What is this???"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Heatra grits his teeth starting to almost fall to his knees,the flames begin forming into a skeletal figure 5 times the size of Heatra,its arms and head forming distinctlly

Cysero growls "No,the bastard is releasing the Susanoos full manifestation,i must end this now

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes widen as she runs to Heatra "Heatra stop! You'll get yourself killed"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Heatra Yells loudlly almost if in pain,as The Susanoo itself yells in rage

Snyder sweeps in grabbing Tiger and running carrying her "he doesnt recognize us,we get to close we di!

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tries to break free from her grasp "But Heatra is going to get himself killed!"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Snyder growls "im sorry but we cant help him that close,we have to stay out of it for now!

Cysero lowers his arms as he stares up at the now manifested Susanoo he grits his teeth "not a perfect manifestation,but close,i must finish this quicklly,strange,i cant sence his energy,perhaps he is dead and he susanoo is all that remains

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls back at her, still trying to break free "I don't care!"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Snyder keeps running "going over there will get us all killed,if heatra survives do you know how pissed he will be if you are that reckless"

Cysero watches as the susanoo just looks down at him,he very cautiouslly starts backing away

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress watches Heatra's Susanoo, tears streaming down her cheeks. unable to say anything as Snyder runs further and further away

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Heatras Susanoo raises its arm and swings with speed that wasnt expected as Cysero takes the full impact gritting his teeth as he is sent flying backwards

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress manages to pull out from Snyder's grasp and began running back. She jumped into a high branch and watched with amazement, her body shivered feeling his extraordinary power.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: the swats from the susanoo continue as trees and rocks are obliterated as it attempts to grab Cysero who frantically dodges,but then Cysero realizes somthing and roars angrily,within the center of the susanoo,gritting his teeth,still concious,Heatra is controlling the susanoo*

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress dodges some of the rubble as she continued to watch.

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero Angrily begins summoning a large ammount of wind energy to his hand"

Snyder lands beside tiger "Its the rasengan!"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes widen "HEATRA WATCH OUT!!!!"

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Heatras Susanoo's arms close in a gaurd position as Cysero slams a much larger than usual Rasengan into it

Cysero roars upon contact "Oodama Rasengan!"

a large explosion takes place with smoke and deris everywere

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress jumps to the ground "HEATRA!!!'

2016-01-27 [Legendary]: Cysero lands on the ground slightly panting with a smirk,but it quicklly fades when the smoke subsides,as the Susanoo is still there,unscratched"

2016-01-27 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stares in amazement

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: The Susanoo Roars loudlly striking Cysero directly,the fist pushing Cysero backwards as his feet dig into the ground,making trenches backward,Cyseros lip bleeding as he tries to hold back the fist*

Snyder wattches in amazement "Wow...

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stares, unable to say anything as she watches Heatra attack Cysero.

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Heatra Raises his hand and swings it down causing the Large Magic creature to slap Cysero,his body bouncing across the ground hard finally sliding to a stop,Cysero getting up but slower than usual"

Snyder watches " hurt! cysero can be hurt!"

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress winced a little watching Cysero bounce across the ground. "Don't get too excited, it's not over till he's dead."

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Heatra advances,as Cysero slowlly returns to his feet,then very silet at first,then progressivly louder,Cysero begins laughing loudlly*

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress becomes worried "Why is he laughing??"

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles looking up,the blood trickling from his mouth and forehead coating his smile "I must congratulate you Heatra,not since your father has someone forced me to transform,let alone twice,but it is clear to me now the only way out of this is to show you how outmatched you really are,how pointless all of this is,and how foolish it was for you too ever think you could challenge me!

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes widen as she felt her heart squeeze in fear "Shit, we need to get Heatra out of here."

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Snyder nods but then stops "Wait...wha if the Susanoo doesnt recognize us

Cysero begins roaring loudlly,as his body begins to crack and grow into what it first appeared as early,his expression however remaining the same*

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress sighs "Well we either die or he recognizes us. Or we could let Heatra keep battling which will end with either him or Cysero dying. Which do you think is better?"

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs "i guess we have no choice

Cysero launches forward and punches the Susanoos Rib cage,a lrge crack can be hear however the Susanoo Reaches down and grabs Cyseros body

Cysero Flails wide eyed "What is this!"

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress' eyes widen "Heatra??? What's going on?"

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: The Susanoo roars loudlly squeezing Cyseros body"

Heatra:Cysero transformation or not,The Susanoo is the Ultimate defence,and besides your energy hasnt recovered from fighting tiger,your over confident and challenged me again,even you have lmits

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks as she continued to watch.

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Cysero Struggles to get free as the susanoo continues to Crush him

Heatra closes one eye as a small streak of blood runs from it "and since you cant move now,i can hit you with my fathers technique

Snyder eyes buldge "hes gonna release that here!"

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress backs up a little bit "Should we run?"

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Snyder nods taking off in the opposite direction*

Heatra growls slightly "lets see how you enjoy this since you love pain so much

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress watches for a few seconds more before following after her.

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Heatra growls as his eye opens "Amaterasu"

Black flames shoot from heatras area and engulf Cysero,Cysero roars loudly, as the piercing flames almost enter his body

Snyder runs faster "do not make eye contact with him!

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tries to keep her eyes forward, fighting the impulse to look back.

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Cysero falls to the ground flailing,reverting instantly to his base,form when suddenly the susanoo releases a loud roar and disentagrates,the flames exstinguish,and Heatra falls to knee holding his right eye as blood runs over the hand "incredible,that much of a strain from only a few seconds"

Snyder stops "that wasnt a full Amaterasu

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stops abruptly and looks back "Heatra!" she runs back and hurries beside him. She knelt down and looked over him "You okay? Hold still and I'll start healing you."

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Heatra growls slightlly "dont,earth magic will damage the sharingan i posses,ill have to have kasumi do it,but thanks

Snyder approaches and looks over at Cyseros unmoving body "did"

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rolled her eyes as she walked cautiously over to Cysero's body and looks at it carefully "I dunno. I'm not sure if I wanna touch him."

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Heatra growls slightly dropping back to a knee

Snyder approaches his body and sniffs the air "i cant tell,but we had better finish him if he isnt,wether we attack a corpse or not,we need to confirm

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress nodded. Her eyes blazed white as a ball of light appeared in her hand. She clinched her fist and growled "I hope you rot in hell." She brought her fist down hard, trying to reach Cysero's heart and eliminate him once and for all.

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Cyseros Eyes Flash open and he rolls out of the way as the ground buckles underneath her attack

Cysero stands weaklly panting loudlly "You fools,its not that easy! you cant kill me i am a god!

Heatra growls "girls i have no power left,finish this!

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled as she began attacking Cysero "You're no god!!!" She kicks him hard across the chest

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Cysero roars staggering backwards,Snyder follows up with a punch accross the face sending him bouncing again"

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress formed a blade out of light and began slashing at him. She growled as she sliced away bits of flesh with each swing.

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Cysero Roars Jumping in the air and raising a hand as the wind ball appears "Rasengan!"

as he goes to slam it into tiger,Snyder kicks his arm away and slams him into the ground,causing the attack to misfire

2016-01-28 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tumbles before getting back up and runs back towards him. She jumps up and slams hard onto his chest.

2016-01-28 [Legendary]: Cysero snarls falling backwards,he stands panting loudlly and then smirks "I must admit,im very pleased that you fools are growing this strong,but i must insist you let me leave here

Snyder smirks "and why the hell would we do that"

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls as she clenches his throat "Like hell I'd let you live"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Cysero coughs slightly then chuckles "Fools,perhaps youd be interested in the reason for this diversion

Snyder stops slightlly "Diversion

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks, her grip easing up "What do you mean, diversion?"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles louder coughing still "you idiots are that dence,arent you missing some of your precious companions,the hyper active blonde and the muscular dult

Snyder grits her teeth "Scott and irene

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls "What did you do to them?!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles "if you kill me youll never fin...

His sentence is cut off as Heatras fist caves in his face,sending him flying into a tree then silence

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress lets out a yelp in surprise

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Heatra begins walking slowlly over to Cysero who is lying on the ground panting,he kneels down and chuckles "they may have my sister,but we have you,dont we"

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled "But what about Irene and Scott?! They could be hurt!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Heatra picks Cysero up by his throat "and thid son of a bitch is going to tell us exactlly where they are"

Cysero coughs "like hell,i dont lower myself to your level

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress crossed her arms "Don't be a sore loser, Cysero. Tell us where they are!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles "see that is where your wrong,i have not lost anything,for you see while you fools were trying futiley to defeat me,my associates have taken your precious allies to my master,and using there souls to help locate his prison

Heatra doesnt respond*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress smiles "Then we know where they're headed then. Right, Snyder?"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder nods "lets go

Heatra nods

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks at Cysero "I don't think we should let him live though..."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Heatra nods clenching his hand around Cyseros neck* oh dont worry,i wont

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes flashed with enjoyment, watching Cysero's face twist with pain.

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Cysero growls loudlly but heatra releases him

Snyder gasps "what are you doing finish it

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks "Heatra, what gives?"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Heatra snarls angrily "Cysero isnt here anymore,hes been gone this whole fucking time!"

Snyder blinks "what are you talking about he's right infront of you

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress grasps hold of Cysero and pulls him up to her face before growling "he's right. it's a puppet."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder growls "Now fucking what!

Heatra spits blood from his mouth "We find them,spread out

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled "No, Snyder and I will look for them. YOU will go back to Kasumi and heal up first."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Heatra smirks "fine,just get my family home safe

Snyder nods

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks at Snyder "Come on, we know where they'll be heading. lets hope we get there before they figure it out."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder nods taking off with tiger,leading the way to the first of many hidden locations they couldve been taken

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress follows after her, searching frantically with each place.

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs as they run "how could i be so stupid,i have sharingan just like heatra and i didnt even notice it was a puppet

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shook her head "Heatra and Cysero are more advanced than us. I didn't realize it either till I looked at him more carefully."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder gritter her teeth as she ran "if they die its our faults,we fell directlly into there trap,and once more heatra will be furious

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled "They're not going to die. We'll find them."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder nods slightly trying to sence somthing,anything,still gritting her fists feeling guilty*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks around frantically, trying to pick up Irene or Scott's sent.

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder stops in the middle of a clearing and points "look" multiple cracks in the earth and blood pools can be seen in the clearing

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stops and stares "Scott...." She hurries to the clearing.

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder runs into the clearning and when a loud explosion rocks the area sending shockwaves in all directions

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks around before she starts running towards the noise

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder looks up as the smoke clears,Scoot standing on one knee bleeding heavily panting loudlly,a tall demonic figure stands nearby,emotionless,its long limbs giving off a metalic effect as if it were a machine

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress' eyes widen "SCOTT!!" Tigress runs at top speed and slams hard into the demon, sending across the field. She quickly kneels down "Scott, can you hear me? Scott, where's Irene??"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Scott pants still and manages a word "Run..."

The creature very easily returns to its feet, 6 legged it methodically observes its new adversaries

Snyder lands and sees the creaure "What the hell is thhat thing!""

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls "I dunno but we gotta get outta here and find Irene." She leans in and pulls one of Scott's arm around her shoulder "Come on, I'm not leaving you behind" she says as she hoists him up

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder puts her fists up "il keep it here,you two go ahead,not like its just gonna let us leave

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress nods as she helps Scott and moves as fast as they can without hurting him too badly "What happened? WHere's Irene?"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Scotts scoffs for words "in...inside...

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks at him confused "Inside? Inside where??"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Scott manages to point back in the direction of the creature and snyder*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looked back causing her to stop "No... she's inside that monster?"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Scott nods slightly " here...your friend...cant win"

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls before leaning him against a tree "stay here, i'll come back for you." she runs toward snyder "Snyder! Irene is inside the creature!!!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder is growling as the creature hasnt moved,but snyder is panting "the hell is this thing,and shes inside it,be careful this bastard hasnt move once and its attacks are way faster than you think

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress skidded to a stop "We gotta get her out of there... but how?"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The demon very slowlly begins twitching maniaclly,its mouth opens very slightlly revealing a bloody arm,before slirping it back in*

Snyder grits her teeth "how the hell do we fight that"

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shakes her head "I dunno, ice doesn't work on it???"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder shakes her head "its like my attacks go threw it,and it hasnt move but you see that trench there,it made it,without moving

The demon very slowlly twists its head in a complete circle

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled "Well we gotta do something!!!" Tigress looks at the monster "Do you think we'd be able to hold it's mouth open long enough to pull Irene out?"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder nods "worth a shot lets do this! she charges forward

The demons snickering stops and suddenly it raises a arm "Cable Crusher" its arm extends at a violent speed and before Snyder realizes it it slams into her chest sending her flying back accross the field with a hard thud"

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress watches in horror "Snyder!!!" she growls at the creature "What the fuck are you?""

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The Creature tilts its head almost confused,before skulking very lightly into the field,it giggles slightly then raises four of its 6 legs "Cable Crusher x4" all 4 limbs jet towards tigress*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes widen in fear as she jumps high, trying to dodge it but failed. It hits her legs hard causing her to tumble across the ground.

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The creature giggles clapping two of its feet as if it enjoyed the attack,it slinks over to where snyder is but she is gone,the demon looks up long enough to the giant blue fist of the Ice Susanoo slam down on the upper half of its body*

Snyder roars "GOTCHA

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls as she jumps back up and lands on top of the creatures head. Large thick vines appear and forces itself into the creature's mouth and pried it open. The vines grow downward trying to disable any functions that could hurt either of them as they tried to get Irene out. Tigress grits her teeth trying to hold it open. "I cant hold it for long. Quick, get her out!!!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder pulls irenes bloody body out of the demons mouth,and jumps away,the large susanoo encircling both tiger and Snyder for protection

The demons back legs begin twitching rapidlly as it stands its body reinflating from being flatened by the attack

Snyder:What the hell....i hit it as hard as i could

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls "It doesn't matter. We got Irene. We should run"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder growls nodding

The demon turns around slowlly snickering then a glowing ball floats into the air,the ball explodes into a giant box that looks like grated fence,and ensnares the field

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes widen "Oh no, SCOTT!!!" Tigress growls as she looks at Snyder "Get Irene out of here, I'm going for Scott." Tigress rushes toward where she laid Scott as fast as she could, not paying attention to the beast behind her.

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The demon unnaturally bends to face Tiger and lifts a leg "Cable Crusher" as the leg darts after her

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls as she use her susanoo. Her body glowed bright white as she sped toward the tree "Scott???!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The leg bounced off the susanoos Ribcage,Scotts body comes into view when from above the creature lands right ontop of his body giggling loudlly*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled "NOOOOO!!!!" Tigress used all the strength she had to slam into the creature

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The creature bends slightlly,then looks directlly down into her face and opens its mouth,its legs wrapping around her rapidlly*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tried to break from its hold

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The creature giggles opening its rather large mouth,saliva dripping down onto tigers face*

Snyder yells "TIGER"

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress slams her fist on the ground causing a large boulder to fly into the creatures mouth. She forced it's legs open and quickly scurried out before reaching Scott "Scott, we gotta go!"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The boulder explodes as the legs flail wildly

Scott breaks free of tiger and slams his fists on the ground "Eclipse dome!"

a dome of solid granite slams closed on the demon

Scott lays on the ground panting "please tell me its dead

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress pulls him up to her and looks at the creature "I-I dunno. I think so."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Scott coughs "that thing...what the hell is that thing

The dome begins splintering as the demon emerges flailing its legs,however constantlly gigling

Irene coughs as snyder lays her down,then gets ready "how is it standing

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled as she hoists Scott up "I dunno, but we got Irene. We'll be safe once we get back to Endril."
She begins to try and run with Scott

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: The Demon giggles louder as its legs stream toward Snyder,when suddenly the legs break away as a figure stands infront of her tall and strong natured,he seems to be wielding a large sycthe*

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress eyes widen in surprise "Reaper???"

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder looks up as reaper spits out a piece of straw and looks at the demon "Seems like you guys have a bit of a problem here huh

Snyder blinks "your...the Aldar champion....

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress let out a long exhale "Oh thank god you're here" She made it to Snyder "You alright?" she asked, still holding on to Scott

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Scott grits his teeth "is irene ok"

irene weaklly raises her thumb*

Reaper lowers his scythe slightly smirking "oh god yes,a demon worth my time,ive been bored all week!

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress adjusted Scott "Right, we let you have your fun. Lets get to a safe spot. I'll start healing Irene and Scott."

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder nods helping irene up when a large explosion rocks the field as Reaper slams the blunt side of his Scythe into the creature

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress hurries with Scott out of the field and makes her way to a cluster of rocks. "This will be good. Lay her down here." She lays Scott down gently on the ground.

2016-01-29 [Legendary]: Snyder lays down Irene and looks up watching Reaper " thats reaper from the past

2016-01-29 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress leans over Irene and begins to try and heal her "Yes, that's him ugh... I wish Kasumi was here. SHe's better at this than I am."

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