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The BattleField


Long ago, there was a great and terrible battle, the three champions of there respective nations faced down the demon that brought forth the apocolypse and the destruction of man, as the battle raged the world was decimated,when all was said and done the demon lay dead,But so did the Champions,because of this the demon was sealed behind another pitiful seal made by the human race,and within a few thousand years,the demon had returned and destroyed all of the human race,to stop this a being with no name,and no identity,traveled back in time and selected 3 young warriors and scholars,to send back in time,to the time of the elements,to make sure that the champions did not die,a second time,unfortunatly due to this meddeling time has been distorted,and new enemies not recorded in there history have emerged,has this meddeling been a blessing...or a curse

No God Modding unless under certain cirucumstances--> the enemies of this wiki are designed to be hard to beat,you cannot simply over power them because you want to,or because you wanna look badass,its just not gonna happen,if you do this i will delete the comment and have you type somthing different,only certain characters in this wiki are meant to be that strong.

Anime Ripoffs --> This wiki in order to remain epic as shit and relevant,has ripped off various anime's of the real world,from Dragonball Z to Inuyasha to Naruto,if that is a problem,leave,this wiki is a fanfiction meaning its our decision what we type,not the worlds.

Character Selection--> This wiki posseses 3 factions (Enduril Aldar and Demon) if you wish to have a character in all three thats great,but it is requested that you do not make your character with the impression that he/she is the greatest thing since ever (for example no demon can over power Cysero except one...spoiler) so tailor your self accordingly.

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2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rolls her eyes "I meant it in a tactical point of view, not personally. That bastard cant feel anything let alone worry or intimidation." she walks away from the window and makes her way to the door "Im going to find some clothes that actually fit me. I got one day to relax and I plan to make the most of it!"

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Snyder smirks turning into a small 4 legged creature with a ball for a tail,without mouth moving her voice comes threw "then take me,ill investigate undercover"

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress raised a brow at her "What is there to investigate? Im just going to my old room to pick up my clothes... also might i say its a little creepy that you can disguise and spy on us."

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Snyder blinks and then sighs "its an ice elemental trait,we can take on various forms,and i spy to make sure no one else is time traveling to screw up our plans"

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: tigress smiles as they leave and make their way to her old room "or you just dont want anyone else know you exist so you can spy on Heatra during his workouts" she say teasingly

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Snyder climbs her shoulder and paws her head "no!,i have to remain incognito,im from the future

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rolled her eyes "So are me and Kasumi. You dont see us turning into pillars or cute little animals" she poked Synders nose and made her way into her old room. She quickly threw on a cute tank-top like shirt with a pair of tight fitting pants. she decided to leave her long hair down for once and wore a ruby necklace that dangled over her breasts. She looked at her reflexion and examined her apperance

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Snyder chuckled "trying to impress id wager? and i hide because Ice elementals dont exsist yet,i show up and everyone looses there shit

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rolls her eyes "Well I plan to look good since I plan to check out some of the shops. Girls gotta keep our appearance"

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs " thats why i wear armor,very unique Endurilian design,several inches thick,but as a elemental it feels like a feather"

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shrugs "I rather not have to wear anything but its would be indecent of me." she picked up the bag of coins and slipped them into a purse Kasumi gave her. She made her way out the palace doors and made her way through the main street, looking at shops and various items along the way

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs "this is boring,you sure you cant train or somthing " she stops speaking as kasumi arrives

Kasumi walks up admirring the shops also "Nice rat on your shoulder,wheres our magic king"

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress ignores Synder "he went to the tavern like always" she marveled at a beautiful tigerlily hair accesory. She places it in her hair and looked at her reflexion in the mirror "Kasumi! heatra complimented me... twice this morning"

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Kasumi gasps "twice,in 24 hours,was he drunk already?"

Irene hears this upon walking up aswell "nope he drinks with Scott,scotts not here

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shook her head "no we both just woke up then before i know it. he was hovering over me saying i did i good job and how unique my new ability is"

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Irene smirks "oooolala hovering over her,funny tiger doesnt smell like sex"

Kasumi jokinglly pops her "no no i dont think they did anything,but still heatra being nice is odd"

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress nods "it freaked me out when i finally realized what had happened" she paid for the hair pin and began walking once again

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Kasumi and irene Follow as they pass troops are mobilizing for there daily patrols,hundreds of humans putting on various grades of armor and shining weapons,the city vibrant and alive with children playing and people shopping the market district

2016-01-17 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress smiled as she looked around studying the sights around her, beaming brightly as she walked with them.

2016-01-17 [Legendary]: Kasumi chuckles "feeling confident today huh?"

Irene smirks "my brother complimented her,kasumi even you must be remotely jealous

2016-01-18 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rolls her eyes "Im always confident. Im just excited to be out and able to explore. Ive never been shopping before and theres so many people, its amazing."
As the continue down the street, Tigress realized they were close to reaching the tavern where heatra was currently at. Tigress blushes before stretching "I think Ive done enough for today. Im still not fully recovered and probably shouldnt over do it." she said in rushed tone in her voice

2016-01-18 [Legendary]: Irene nods "yea sadly i have to go find scott,some of us actually have to train"

Kasumi nods "but where are you headed Tiger

2016-01-18 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shrugs "I suppose back to Heatras quarters. Im technically not suppose to be out still cuz my eyes are still deadly and what not."

2016-01-18 [Legendary]: Kasumi nods "well as long as you dont activate the sharinga your harmless to these people

Irene is tossing the snyder cat up into the air repeatedlly spinning hr"

2016-01-19 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress quickly grab Synder from Irene's grasp and apologized quietly to her. "Then what else should I do? I'm not entirely sure what or where to go."

2016-01-21 [Legendary]: Kasumi chuckles "go check on our king,make sure hes well "taken care of"

Snyder glares*

2016-01-21 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rolled her eyes but sighed "I might as well make sure he's staying out of trouble. Here," she hands Synder to Kasumi "Take Synder back with you. And try to keep Irene from tormenting her too much, okay?"
Tigress takes a deep breath and heads into the tavern

2016-01-21 [Legendary]: Kasumi nods "when did she get this little thing i wonder"

Snyder blinks acting as animal like as possible"

Heatra is laying on the bar bottle in hand*

2016-01-21 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks and sighs as she walks over to the bar to Heatra. She folds her arms and looks at him "What are you doing?"

2016-01-21 [Legendary]: Heatra tilts his head from the bar slowlly to aknowledged her then back to facedown on the bar "isnt it obvious" he says wiggling the bottle"

2016-01-21 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress narrowed her eyes at him "I meant what are you doing laying on the bar."

2016-01-21 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs slinking into a chair "i own the entire city,and the bar is comphy " he smells the air "you smell like ice?"

2016-01-21 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blushed "Yeah, I helped some guy carry this block of ice earlier... but don't change the subject. You don't own the city, you rule it. There's a difference. You're supposed to guide and care for the city. Do you know how you look right now?"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra pointed at his bottle and sighed "being as close to sane as possible"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled "Ugh, you're hopeless sometimes" she takes the bottle away from him and sighs "Come on, lets get you back to your quarters before you make an even greater fool of yourself"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs,then stands,the people all turn and look at him with there heads tilted down,as he walks by they break eye contact almost a look of fear"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress felt sadden to see his people being so terrified of him. She turns to the bar tender and gives him the rest of the bag of gold (which was only about half full) and smiles warmly at him "Here, this should pay for his drinks and please refill everyone else's drinks as well." She follows Heatra out the tavern

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra walks outside,his eyes squinting at the son,all the humans on the street stopping at his presence and bowing,adults and children alike,however heatra continues on as if there invisible"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looked at all the people and followed him silently. She felt a little awkward as she saw the people bowing around her

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra stopped in the center of the city,dead eerie silence,he glanced around at the people,then turns facing tigress "what are they doing"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shifted a little uncomfortably "They're bowing... You're the king after all. They either fear or respect you so they are bowing."

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra grits his teeth slightly then sighs,he turns to the people and waves to them,a few timidlly wave back,the others remain bowed to him,he sighs looking over his shoulder at her "this is why i leave so early in the morning,so no one see's me,this is my fathers teachings,they feared him like a god"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looked around "It's not just you. I've noticed a lot of people are very skeptical about elementals. Plus it doesn't help we haven't had the chance to clear things up since you overthrew the patron.... perhaps we should do something to prove there's no reason to fear you or any other elemental on our side"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs as they walk "our breed is unique,sadlly we look just like Cysero to them

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled "That seems a little unfair to be compared to that asshat"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra nods "my father was a great warrior,powerful,much more then i,but he wasnt very good at people skills

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress giggles "Yours isn't much better, you know?"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra turns slightly,as he does the air shifts "forgive me,if you dont havent heard,i didnt exactlly have alot of time with my parents to learn from them"

the people along the cause-way continue by quickly

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looked at him, her face stern "At least you had parents," she stormed past him and hurried up the palace steps

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs yelling up the stairs after her "you can blame Cysero for that,none of us gave parents,without my father Cysero managed to roll over all of them,were the last defence of the human race,a race that is more scared of us than anything

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stopped before turning to him "Then that means it's our job to give relief of this fear everyone has. If we are it's protectors then the people shouldn't fear us. They should be able to feel safe and trust us rather than live in fear. Cysero may be the cause of the destruction and chaos in this world but we should be the ones giving hope and joy to make up that loss."

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs wlking past her "what do you think im training for,i have no time to be social with the people in the city,not that i do not wish it,but if i grow soft ill never surpass him

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress grabs his arm and looks at him "That's where you're wrong. People won't make you weak. Hope and faith is what keeps the human race to survive, even if it's small in number they still survive. The more faith people have in you, the more people are willing to fight for you and the cause we all share. That doesn't make you soft."

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra glances down at her then over at a man carrying bags into the castle "you there" the man stops and bows as heatra approaches "your in charge of the treasuery are you not" the man slowlly nods slightly fearful "well then,empty it" "s-sir?" "Empty the treasurey,give every ounce of the gold in the treasurey to people in the city below,tell them its a gift of goodwill,from there new king"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks in surprise.

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra turns to her then looks up at the castle "problem is i need to bring them victory,so gold fixes very little"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress smiles reassuringly at him "I know you'll succeed. I believe in you along with Kasumi, Irene, and Scott. I wouldn't be here, let alone lay down my life for you." She straightens her tigerlily hair pin before looking at the castle "You'll be great, Heatra. Especially with great friends like us."

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs very lightly taking her hand but not looking at her "well first things first is learning to use the Susanoo,without the strain"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blushes and looks down "Then we better get started, Professor Heatra" she nervously teased

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs "well we just have to make sure Cysero knows im coming for him,a symbol,somthing that no battle will show him"

Snyder crawls up tigers body to her shoulder to act as pet like as possible

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress jumps a little in surprise but smiles as she pets Synder gently "Why not use your crest??"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra nods "yes but it only responds to my power,which means i would have to release the Susanoo,in the city

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress thinks for a second and shrugs "Only idea I have is we kind of do a kids show where we each do a few elemental tricks and you finish up with it but... that sounds a little dumb."

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs "the Susanoo is a mark of darkness,a weapon that shouldve been passed to Cysero not me,but it is a weapon i intend to use,to great effectiveess

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shrugs "Then you may just have to wait till the time is right"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra nods "i know how to do it,we bait him,we bait the son of a bitch"

Snyder paws very lightly at tigers shoulder,as if telling her somthing

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress leans a little to her so she can whisper in her ear

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Snyder very silentlly whispers "this is how Heatra encounters Cysero again,it is not there final battle,however it is historically accurate,we have to help Heatra lure Cysero,but what would Lure the demon king this close to Enduril

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress thinks for a second and then looks at Heatra "What if we tell Cysero I perfected my Susanoo? He entered the city last time when he thought I destroyed Onyx. Maybe he'll do it again?"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra sighs "no he isnt that foolish,hes a tactician,he has moved his forces around,he wouldnt come this close,not for the length of time i need to have the Susanoo released for any legitimate reason,but wait....he came after you... "Heatra turns to tigress" what does he know about you that i dont"

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks "I-I don't know. I was just looking at your father's statue and he appeared."

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Snyder blinks concerned,how could Cysero know

Heatra sighs "your new,he wants me to think there is somthing im overlooking,there has too be a reason he is so interested in you...wait when did you get a cat...thing

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks at Synder "Oh... um I bought her at an exotic pet thing. She's a snowshoe cat..." she tries hard not to look guilty

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra observes her for a second "with a ball for a tail?"

Snyder begins tencelly blinking rapidlly,and trying to be cute

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress nods "Yeah, I used to have one in my time. They tend to have elemental traits depending on the cat. She reminds me of home" she tries to change the subject "but you do have a point about Cysero. It doesn't make sense why he gave me the message when I just arrived... plus I'm still not happy he tried to stroke my cheek." she shivers

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra grits his teeh and the wall hes leaning on cracks slightlly,he then clears his throat and sighs "well,he once tried that with Kasumi,but he cant physically touch her,being an oracle touching her burns him like fire would a human

Snyder sighs relieved wagging her ball to seem petish

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tensed a little bit "Then I don't know what to tell you. I don't know anything about myself so I wouldn't know what he would be after." she pretends to snuggle into Synders fur and whispers "was he after you?"

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Snyder whispers softlly "either he wants me,or he sences we arent from this plain,he doesnt out right know but Cysero is highly skilled,its possible he knows were different"

Heatra sighs "you shouldnt worry,i may not be stronger,but my Susanoo seems to have a connection to you,i dont have memory of kasumis visit to the future but,for some reason i think it defended you

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress thinks back "Make sense... I wasn't able to use Susanoo till the old prick pulled your heart out."
Tigress pets Synder gently as an acknowledgement of her response

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Snyder whispers again "Heatras demon half responded too you,which means you are somehow involved in how he perfects the Susanoo

Heatra chuckles walking past her into the castle "besides,wouldnt want you too wrinkle your flower in a battle *he smirks going just out of view" thats my job

2016-01-22 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress turns bright red before she runs after him "What's that suppose to mean?!" she demands

2016-01-22 [Legendary]: Heatra turns to her "Training,im training you?"

Snyder snickers under her cat breathe

2016-01-24 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress narrowed her eyes "That better be all. If you mind rape me or fondle me like Scott and Irene, I don't care how strong you are, I will at least insure you won't have children before you kill me"

2016-01-24 [Legendary]: Heatra chuckles "dear even if i wanted too,youd like it"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress tried hard not blush as she rolled her eyes "maybe with the right mate, but with you I highly doubt it." She could feel her face getting warm, feeling a little embarrassed to be discussing sex and even more so to talk about doing it with Heatra.

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Heatra glances up at the sun in the sky "well then ill leave you and your cat thing to your days work,im off to train" he vanishes into a puff of flames

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress exhaled and shivered "That was so uncomfortable" she looks at Synder "You were no help, by the way."

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder reforms and makes loud noises "im still dizzy from the whole irene thinking i can fly thing"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress sighed "Anyways... back to the whole Cysero thing. Are you sure you don't know anything about why he appeared when I first came here? I seriously doubt he would appear in front of me just so I would deliver Heatra a message. It would make more sense if he told Irene or Kasumi but Heatra didn't know me. He could have thought I was lying or working for Cysero."

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder thinks for a momment,leaning on the wall "Well whats even wierder is why would Cysero risk being this close to the city,and further more if he knows the location,why not send his legions against us,the army is small,wed be over run

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shifted "Maybe there's something inside the city he needs and so he can't attack?"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder thinks "Well other than Kasumi,nothing resides souly in the city that Cysero wants his pervy hands on

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress thinks for a moment "Um... is it possible the gates could be here somewhere?"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder shakes her head "only two inteties know its location in this realm currently,Cysero...and me"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks "Wait... YOU know where the gate is?! Why didn't you tell me?"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Synder sighs "in our time the battlefield is very obvious,and the Gate is destroyed but in this time its not,and yes i know its just....its in a place the two of us could never get too

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls and rubs her head "Synder... I like you and all but sometimes its frustrating trying to understand you." Tigress sighed "Fine, what am I supposed to do? I get that I'm supposed to keep history the same as it's supposed to go but I am so confused. Its hard enough trying to figure out how to cope in a time I'm not familiar with but it's even more difficult with all these unanswered questions!"
Tigress slumped against the wall and slowly slid to the floor, looking up at the marble ceiling about her. "I know I hate it when everyone calls me a child but... truth is I feel like a child sometimes because of all these new things that I am experiencing."

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder turns back to her cat form and sits in front of her "The reason we cant reach the gate is because Cyseros Fortress is bult ontop of it,he just doesnt know yet,and there are things we must keep the same because if we dont we risk the outcome being to drastic for us to fix,even now eve altered history

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress pets Synders head "Well, at least thats something we know he doesn't... and how did we alter history???"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs "By coming here,we dont exsist in this time,so anyting we say or do,may very well change history

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress closes her eyes "Well, it cant be worse than the other future that Cysero has planned for us."

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyer nods "Agreed,but whats strange is neither of us have vanished yet,meaning we havent done anything to hamper us being born,however Heatra will eventually face Cysero again,Heatras Susanoo isnt perfected yet like mine

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress continues to pet Synder's head "I'm sure he'll perfect it before that happens."

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder nods "whats sad,is My Susanoo is strong enough to fight this Cysero long than Heatras currently can,but our difference is when my Suasnoo wears off,i cant fight like he can

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress smiled "Well, hopefully we won't have to deal with fighting Cysero again anytime soon."
Tigress stands up, causing Synder to tumble to the floor. SHe stretches. "Well, I think I should start training as well. I need to tune up my elemental abilities since my energy was drained after that last battle"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder props up "Well i mean if you want,you can train against me,we have to go far out because if heatra picks up on me,itll be bad

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress nods "Alright, sounds good. I need to touch up my earth ability. I need to charge up before I can train with Heatra"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder nods transforming,causing her to stumble into Tiger as the get caught by the wall "Oh sorry,going from big to small and is a new thing"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress catches her and smiles "It's okay, no harm done"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder smiles slightly and stands up right "Just remember,im just a little stronger than i look

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress laughed "I pretty much expected that."

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder nods as she turns into mist "Meet you there"

Heatra kicks open the door to the main hall,covered in bee's "Worst Idea EVER"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress jumps "HEATRA?! WHAT THE HELL?!!!"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Heatra flails wild as kasumi follows him yelling at him "You idiot your fire,Burn them"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shakes her head as she walks down the corridor, not really sure how to respond to the situation.

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder waits silentlly in the woods far off,trying to understand the best way to help tiger get stronger"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress sneaks out of the castle and makes her way into the woods. She sees Synder and waves "I'm here!"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder waves back and begins stretching "now just so you know,you can hit me as hard as you want,Physical attacks dont work on me anyway

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress nods and takes in a deep breath. She closes her eyes, and slowly regained energy before her eyes shot open and she began to use a combination of close combat moves in order to warm up.

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder dodges in time,easily avoiding them,she flips very lightly over her tiger and removes her armor,her soft delicate curves being revealed as she lands and raises her hands "Come on Tiger hit me"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress increases her speed and lands a couple of blows hard.

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder staggers slightly then smirks flipping her hair out of her face "Nice shots" She punches the ground and it instantlly freezes over

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress jumps away, landing on a high tree branch. Tigress focused her energy causing the earth to burst through the ice and charge at Synder

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder smirks as the earth shatters her body into pieces of ice then the ices pieces form into several copies of Snyder as they all cross there arms "Told ya"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress jumps down and punches the earth hard causing it to quake brutally. The entire army of ice clones shatter in an instance

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder reforms behind her and grabs her tightlly "Gotcha" She spins her away into a tree landing gracefully on her feet

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress plants herself against the tree and quickly bounces off it, causing her to soar at an incredible speed as she begins to attack Synder once again.

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder smiles very lightly,as a blue ribcage forms around her absorbing tigers hit"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress jumps and does a quick roundhouse causing Synder to go flying. She smiles as her eyes flash white for a brief second. Slowly things started getting dimmer around them. Tigress started feeling very active and burst with energy as she charged at Synder once again

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder smirks more as her giant Blue ribcage closes more around her,she braces against each hit"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: As Tigress continues to spar with Synder, her eyes grow completely white causing her Susanoo to engage. Her power and strength grew stronger as she continued to fight with Synder

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyders smile fades as her Susanoo becomes much more visible and strikes the cage forming around tiger cause it to crack brutally "you have to control it,if your not careful itll take over your mind

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: (it gave me an update then showed nothing)

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: (sorry, it sent like 3 of the same reply and I deleted 2 and I guess ended up deleting all of them.
Tigress continued to fight against the cage, as if she was unable to hear her. The power that surged through her felt so amazing she didn't want to stop! She could hear, see, and smell more than she could before and the power she had was simply extraordinary.
She could even hear her own heart pound loud and hard against her chest, but as she heard it, she stopped. Hearing her heart reminded her of the battle they recently encountered along with how she and Heatra almost died due to her pushing herself to far... she could push her limit.
She took a deep breath and focused on relaxing and controlling the extreme energy that was inside her.

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder unaware of her thoughts,and concerned for her safety backed up slightly as her Susanoo fully Manifests,she growls a little and yells "Sorry!" she raises her arm and the susanoo mimics her,as it punches her,a direct strike sending tiger threw several trees and into a fcliff face,as she falls snyder catches her laying her down and sitting over her "Tiger you ok"

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rubs her head as she looks up at Snyders, her eyes still pure white "OWWWWW, geez. Could have given me a sec to prepare."

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder begins rubbing tigers head softlly "you gotta relax some,had i not actually hit you the Susanoo wanted to manifest and that wouldve ended poorly*

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stretched "I had it under control... I just needed a minute"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs hugging tiger softlly "sorry just kinda responded the way heatra did when....i mean when i learned to use mine

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress raised a brow but sighed as she hugged her back "You know, you should really stop trying to hide stuff. You're a terrible liar" she giggled softly

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder sighed "i was part of Heatras army remember,i had to be trained,esspecially since i have Sharingan " she lets her go slowlly" but yours is white,meaning Light,thats Neat

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress smiled "Ice is pretty cool too. And I know but it doesn't make sense for you to cover up something like that when I already know about it." Tigress blinked "Wait... has there ever been an elemental who has been able to control light?"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder nods "a few times,but there usually rooted out and sent to the Aldar nation,Not even Cysero dares attack there,if i remember you met one of there champions Reaper

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress nods "Yeah, briefly but I met him. But why are they sent Aldar?"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder thinks "probably to keep them out of Cyseros grasp,There queen is so strong heatra and cysero combined couldnt beat her

2016-01-25 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stands up slowly "Do think that's why Cysero came to the castle?"

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs "maybe,but for now lemme make sure your ok,i hit you pretty hard "She turns into her cat form and curls up on tigers lap"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks as she slinks back down and sits for a moment "I'm fine. Just threw me off is all"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Synder nods "but your Earth,ice is a weakness of yours

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress smiled "yeah but I was in Light Mode so I should be fine." She looked up at the sky "It's getting late anyways. I should be getting back before anyone knows we're gone"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder nods "yea but whats worse is i cant sleep in this form,were gonna have to find a way to introduce me to heatra

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress rolls her eyes "What happened to staying hidden?"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs "i know but,eventually there gonna notice you vanishing,alot, and besides, do you really wanna wear me as a cat 24/7

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stood up causing Snyder to tumble to the ground "Fine but once you come out, you better not disguise yourself and stalk me like you've been doing. It's kind of annoying."

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder sighs turning normal again "ill still sneak around but knowing im in the city is easier than hiding from everyone ll the time everytime....and i dont get tossed in and out of the air repeatdlly

*a branch snaps nearby*

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress ears hear it causing her to quickly scooped up Snyder "Did you hear that?" she asked, her body tensed and ready.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder nods without speaking,her hand slowlly moving to her sword on her waist

Dead silence fills the area,and more crunching can be heard,almost as if slow footsteps*

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls "Who's there?!"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder draws her sword and tenses*

From the Darkness a familiar figure emerges,followed by an accent that drives shudders down Synders spine,as the ducks light hits the tree's Cyseros insidious face appears*

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress' eyes widen as her body begins to stiffen up "you... what the hell you want?"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero smirks,his eyes shooting over to Snyder then back to Tiger "Ah so thats what it is,your not from this time but you are here from another dimension all together,how unique,and a light element mixed in for good measure,this stroll for recon has been most exquisite,now then i think you two should simply lay down your arms,wouldnt wanna cause a fuss

Snyder grits her teeth*

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growled. She looked at Synder "Snyder, you should go back and get Heatra. I can't out run him like you can but I'll hold him off till you guys get back." Tigress took a few steps forward. "You know me better than that, Cysero. What are you doing here?"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder growls lunging forward instead as she swings her sword Cysero blocks it with his bare arm,the sword snapping inhalf as Cysero pushes her away,he then looks over at tiger smirking "come now ladies,you cant be that displeased to see me,esspecially you earth breed,and whats this you brought a beautiful little friend"

Snyder starts to stand up slowlly "BASTERD"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress pulls her away from Cysero, holding her protectively "I'm about as pleased to see you as I am with a thorn in my side." Tigress looks at Snyder "Don't do anything rash. We need to get back inside the walls."

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder grits her teeth staring at him"

Cysero chuckles "oh yes the walls,that would be a brilliant idea,i tell you what if youd like ill make this a game,i can let you run and ill try to catch you before you get there,maybe there can even be a reward in it for you,maybe i will drag you kicking and screaming back to my fortress,maybe even remove a limb or too before i give your souls to my hounds

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls "How about I kick your ass and wipe the smug look off your face!" Tigress looks at Snyder "Listen to me, GET HEATRA. Only one of us is going to make it if we try to run and neither of us will make it if we try to fight him. I can at least hold him off for a little while in my Susanoo mode."

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero's smile fades "Susanoo"

Snyder nods running off fast

Cysero unfolds his arms "its honorable you know,sacrificing your life,even if she gets your "king" you will all loose,but dont worry,im not here to truly kill you,least not yet

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress straightens herself up and takes a deep breath before smiling softly "You may think so, but I know Heatra will destroy you along with the that stupid demon king you're trying to awaken. And that's fine. If you don't kill me, I'll ensure my own death before I ever fall into your hands."

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles,then suddenly appearing right infront of her "your confidence is amiable,its a good trait,but dont you worry,when heatra arrives ill give him a warm reception,and as for my master,Heatras soul will be very very useful in that,and as for you,my master seeks your souls aswell however i may have to break that spirit of yours

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress stares at him coldly as her eyes burned bright white and her energy began increase "I like to see you try" she suddenly disappeared before appearing behind him and kicked him hard, sending him through the trees.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero lands skidding across the ground standing smiling "Thats it! Show me what you can do,MORE,HIT ME HARDER

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls "Has anyone told you how creepier you are?!!" with a flash she appears before him and begins to attack him with multiple combat combinations, trying hard to store energy and control her susanoo.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles threw each hit "You can barely maintain the Ribs of the Susanoo,but i admire your usage,but the Susanoo is merelly a part of the powers you posses,its sad you know "he smirks as he goes flying into a large rock and it smashes "such potential being wasted on the light!"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress continued to chase after him, trying to by as much time as possible "Yes because being raped and tortured by your sorry ass is so much better!" She kicked him hard in the chest

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles louder and louder "No no no my dear,i could help you learn to use that special power of yours,as well as teach you some facts about the world,for example "he catches her coming in,spinning as he drives his foot across her face sending her flying into another cliff face "its not rape if its consenual Fraulein"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress growls as she burst through the rubble "Like hell I would consent you! Innocent people are dead because of you! Children are orphans, people are suffering, and the earth is dying because of your greed and your evil ways. Why would I give into a monster like you?!"
She charges and continues her attacks, she sweeps her leg beneath him causing him to stumble a little. She quickly punches him hard across the cheek

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero catches her fist after he hits her,his eyes go comeletelly blank,with know pupils and he opens his palms "wolf fist" he palm slams into her torso as blood runs over her teeth and down her chin then she falls to the ground "You are a fool to challenge me

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress cries in pain as she lay beneath him. She grits her teeth, feeling her Susanoo starting to rage out of control. Suddenly the light around them grew dim and Tigress' body began to glow bright white. The earth began to shake as Tigress lost control of Susanoo. Tigress looked up at Cysero, a maniacal grin painted across her face "Really? I thought we were having such fun."
A large burst of light sent Cysero fly, freeing her from his grasp. Tigress stretched, he bone popping as she moaned in relief "oooooh that feels so much better." She looked at Cysero and grinned deviously "ready for round two?"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero smiles almost in a manic responce "Yes Please show me what you can do,Summon your Susanoo,strike me,loose yourself,that power feels so good doesnt it

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress pouts almost flirtatiously "Now that's not very nice. I'm a very classy girl you know. I'm not gonna show you all my naughty side. You're gonna have to work for it" she grins as her arm grows a bright white. She laughs as she charges at him, her fist connects with his chest. She jumps backwards into a tree, and looks down at him. A long cut ran along in neck and shoulder, a thin line of blood began to take form. Tigress pouts "Hmmm, I knew you were tough but I had hoped to see a little more blood than that. You're no fun." She licks what little blood off her fingers

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles as the wound closes "would you like to see more of my power dear "he touches her chin softly inches from her face" would you like me too take you perhaps,seriouslly"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress blinks as she cocks her head to the side "You don't take me seriously? You're so mean Cysero." She falls backwards and lands on the forest ground perfectly. She stretches and looks up at him, her hands placed behind her head. Her eyes were burning bright white as she watched him, her attitude was almost playful in a way. Like a cat playing with its prey. She knew she was no match for Cysero, but her Susanoo was so out of control she had no control of herself.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles "Very well Fraulein dont you fret,i shall increase my power to 10%,that should be fun enough for you,then you can hit me all you wish

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress smiles "I don't care. I just want to see some blood spilt other than my own though I suppose it will be even greater if you make me work for it. So long as I can have some fun, I'm down."
Suddenly Tigress was able to regain control causing her to jump far back "Shit... no no no. Stay where you are!" Tigress looks around frantically, having issues remaining in control "shit..."

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles,raising his hand his snaps his fingers,the ground splinters slightly and his body begins sparking with purple energy "Now this is a feeling i havent had to use in a while,come then " He smiles demonically" show me what your so called susanoo can do!"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress' eyes widen as her susanoo completely took over. She almost squealed in delight sensing Cysero's raw power "Oh yes, I am certainly going to have fun with you." Her power increases though only able to match Cysero's about 3/4 of the way. She smiles brightly as she rushes to him and continued with close combat moves. She knew she wasn't able to match his speed, let alone land a punch, but the feeling of both hers and Cysero's intense power gave her such a rush. She continued to try to fight him, not really caring if she landed a blow but still careful enough to dodge his attacks.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero dodges her with ease,the only attacks that land he allows to keep himself ammused,he suddenly drops under one of her kicks and raises up striking her on the side,her flesh tearing away exposing her bottom to ribs,her body spinning and sliding accross the ground leaving a line of blood from her slide,Cysero licked his fist "Simply Marvelous

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks down and frowns as her wound closes up. She felt her body shiver watching him lick her blood off of his hand "Hmph, no fair. You're stronger than me. I wanted that kind of blood spilt on MY fingers."
Tigress rushed again, this time she had managed to wrap herself around him and grinned deviously "It's a shame we're enemies. I would love to have been able to play with you." She ran a nail across his cheek digging deeply before jumping off of him. She giggled in delight as she licked her finger once more "mmmmm, much better!"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero chuckles "your Healing magic is advanced,well placed,however,you cant continue this,which is marevelous,youve gone insane due to using your power foolishly,which means how many times can i break you before you cant get up anymore,an exhilirating game!" He vanishes before reappearing driving his knee into her torso,as she begins to fall to the ground he spin kicks across her face sending her sliding accross the ground" i must apologize fraulien,i lowered my power during that attack,it brings me great delight to watch people grovling after being beaten"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress gets up and dusts herself off, completely unfazed "It's okay. It be pointless if you didn't do your best. But no offense, I'm starting to get bored with this battle so can we just say you win and I go home? I'm really hungry and I don't want to have to heal myself up anymore. I like looking this sexy." She tosses her hair over her shoulder before cracking her bones again.

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Cysero smirks "i can only imagine what sick hellish pain you will feel when your mind returns,but for now how about you show me more of this Susanoo!

???:Wish granted!!! "A Giant red fist smashes into Cysero and sends him flying as Heatra lands infront of Tiger"

Snyder runs to Tiger "Tiger are you ok!"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looked for a moment at Snyder before pouting "Heatra stole my prey!"
Tigress' heart squeezed for a moment as she said Heatra's name. Her face turned red as she quickly turned in front of her to see Heatra. "H-Heatra?!"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Heatras eyes very lightly glance back,the Mangekyo Sharingan spiraling around the center of his eye as his Susanoo has manifested around him,he then glances back to the direction cysero went"

Snyder grabs her "i thought you were gonna die,come on we have to get you out of here "suddenly Synder stopped wideeyed at the blood on the ground,the wound on Tigers side had partially reopened "Ohno your hurt"

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress looks down at the wound she had and suddenly the pain rushed through her body. She toppled into Snyder breathing hard and trying refrain from screaming "F-FUCK!" she felt her energy disappearing. She gritted her teeth "I'm sorry. I lost control and ended up getting reckless"

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder picked her up and took off running "ITs ok ill get you too Kasumi shes holding back on heatras order! what do you ean you lost control!

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress panted "I... I can't explain it. It was like I was a different person."

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder rounds a corner as Heatras Susanoo falls over behind them, but then swatts Cysero away and starts to rise*

Snyder:Tiger i shouldve been the one too stay and by us time!

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress shook her head "I wouldn't have been able to make it. He was able to stop me every step of the way. He would have thrown you aside and capture us both, besides it's not that bad. I'm mostly in pain from the sudden change back." she winced, her wound almost healed

2016-01-26 [Legendary]: Snyder about to speak gets stopped as Cysero appears sending her flying into the forest from the impact,Cysero then Pins Tiger to a tree "Where oh were do you think your going

2016-01-26 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: Tigress gasps. She grabs hold oh his arm, trying to get him to release her but is too weak to do so. She glares at him and spits in his face "Fuck off"

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