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Lonely Shadow

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This Was... I Mean This Is The Best Fiance Someone Will Ever Have
<img:> Happiest Time In My Life, Is When He Said Yes... Just I Pray That It Was His As Well

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This is my pet: Shadow and Chaos The Siberian Dwarf Hamsters
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My Royal Bitch List.

Properly Named So By The Sweet [Knomey]

gorgeous (dating you)

beautiful (best friend)

sweet (crushing on you majorly/good friend)

wonderful (good friend)

awesome (friend)

cool (tolerated)

nice (half tolerated)

ok (barely tolerated)

royal bitch which is self explainitroy


I So Just Finished Adding Color To This, This Afternoon ^^

I just have to figure out how I want the flowers then he'll be completely finished to get tattoo'd

This is special for 3 people, Myself, The Love of My Life and The Sweetheart Between Us. I find out any have taken it. I'll report it as stolen art to the guards!!

Full heart, Empty arms

Thoughts of you illuminate my spirit;

Never a flicker of flame but with

Arching bolts which strike with a force

That disturbs my equilibrium.

My mind races as waves of passion flush over

My pale skin, causing me to gaze upon visions

Of impossible romantic possibilities.

Pathetic is this man who anticipates the

True rhythm of love, with a man he will never hold.

My imagined discourse of thoughts leave me suffering,

As my lips quiver with the words I shall never speak

to his: "I have loved you more than anybody in this world."

The Shadow Kingdom

mine mine mine mine mine mine... my first WooT WooT.... yes I know it's shitty but hush anyways


Made By The Best Person Ever [Psycho ShadowBlood]


Strained thoughts and shaky motions

Quickened breath and longing looks

Reaching fingers

Fogged mind, burning thoughts

Thick of tongue, broken speech

Aching chest

Emotions take a rampant charge

Galloping fast with beating heart

Distantly loved

The likeness of being Magically entwined with a Shadow!

Written By [My Own Darc Nightmare], love it<3



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What Started The Best Thing In The World
Letter number: 23143100
From: [Worthless] ([Lonely Shadow] ♥)
To: [Lonely Shadow] (Floating Around For An Hour, Til My Aly Comes Back)
Sent mail 2007-04-18 17:53:48
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My Babies Last
  I love you Josh.... I love you so much... and I don't care who knows it, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone... and I truely don't care who knows that! It is my op in a few hours... hopefully I'll be okay.... and be able to get married and everything we discussed... and if not... well I want you to know that you have meant more to me than nearly anything in this world... ever... if I go, I want us both to keep our promises... I will be looking after the four children we have between us, and you will live the life you deserve... but no matter what happens I will always ALWAYS be thinking of you and how much I love you. Always and forever.
Forever yours,

Age: 29Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 5

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: Travelling around

Exact place of living: Marshall

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Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

folk musicgothgrunge
heavy metaljazzprogressive metal

Other interests
boardgamesbookscard games
catschasing the preferred sexcooking
crime storiesdancingeating
religionrole playingsinging
watching sportwriting

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 183

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