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A Tribute to Dir en grey

This wiki is a shrine for fans of the beautifully disturbing band Dir en grey!


Praise for Dir en grey:

" . . . Dir en grey is this crazy, psychotic band from Japan. They have a really big following, even though nobody understands what the hell they're saying . . . I haven't seen a band with that much intensity in a long time."
- Jonathan Davis, lead singer of Korn

" . . . Dir en grey bring so many other sonic and musical elements into the mix that they extend not only the reach of their own music, but the boundaries of any music they happen to incorporate into their sound."
- Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

"At times, Dir en grey sounds like middle-of-the-road heavy rock. At other times, it sounds like power metal, and at others, like pop balladeers until death metal screams come blossoming out of the gloss. Sometimes the band thrashes with punk glee, while sometimes it displays chops worthy of '70s prog rock. Then again, it can sound like Mötley Crüe playing songs tailor-made to fill arenas with female screams, or like Orgy-influenced industrial goth-metal. The comparisons go on, and often stack up within the same song."
- Saby Reyes-Kulkarni, Phoenix New Times

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2008-08-12 [MadHatress]: eh....  As long as I get to go to at least 6 concerts before they retire, I'm good

2008-08-13 [Whiskers]: How many have you been to?

2008-08-13 [MadHatress]: 0...v.v

2008-08-15 [Whiskers]: Oh :x

2008-08-15 [MadHatress]: sucks

2008-08-26 [Whiskers]: Well, I listened to a bootleg recording of GLASS SKIN, and I hope that the single/album version is more in-depth and moody, because it sounds bland live.

2008-09-01 [Whiskers]: I present, the GLASS SKIN PV:

2008-09-01 [Tyrant Calhoun]: OOooooHH! *clickses*

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: *eye twitch*
Removed...because ...of...copy...right....AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

2008-09-01 [Tyrant Calhoun]: OMFG NooooOooOo!

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: *is sad now*
I could probably find it and download it by

2008-09-01 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Yesssaa!! thanks!

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: ^^ glad to help
....KYO HAD NO SHIRT ON!! omfg...*dies*

2008-09-01 [Tyrant Calhoun]: It's strange how he has dissapearing and reappearing abs often. Like he gets lazy for a while and works out again.

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: lol
yeah...that's the life of a rock star for ya

2008-09-01 [Whiskers]: Or go here:
Someone else posted it, thank God. Also, am I the only one who finds it funny that the beginning is a CG Kyo ear?

2008-09-01 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Is that what it is???? X3

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: no! but thanks for pointing that out, lol

2008-09-05 [Whiskers]: The track listing of UROBORS has been posted on the band's website, and on the UROBOROS page. But, here ya go:


2008-09-05 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Bugaboo? o.o Intersting

2008-09-06 [MadHatress]: that's what I was just

2008-09-06 [Tyrant Calhoun]: ..what does that word mean again?

2008-09-06 [MadHatress]: an imaginary object of fear

2008-09-06 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Oooohh. I see. I was imagining a cute little creature with google eyes.

2008-09-06 [MadHatress]: xD
well it's almost the exact opposite

2008-09-06 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Unless you have a phobia of googley eyes! XD

2008-09-06 [MadHatress]: so

2008-09-15 [Whiskers]: So, has anybody else heard of the four North America releases? :D

2008-09-15 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Yep yep!

2008-09-16 [MadHatress]: yes!
I went to their myspace and saw a little "blog" (I guess) about it

2008-09-17 [MadHatress]: is this Tochi to the far right?

2008-09-18 [Whiskers]: From left to right:
Shinya, Toshiya, Kyo, Kaoru, Die

2008-09-18 [MadHatress]: holy shit...
Toshiya and Die have similar jaw structures...i can rarely ever tell them apart

2008-09-18 [Whiskers]: Yeah, Toshiya doesn't have any hair now XD

2008-09-18 [MadHatress]: 0.0
that should make it easy, lol

2008-09-18 [Whiskers]: Third picture in the gallery here:

2008-09-18 [MadHatress]: NO!
he looks like he belongs to the blue man group now!!!

2008-09-19 [Whiskers]: Looks like only half of his hair is gone XD

And... I like the Blue Man Group :|

2008-09-19 [MadHatress]: lol, still. and I love Kyo, but that pick makes him look like an evolving gremlin....:[

so do it's not entirely an insult

2008-09-19 [Tyrant Calhoun]: I saw the Blue Man Group live last year with my school. lol

2008-09-19 [MadHatress]: aw! you're so lucky

2008-09-19 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Yeah-I wish I could've seen Dir En Grey instead, but Blue Man Group was cool.
In the bathroom there was a song playing that was like 'bathroom bathroom ba ba bathroom baaaaathrooom' It's the most kickass thing ever.

2008-09-19 [MadHatress]:

2008-09-23 [Whiskers]: I take it that nobody else here has heard the English rerecording of DOZING GREEN?

2008-09-23 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Nope.

2008-09-23 [MadHatress]: x.X
they did an english version!?!?

*feels slow*

2008-09-23 [Tyrant Calhoun]: The english version of DOZING GREEN and Glass Skin are suppposed to be on one of the Uroboros cd's, right?

2008-09-24 [Whiskers]: Indeed they are :D
Here ya go:

2008-09-26 [Whiskers]: <img:>

2008-09-26 [Tyrant Calhoun]: ooooooh pretty.

2008-09-26 [MadHatress]: I like!

2008-10-17 [Whiskers]: Ok, I put up setlists from the band's last couple of tours on Dir en grey Setlists, and am updating the UROBOROS page as I find information about it.

2008-10-20 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Dir En Grey is premiering some of the music from UROBOROS on indie1031. com the live feed tonight at between the hours of 10PM-midnight PST (that's 1AM-3AM for you East Coasters)..

This is taken from a bulletin from Deg, so listen guys! 

2008-10-20 [MadHatress]: >.<
I've got school tomorrow! I cant stay up

2008-10-20 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Damn! That really sucks! It's okay, their cd will be out soon!

2008-10-20 [MadHatress]: I know! I wanted to reserve it today at Hot Topic, but...I was forgetful (which may be why I forgot to get some ginco pills, xD)

2008-10-20 [Whiskers]:

RED SOIL for you all

2008-10-20 [MadHatress]: ^^
love it...

2008-10-21 [Tyrant Calhoun]: OooooOOoh.
A very nice creepy effect to it.
Sounds perfect for the halloween season. Especially when Kyo does the 'siezure' bit towards the end. XD
Of course-
It's brilliant.

2008-10-22 [Whiskers]: Ok, since some of you are asking about DOZING GREEN (English), here it is:

2008-10-22 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Don't you have to download the program for that site?

2008-10-22 [Whiskers]: No >.>

2008-10-22 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Am I that dumb? I can't figure it out. Ehhhh..

2008-10-22 [Whiskers]: Give me your e-mail address and I can just send you the file if you'd like XD

2008-10-22 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Sure.
Thanks. I'm a little slow today. "/

2008-10-22 [Whiskers]: Ok, I'm sending the e-mail right now

2008-10-22 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Aw boo. It won't download. It says that the internet site can't be found and to try again later. T-T Guess I can wait til the cd..

2008-10-22 [Whiskers]: Ok, on the MegaUpload site, in the space where you're supposed to type in the three letters, do so. It will then take you to the page to download it from.

2008-10-22 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Nvm! I had to re sign in is all. :D Listening to it now.
Of all three things I've heard of their new stuff I really like Glass Skin the most, but RED SOIL and DOZING GREEN are good too.

2008-10-22 [Whiskers]: I think that undecided is the best of the new songs, even if it IS a rerecording

2008-10-22 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Take a moment to guess what I'm going to say. . . . Guessed it?

Yeah. I haven't heard that song yet either.

2008-10-22 [Whiskers]: I think I'm the only person on here who gets the CDs and singles from Japan XD

2008-10-22 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Yeah. You probably are! XD Do you work your but off to buy stuff?? You do everything.

2008-10-22 [Whiskers]: Not really XD
I get the cheapest shipping, so the singles usually end-up around 20-or-so dollars. For the albums: I payed-off the 50 dollar limited-edition UROBOROS because technically my grandma got it for me, and I got the US limited one with my own money.
I got the Agitated Screams of Maggots single and the limited THE MARROW OF A BONE as presents, and I got the DECADE CDs and six Ugly with my Christmas money.
As for RYOUJOKU NO AME, DOZING GREEN, and Withering to death.: I had my own money.
I also have some DVDs, but I got those at concerts >.>

2008-10-22 [MadHatress]: I DL'd Dozing green months ago, but i didn't know of the rest of this stuff...couldn't find it, lol

FROM Japan? yes, lol

2008-10-27 [Whiskers]: Here's GLASS SKIN (English):

2008-10-27 [MadHatress]: ooohhh...sweetness. is the original there as well?

2008-10-28 [Whiskers]: No :|
Should I just upload my rip of the CD? All of the songs are ripped at the best quality (so they're about 15MB per song)

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: oh...that's up to you

2008-10-28 [Tyrant Calhoun]: that'd be..pretty spiffy of you.

2008-10-29 [MadHatress]: ^_^_^_^
thank you

2008-10-29 [Whiskers]: Yeah, you're welcome. Just make sure to always skip AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS -UNPLUGGED-, as it sucks major donkey dong

2008-10-29 [MadHatress]: lol! alright

2008-10-30 [Whiskers]: And, here's UROBOROS:

2008-10-30 [Tyrant Calhoun]: o.o omg

2008-10-30 [Whiskers]: XD

2008-10-30 [Tyrant Calhoun]: You rock!!!! I can't believe I've listened to the whole cd now!!!

2008-10-30 [Whiskers]: It blows THE MARROW OF A BONE out of the water

2008-10-30 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Mmyeah. It's pretty different. I still think Withering to Death is my favorite though. Kyo's voice was still really smooth in it.
Umm. Red soil. Does that one part crack you up as much as it does me?
It sounds like
glabbreraga brkk chik chik rhalkakgalkjaj to me. XD XD

2008-10-30 [Whiskers]: Either VULGAR or MACABRE are my favorite... but I'm leaning towards MACABRE. My favorites list now looks something like:

Withering to death.
six Ugly

2008-10-30 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Hmmmm..I've only heard Vulgar, Withering to Death, The Marrow Of a Bone and Uroboros as whole cd's. I mean, I know the songs on the others, like I've heard them some time or another, but not having the cds of them I can't really judge how enjoyable it is.
of mine it has to be.
Withering to death
The Marrow of a Bone

2008-10-30 [Whiskers]: How can you place VULGAR below TMOAB? VULGAR has so many different styles on it, and you can actually hear Toshiya's bass-playing on it D:

2008-10-30 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Hmmmmm.
I...Hmmmmm.. There are a few amazing songs on vulgar..yeah..but that one punk song. That was a little painful..and I skip over a few others sometimes as well.

2008-10-30 [MadHatress]: your UROBOROS link doen't exist anymore...just FYI

2008-10-30 [Tyrant Calhoun]: O.O Wow, really?? I got it in time, huh?

2008-10-30 [MadHatress]: yeah, lol
I can't dozing green on my comp's retarded! I've DL'd it twice and got nothing

2008-10-30 [Whiskers]: Aww :(
And [Tyrant Calhoun], by "that one punk song," do you mean R TO THE CORE? The one that isn't even 2 minutes long?

2008-10-30 [MadHatress]: eh, I'll find it soon enough ^^

2008-10-30 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Mhm.
It was kinda shocking, funny, interesting and not my favorite at the same time.

2008-10-30 [Whiskers]: I prefer the live version of it on TOUR04 THE CODE OF VULGAR(ism)

2008-10-31 [Whiskers]: Here's some more Dir en gre stuff (well, not really, but download it anyways):

2008-11-02 [MadHatress]: woohoo!

2008-11-05 [Yew R NOT a Unike $now-flak]: So anyone else hear the leak of Uroboros yet?
I want opinions! I won't post mine if nobody else has heard it yet!

2008-11-05 [Whiskers]: I posted the link to download it about a week ago. I listened to it once, as not to spoil the experience of when I listen to the actual CD. From what I remember I can describe it as Oriental progressive folk metal music and had mixed feelings of it.

2008-11-06 [Whiskers]: So, am I the only one here seeing them on tour?

2008-11-06 [MadHatress]: v.v
yes, as far as I'm aware
...sadly, I won't have a job in time to save up for any nearby US dates

2008-11-06 [Whiskers]: Aww :(

2008-11-06 [MadHatress]: yeah...but I WILL go see deg even if it kills me...

2008-11-06 [Whiskers]: Well, I just saw the setlist for the first show... disappointing stuff. They didn't play GLASS SKIN, undecided, HIGEKI HA MABUTA, or RASETSUKOKU: 4 songs that they played at almost every show on their Japanese tour. I hope that they bring them back.

2008-11-06 [MadHatress]: aw. I like HIGEKI HA MABUTA...that sucks.

2008-11-06 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Does anybody know where you can hear their brand new song?

2008-11-07 [Whiskers]: What new song?

2008-11-07 [Tyrant Calhoun]: This one..o.o

Gaika Chinmoku Ga Nemuro Koro

2008-11-07 [Whiskers]: It's on UROBOROS :3

2008-11-07 [Tyrant Calhoun]: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

2008-11-07 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Is it one of the songs with it's title not in romaji?

2008-11-09 [Whiskers]: It's the one before DOZING GREEN

2008-11-09 [Whiskers]: BTW, if you don't think you can make it to a Dir en grey concert this time around, you're missing out: if you buy UROBOROS at the show, you get to meet Dir en grey after they play :D

2008-11-09 [MadHatress]: O.O

2008-11-09 [Tyrant Calhoun]: ljzdklnlskrhlkhlerheralllegtijWHAHAAAAT??

2008-11-09 [Tyrant Calhoun]: How could you tell me this??? I never get to go to shows!

2008-11-12 [Tyrant Calhoun]: DX Did anybody else see the live dvd yet?.. All the songs except Dozing Green have the actual live sound coming through, but Dozing green is definitely the recording. I was just listening to it without looking and thought I'd popped the cd back in. ........ehhhhhhh... That was a little disappointing. I really liked the band in Dead tree, but Kyo sounded like his mouth was full of marbles..or something. X3

2008-11-12 [Whiskers]: Haven't gotten my copy in the mail yet; oh well. All of those performances are on IN WEAL OR WOE, also.
Anywho, there are videos for TOGURO, VINUSHKA, and GAIKA, CHINMOKU GA NEMURU KORO

VINUSHKA: See the sample on Dir en grey's website

2008-11-12 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Already???

2008-11-12 [MadHatress]: oh!
I remember watching Toguro once before...*realizes the two are similar*

2008-11-14 [Whiskers]: Well, I just got my Japanese limited edition of UROBOROS in the mail; it comes with this poster that looks similar to the album art. The actual CDs themselves look great, as does the cardboard sleeve that houses them. The lyric booklet is great, too; each song has it's own artwork/picture associated with it, and it has Japanese and English lyrics for each song (but you can actually read them, as opposed to the booklet for TMOAB).

2008-11-15 [Tyrant Calhoun]: The booklet for TMOAB was very infuriating indeed. lol.

2008-11-15 [MadHatress]: yeah I agree.
I opened it up and was like, ".....*spaz/eyes melt* can't read!!!"

2008-11-15 [Whiskers]: I remember trying to read it with a mirror and a high-beam light RIGHT on the page... didn't work :|

2008-11-15 [MadHatress]: lol
i tried flash lights, a black light and...holding the light under the page.

2008-11-16 [Tyrant Calhoun]: That's when I resorted to the internet. lol

2008-11-16 [Whiskers]: So, what are everyone's impressions of UROBOROS?

2008-11-16 [MadHatress]: I'm still 'analyzing' the

2008-11-16 [MadHatress]: I'm still 'analyzing' the
but I have to say that I like them so far

2008-11-22 [Whiskers]: Well, today I went out to San Francisco and got myself copies of MACABRE, kisou, and the new issue of GiGS with Dir en grey on the cover; overall, it cost me a little over 90 dollars XD

2008-11-22 [MadHatress]:

2008-11-22 [Whiskers]: It was worth the money XD
MACABRE... just the package is great. There are intricate designs all over the case, and the actual disc looks great. Each song in the booklet has it's own picture on the opposite page and a poem under each; Hydra's is the only one in English, though. It reads:
You're nothing but a pile o'scum
You just don't know it yet
You don't know anything-just a lump of meat
War breaks out-that's fine, too
Just the kind of world you were hoping for
You're a clown, dancing to the tune of Glory Glory

And then the booklet begins with pictures of each member; one full-body pic, then a close-up face picture.

As for kisou... the CD itself is really plain-looking. Each song has it's own picture for a background, and they each remind me of the pictures taken by Rob Sheridan for Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails. Still looks good.

2008-11-22 [MadHatress]: shweetness/
i saw the deluxe edition of UROBOROS at HotTopic but I didn't have the 14.95

2008-11-22 [Whiskers]: OH, I forgot to give my critique of the US limited UROBOROS! :D
Ok, it has a lot in common with the Japanese one, but some differences (such as non-Japanese lyrics in the booklet and things like that). As for the live DVD... the content is great, but I have some big problems with it: first of all, it has no menu. Next, there are no chapter marks, aka it's just one big chapter and you can't skip forward a song. Lastly, the dang thing just loops over and over.
Also, the discs look really plain compared to the intricate details on the Japanese disc. Oh, well; you can't get everything, eh?

2008-11-22 [MadHatress]: does that surprise you? Americans are cheap.
i've been one my whole 18 years of suffering lol

2008-11-22 [Whiskers]: Well, at least the DVD that came with Withering to death. had chapters, a menu, and didn't loop

2008-11-22 [MadHatress]: that's true!
but I can' properly voice an opinion until I get the money to get the CD

2008-11-25 [Whiskers]: Oh, I put the song lyrics for UROBOROS on the wiki page: UROBOROS

2008-11-25 [MadHatress]: yay!
could I just downloaded the whole shebang...!lol!

2008-11-25 [Whiskers]: Also, thought you all might be interested in this:

2008-11-25 [MadHatress]: there was a server error...v.v

2008-11-25 [Whiskers]: Well, UROBOROS debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart's Top Heatseekers

2008-11-25 [MadHatress]: woohoo!!!

2008-11-27 [Whiskers]: Looks like Dir en grey will be touring in the UK in January along with Mindless Self Indulgence and some shitty emo bands... and guess who's going to try to go one of the shows? =]

2008-11-27 [MadHatress]: have fun!!

2008-11-27 [Whiskers]: If I go XD

2008-11-27 [MadHatress]:

2008-11-29 [MadHatress]: BOUGHT THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION TODAY!!!! ^_^

2008-12-02 [Whiskers]: Oh, new DVD coming out February 4th; it's called A Knot Of, and it's just footage of It withers and withers -bootlegged-, Despair in the Womb, and In Weal or Woe together. Oh well.
Also, the concert was amazing.
And, what do you mean by "collector's edition?"

2008-12-02 [MadHatress]: >.<
not collectors...I mean tthe special edition

2008-12-02 [Whiskers]: Oh ok :B
Die and Kaoru signed the front of my US limited edition after they played, and then Die signed the TOGURO lyrics page of the Japanese limited edition and then Kaoru signed the INCONVENIENT IDEAL page; I kept accidentally opening the booklet to the DOZING GREEN page, and he knew what I was doing so he smiled at me. I was really happy, and then I shook their hands and told them that it was great meeting them, even though I'd met Die two years ago >W<

2008-12-02 [MadHatress]: aw!!!
that's so cool

2008-12-03 [Whiskers]: = videos I took = add me to see the pictures I took

2008-12-03 [MadHatress]: *watches in awe*
they look so

2008-12-09 [Whiskers]: I finally got VULGAR in the mail >w<

2008-12-09 [MadHatress]: sweet

2009-03-04 [Whiskers]: Don't know if anybody else has heard, but Dir en grey has a new DVD coming out

2009-03-04 [MadHatress]: ah!!!!!
can't wait!

2009-03-04 [Whiskers]: I hope I get the 90+ dollars for the limited edition soon

2009-03-05 [MadHatress]: shew-wee!
that's ex-...that', lol

2009-04-20 [Mizafe]: <img:sing.gif> I fucking love DIRU!!! XXDDD

2009-04-21 [MadHatress]: ^^ only the best J-Rock/metal-esque band out there.

oh! finally gots money coming in, so I'm ordering some serious Diru gear once I've ....gotten myself a new car v.v

2009-04-26 [Whiskers]: I did my own "remaster" of MACABRE, if anybody here is interested in it

2009-04-26 [MadHatress]: o.0
oh really? *Intrigued*

2009-04-26 [Whiskers]: Yep; I also added-in b-sides from that era to make it sound like one long album :3

2009-04-26 [MadHatress]: shweetness Ty(ler). Wish I had the patience and tech. to do that kind of thing

2009-04-27 [Whiskers]: It didn't take that long, actually; maybe a week? I'm working on THE MARROW OF A BONE right now

2009-04-28 [MadHatress]: cool-ness

2009-05-07 [Whiskers]: The TOUR08 THE ROSE TRIMS AGAIN DVD is Godly; the editing is cinematic. However, I still prefer the TOUR04 THE CODE OF VULGARism DVD

2009-05-07 [MadHatress]: *whimpers* me wanty!
hehe ^^"

2009-05-08 [Whiskers]: Oh, I'm sorry XD
Uh, this might be a weird place to ask, but can I ask you all a favor?
Can you go here:
And vote for my remix? It's the one called Kick The Bass (Version). Much thanks :3

2009-05-09 [MadHatress]: not your fault. that thing is back ordered...o.0 whoa
*listens*...i like

2009-09-25 [Whiskers]: New single. New US tour.

2009-09-26 [MadHatress]: ah!!!
I bet they don't come near ohio...again...v.v

2009-09-26 [Whiskers]: Nope; only dates are two in Texas, three in New York, one in South America, Colorado, some other place, two in LA, and the last one is in San Francisco. But guess who lives half an hour away from San Francisco :3

2009-09-26 [MadHatress]: lol
GEE! i wonder if that's you....?

2009-09-26 [Whiskers]: :3

2009-09-26 [MadHatress]: well enjoy when/if you go.
lucky turd, lol

2009-11-25 [Whiskers]: I went to the show at San Francisco on the 23rd and look at who I saw/sort of hung out with before the show:D


I even got a picture with Toshiya as he was heading into the venue.


2009-11-25 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!

2009-11-25 [MadHatress]: *cries*
i sad nao...

2009-11-25 [Tyrant Calhoun]: photoshopped.
That's the only explanation.

2009-11-25 [MadHatress]: I was about to say! lol
damn... I need to drag you concert going with me or something one of these days! lol

2009-11-26 [Whiskers]: :>

2009-11-26 [MadHatress]: ^^
lucky little so-and-so

2009-11-26 [Whiskers]: I wrote up a review of the show here:

2009-11-26 [CassieHFox]: Damn. I shook hands with both Toshiya and Shinya in 2006 at the FVT, but no photos were allowed.

Nice pics.

2009-11-27 [Whiskers]: I shook hands with Die and Shinya in 2006 and Die and Kaoru last year during the after-show signing.

2010-02-02 [1 sad sexually]: We happened to get to talk to Kyo in Houston after the show. He was sooo funny. 
Got some pics with Die too, and in Dallas he remembered us. XD it was great. I'm on my ipod ATM but for pics and stuff email me

2010-02-02 [1 sad sexually]: Oh and kyo's back tattoo it's huge. He unveiled it at budokan. It's a Buddha and flowers.

2010-02-02 [Whiskers]: I heard about the tattoo. It'll probably be seen on the DVD they're making of the footage from the -proof in the name of living- shows

2010-02-03 [1 sad sexually]: The tatt is awesome. Fuck, Budokan was awesome in general.

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