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Online RPG lovers-(also on elftown)
Orlando Bloom's Realm - (also on elftown) For those who love--guess who--: Orlando Bloom!


Pack Draco Atrum a Cyber(mostly) based Wolf/Lukoi Pack...
PANIC! AT THE DISCO. because they are fucking immense.
Paramore For Paramore fans! JOIN...because they are freaking awesome!
playboy for all de playboy lovers. <3
Paris Hilton && Nicole Richie for da paris && nicole lovers
people who got dumped da if u dont get it ur retarded
Penguin Adoption CenterCOME ADOPT A PENGUIN!
pete wentz<3 pete wentz and his hottness!
Pete Wentz Luvers The ORIGINAL Pete Wentz fan club on Elfpack! Please Join!
Piercings!!!! [Come talk about any piercings that you want done, or have done!!!]
Pillars of Nosgoth:Legacy of Kain kicks freakin' ass!!
Pirate- Ever wanna be a pirate?
The Pirates of Elfpack we are the coolest Pirates of EP!!!
playboybunnieswanna be a playboy bunnie
Pokemon Lovers United! YAY! finally! a wiki for all us Pokemon fans!
Potatoes Rock who doesn't like potaotes?
Pretty Boys What do you think this is about ^^?
Princesses this is a place for people who want to be a fairytale Prince or Princess!!!
Proud to be an American Doesn't matter who you are or what you think of politics. You love America, join!
Pro-Choice League
Pro-Intelligence 'Cuz there's too little of it in the world...
Pro-Life this is for those who are pro-life, meaning anti-abortion
pro-pink army please join if you love or like the color pink
psycotics unitedfor all those psycotic people



Rage against ex-lovers for thouse who are alone and everything else
Randomnicity - Add random comments and random experiences you have had here! Yes Right here! Free your randomness inside!
^Real Vampires^ This is a Wiki dedicated to the truth about real Vampires in the world today.
REAL Virgin Pride Precisely what it says.
Real~Werecreatures A place to learn the truth about real werecreatures.
Relient K Lovers The band, not the car!!=D
Right-Winged Nut Jobs- For all of you awesome Bush-Supporting conservatives out there. Check it out!
RockIsForever- A wiki Dedicated to the living of rock music to withstanding time.
Ron Weasley Fans Unite [***Brand New***] This is for all the fans of our beloved Ron from Harry Potter. To join send a message to me: [LexiLouLou] Please Join!!!


Sabrina’s shrine she is so effin hot
Safe Zone
Safe-Zone From Stupidity a wiki where we HATE stupid people and want to make EP a better place by blocking them out...
Sasha's Fan Club For fans of [FireGypsy]!
Satanists- A wiki for the satanists out there.
Save a Horse, Ride a Mustang! This is for all the Roy Mustang lovers. It is my dedication to the best guys on EP: [Blake R] and [Aeo-kun]!!! Please join!!!
?Scattered Heart? Lovers
school help da people
ScRuBs LoVeRs!! a wiki 4 ppl who luv the tv show scrubs!!!
Sexy/Hot Guys My personal sexy/hot guys who I want to show lol.
shaman king-come and join
She-Spawn and Spawn Fanpage For those who love this anti hero and heroess.
SlipKnoT For Everyone Who Loves SlipKnoT or at least Listens to them. <-JOIN!
Slipknot lovers
SlipKnoT Poll Do The Poll Then Follow The Huge Letters!
skinheads united OI
Soccer clubs look at my wiki!
songs forever come and submit a song to keep the chain going!
sonic x fans unite For all sonic fans
South Park LOVERS how the fuck can you not absolutely love SOUTH PARK!!! Join NOW!!!!
Star Wars Fans The first StarWars fan page!
Stop Gay Marriage for those who like to prove their point as to why gay marriage is right by being assholes!
Stewies FanClub go there to have FUN!!!!!!! and if u love Family Guy
Stupid People Unite! C'mon, u know ur stupid, and you know you want to feel loved.....right?
Storm Chasers united Everchased a thunder storm or seen a tornado a little too up close and personal? This is the place for all of you who want to or who do chase storms to share information and gather togeather across the globe.
Suger Fans
Superman Fans for all of the fans of the last son of krypton
superpenuin is cool her to she is so cool yay for her
Straight way - A support wiki for those pro-hetero marriage
Support Gay Marriage A list and area for those who support gay marriage to come together. Also on Elftown.
Scottish-n-proud Now we couldn't leave all thoose Scottish people out.All are welcome
Stalkers of Riot Girl All stalkers of Erin come here.
show it all post ur nude pics
Sonny Moore Lovers for all yew sonny moore freaks. here's so byewtyful.
SYSTEM ERROR Another adoption by yours truly...
Stewies FanClub a place for all you Family Guy LOVERS Join now theres a special bonus if you do!!


the sic mafia welcome to the family
Talking People For all of you out there who love to just talk!!! ^_^
Tatu LoversFor Those of use who love them!!!
Taylors ClubYou think youve seen cute think again...
TCC a real school! [*NEW*] you can see what really goes on at Tuscarawas Central Catholic High School and even become an honorary student!
Tears Hey this is a place for people who want to get help or help people who are upset. Its also a place just to hang if you want. Join join!
Teen Love Can Be Real Too
Teh Buttons Another Adoption Wiki by the Adoption Wiki PROFESSIONAL, Adopt a button for your house... "An easier way to describe yourself"
Temple of Squirrels This page is dedicated to squirrels and to their almighty guardian, the Lord of Squirrels, [THE^SQUIRREL].
Tekken-For all fans of the Tekken Games.
Thanks For Dying - This is a place for people to come together and thank people for committing suicide and/or killing themselves accidentally. It’s called natural selection kids.
Thank you - A club to say "Thanks, Hedda, mate" for ElfPack
The Backtable Group- a bunch of random people who go to the same school. none of us are sane, and its cool.
The Bellboys Unite!
The blackadder page
The Cathood If you like cats, from tabbies to tigers, come here and join us to worship the all-powerful feline.
T.C.F.P.W.A.S.A.T.O.S.M.P. <-- Go here.
*the dark side* Come, we have cookies! And fishnets!
The Footbag Union A wiki for Hacky-Sack veterans and newbies alike!
The Gothica Diaries Come on in and see.
The Hi Society Like saying Hi to random members? Here you'll find the ones who'll answer!
The Legend of Dragoon-Legend of Dragoon fans unite!
The Lions Pride - A site for all you frisky felines out there
The Lizard Lovers Everyone loves lizards!
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Ninja Clan! Join and be one of the ninjas! ^^
The Random Ducks The most random place on Elfpack, home to the Select Few of Elfpack.
The Raven's Den- add jokes, poems, stories, and anything else you think is cool.
'The Rebel' Bar and Smokeshop just a chill place to hang out. also on myspace!!!
The Rock Association The place for anyone who loves rock-music ...
The Wiccaning This is a Wiccan/Pagan/Witchcraft wiki-community. It is available for all religions to join, we love new (ACTIVE) members! We're here to learn and grow!
The Witch's Domain New spells everyday! Plus, the new Cafe is open, where I can give you live Tarot readings! See the main page, where "We Make The Spells" Banners available to members - male and female welcome!
Thin is Beautiful - For people who think Slim women can (and are) sexy too. (and for people who want to be thin, a thin support group)
Thinking of you The place for people to know whos thinking of them
Tim Burton Fans For those who love Tim Burton movies like 'The Nigthmare Before Christmas' and 'Edward Scissorhands'...
Tolkien Fans - For anyone really into the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Tom Felton For all you Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy fans!
Trigun fans united
t.A.T.u fan club - Do you love them as much as Us?
The i love bam fan rox!!!!....join
The foamy minons join now
Tokers Unite- For all you Pot Smokers, Herb Lovers, and Ganja Growers![~*NEW*~]
Tyson Ritter- The wiki that is devoted to the SEXIEST MAN EVER!!!!!!!!!


Unlimited Fantasy-Come one, come all, ye Final Fantasy lovers!
Underworld- A place for all fans of the movie
Undertaker Fans- A place for fans of one of the greatest wrestlers ever


Vampire's Crypt- A page where you can find info on Vampires for Vampire lovers and the lovers of Vampires.
Vampires+Vampaneze unity (Also on Elftown)
Vegeta fan club
Vegetarian R Us
Vincent Valentine Lovers A fan page to Vincent from Final Fantasy 7
Virgin Pride - .
Viva Vegetarianism! all are welcome. From the animal lovers to the strictest vegans ^_^ I'm pretty sure this is the first wiki for vegetarians on elfpack o,O


We Are Believers For all of you who are believers in God and are not afraid to say it!
We Hate Emo A new anti-emo wiki. Most of the other anti-emo wikis have been vandalized by emos. But, we made sure this one won't be vandalized.
We ♥ Naruto New Naruto wiki!
We love Battlefield for everyone here on EP that can't get enough of this sexah man [Big Brother]
Weird & Insane People
Wierd People-come to me my wierd children....
Wiccan/Pagans United I have seen no pagan wiki' now there is one!!!
Winged Creatures Anyone with wings out there? Come gather here!
Wolf Lover's of Ep For everyone who love's wolves
Wolvie's Favorite Wolves A wiki for everyone who love's wolves, has tons of pictures
Wrist_cutters for all you wrist cutters out there
WWE Fans here! For all you wrestling fans out there
WWE FanFic


X-Men Fans United - Who else thinks that the X-men kick ass?
x*Candy Floss*x for all u fans of [No Longer Used x]
Xenosaga Fans Anybody who plays Xenosaga, please tell us we're not alone.


Year of the Cat Fan ClubFor all Kyo Shoma lovers!^^
You Might be a Redneck... for all of us that love redneck jokes!
Yugioh fan club for yugioh fans please join and add some of your own yugiohpics and links....i beg of you


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2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: Yeah... I'll fix it. I don't see the point in trashing wikis. It only takes less then 30 seconds to fix.

2006-03-08 [Bookwyrm]: I know -.- But I'm betting that a lot of people don't realize that -.-

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: A lot of people are stupid :P

2006-03-08 [Bookwyrm]: ::grins:: Well that's the price of being human.

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: I supose..

2006-03-08 [Bookwyrm]: ::smiles:: Well it's true. Some of us are idiots, and pay the price by being ridiculed by the intelligent...and others of us are (at least relatively) intelligent and must bear the burden of the not-so-intelligent.

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: Its a vicious cycle. We all suffer it :P

2006-03-08 [Bookwyrm]: ::grins:: Indeed.

2006-05-02 [Mataza_71191]: Online RPG lovers please at least look at it!!

2006-07-23 [FireGypsy]: New wiki Tokers Unite Check it out!

2006-08-21 [FireGypsy]: [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)] Plase keep everything the same size.

2006-08-21 [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]: awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! i need more members plz
im begging u

2006-08-21 [FireGypsy]: No, you must get member like everyone else does, if you are allowed to make everything big, then other members will think it is allowed too, and we will have one mess of an index page.

2006-08-21 [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]: oh then sorry but heyy did u hear of Three Days Grace?

2006-08-21 [FireGypsy]: Yeah, they are a band...

2006-08-21 [Stewie Griffin (Insane Clown)]: there fudgin cool

2007-03-10 [------]: South Park LOVERS NEW CLUB! Join NOW!!! itll rock ur sox off....

2007-07-26 [Master Of Duct Tape]: NEW WIKI----JOIN IF IT APPLIES!!! EP VEGETARIANS

2007-07-26 [Master Of Duct Tape]: Sorry, but I FUCKING LOVE THREE DAYS GRACE... anywho. 

2007-08-05 [------]: yay

2007-10-11 [------]: Piercings!!!! Another NEW Wiki. Come Join!!

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