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Keep everything in alphabetical order please.




*Bejewelled Play with us! And let us know your score!
Bob's Diner


*Cannibal Bill An unsigned metal band from Ontario, growing up the fame
*Cat Cave - a cool page with funny cat pics, and a place to talk
*Chain Gang of Elfpack ~You want some, Come get some~
*Comic book and Superhero Fans this is for all of the people that love comics and superheros



*Elfpack Weekly Puzzle Every Wednesday and new puzzle is posted. If you win you get a cool trophy for your house!

*Elfpack Awards 4 times a year voting for members.


*flames of the immortals -A place where witches can play and pick on mortals



*Hilarious Conversations Ever had a conversation that was SO funny, you just wanted to tell everyone?!?!?


*i hate hate a wiki for those who hate the ACT and CHOICE of being hateful.




*Linkin Park Fanatics United Join the LPFU if you truly are a LP fan. Downloads of rare stuff available.


*My cancer story  [Superman™] 's experience in dealing with cancer from the first moment i found out something wasn't right
*My Worst Nightmare [Superman™] worst nightmare involving my cancer and its ability to reoccur






*Show Us Your Desktop
*Someone To Talk To[!!NEW!!]Sometimes, people just need someone to talk to. Wether they feel alone, have something they need to get off their shoulders, have a problem and would like advice, or just feel like talking. Someone to talk to is a place, where there is always someone you can talk to.
*superman_19's Friends my friends


*The Debate Room Everyone loves a good debate!




*Wheelsy, Just Plain Wheelsy - Just a wiki that shows all who care, the life of [wheelsy]
The Wiccaning A very large wiki, dedicated to those who wish to learn more about the Craft. Updated often.
Wiki Help Wiki Help added by [Fun Lovin' Criminal] (basically I copied then edited the elftown pages)
Word Association Corner Your creativity's at stake! Go ahead and show us what you've got.
What made you come to Elfpack The Elfpack crew and members want to know what made you come to elfpack and maybe if you like, changes you would like to see.



*Yu Yu Hakusho - A sanctuary for yu yu hakusho fans
*Yu Yu Hakusho rpg - For those who want to be the yu yu hakusho characters



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2007-11-24 [itweetinHEELS]: dude who's laughin?

2007-12-28 [Enneigard Rebirth]: eleven?

2007-12-29 [itweetinHEELS]: lol

2007-12-31 [Enneigard Rebirth]: jism

2008-01-04 [Danny.Doll]: snurphy.

2008-02-03 [~*ICEFIRE*~]: how do u make a wiki?

2008-02-08 [Fairyland Fanfare]: Where you search for wiki pages, just type in whatever you want yours to be called and click the "go" button. And just start writing :P

2011-07-31 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: What about this page, [Stephen]?

2011-07-31 [Stephen]: o.o
I didn't even know this page existed.

It's not a bad idea. I could link it off Index, once I do Index.

Nice find. :3

It'd need people to pay attention to it, though.

2011-07-31 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Mhm

2011-07-31 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Hrm...or maybe not exactly this one per say, but what about EP Public a place to put wiki's for like rp's and stuff? People that wanna meet new people and rp their hearts out.

2011-07-31 [Stephen]: I think, you should talk to [Ihsahn] about that. He seems to have something in mind, to do something similar to that. :)

2011-07-31 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: It's easier to invite him than it would be to try and explain

2011-08-01 [Stephen]: Thanks for fixing the typo's, X. :)

2011-08-08 [Stephen]: x)
I suppose I could make official templates for pages, too.. >.>

2011-08-08 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *looks at alllllllllllllllll the pages* do that....

2011-08-08 [Stephen]: Well, most of them can be grouped.
'Sides, once you have the font and color it only takes like 40 seconds to make a header, if that.

2011-08-08 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: lol

2011-08-24 [kittykittykitty]: Go Stephen, make more banners! *cracks the whip*

2011-08-24 [Stephen]: D:

Bossy kitty! *catches catnip on fire* <img:img/mood/5_1116262935.jpg>

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